Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

Hiya friends! I was looking for this sorta guide and couldn’t find it. Thanks to some help from others I’ve learned a lot and wanted to pass it along to other newbies out there!

The first part of this guide is actually a more advanced concept, keep reading to learn more about ‘stacking colors’… at the bottom is basic Titan attack information. I plan to update the format of this guide in the near future…

Have you ever read someone saying: “a deep bench equates to more Titan damage” and wondered why? Well, I’m gonna try to show you why :slight_smile:

The basic strategy here is to use 2-4 heroes of the STRONG color against the Titan. (Read at the end of the post about my experience with using 4 Strong heroes )

Why? Because TILE damage, NOT special attack damage, is the primary means with which to deal damage to titans! This was a shock to me, but it’s true. You’ll have to trust me on this premise, as I don’t have an easy way to prove it hah :slight_smile:

So, tiles deal the most damage, and you want me to take out a color altogether?

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that when a hero of a particular color is absent, the damage for all tiles of that color becomes 1, along with the animation stating “hero missing!” While this can be worrisome, I promise it will be okay.

Also - I don’t think you need to just take my word for it. You can test this out yourself. With that in mind I headed over to world 8-7 with my squad to get us some numbers.

Alright, rainbow squad attack! I made it through to the big bosses at the end… they’re green. So blue is weak against them, red is strong. Let’s take a look at the damage dealt by each TILE with my rainbow lineup against these green mini bosses:

As you can see, my blue hero has a vertical set of 3 tiles attacking, and deals 23,25 damage. I’m gonna say an average of 24 damage.

The red tiles are STRONG, and deal 93,95 damage. Let’s average to 94.

Now… what happens when we swap out the blue hero and add in a red hero?

You’re out wolfypoo, don’t need you right now.

Tag, Azar, you’re in:

Now, did you know that the ATTACK stat determines the base amount of damage your tiles do when you’re playing? Well, if you didn’t before, you know it now. Here’s something interesting - when you have two heroes of the same color, their attack stats get added together!

That’s why my red tiles will deal more damage. Please note that azar is not leveled nearly as well as Wolfy, and wolfy has a much higher attack, too.

So what happens? Same bosses, 8-7:

Swing and a miss :slight_smile: no hero, no ouchies. But we knew that already. How does our red column perform?

Interesting. 184,185. Let’s average this to 184.

Alright. Now let’s compare our before and after numbers.

Before damage: 24
After damage: 1
Change: -23

Before damage: 94
After damage: 184
Change: +90

Net change: +67 (per TILE!)

Now. Let’s keep a few things in mind:

  1. This is with a far under leveled second hero, who also has a lower base attack stat.

  2. This is meant to be used for titans because they have a known, single color. So you can plan ahead.

  3. For the next level of Titan damage - consider what a +25% attack does to these numbers… (you can get this from Bear banners easily at an early ish level)
    3a. Blue 24 +25% = 30 damage
    3b. Red 184 + 25% attack = 230 damage
    So any sort of attack buff or defense debuff can pay very large dividends during a Titan attack.

  4. Keep in mind, this is PER TILE, so basically multiply these numbers by 3 at a minimum :slight_smile:

Lastly, I hear people on the forums, in my clan, and even my wife say:
“When I switch to stacking for one color, all of a sudden I don’t get that color at all.”

I don’t believe this for a second, and don’t think you should either. Instead, I believe what you are experiencing is that NOW youre really strongly looking for that color, and when you don’t see it you freeze up. It’s like confirmation bias.

Basically, despite being stacked for one color, you still have to play the same way. Youre gonna have to use those weak tiles (they’ll still stun a Titan by the way), so just don’t over think it and use them quickly.

If you don’t have a hero that can buff your teams attack, or even if ya do, you can throw up bear banners quickly early… or before using a big row of your strong color if there’s no buff up.

Alright. That’s all I’ve got. I’ll trust the pros will let me know if I missed anything big, or got something wrong.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Edit 5/17:
Two things. First, important for you to know that BUFFS do NOT stack. So if you apply two separate attack buffs - say Boldtusk’s and a Bear Banner, the one that will stay applied is the one that is cast most recently. So if you use boldtusk special, THEN a bear banner, you’ll get the +25% from the banner and NOT get boldtusk effect.
Second, be sure to read the posts below for pro info on how to start building a 4*+ team.

Edit 2: using 4 red heroes instead of 2:

Redx1 = 94 per tile
Redx2 = 184
Redx4 = 380 per tile

Yellow = 51 per tile (469 attack)
Purple = 35 per tile (331 attack)
Green = 68 per tile (561 attack)
Blue = 24 per tile (442 attack) weak

I replaced yellow purple and blue and kept green. The replacement heroes had:
382, 330, And 310 attack. (Colen, azar, and hawkmoon. I also have actually got 3-3* troops, but those aren’t leveled at all unlike the colors they’re replacing. But not a total bust, either. Just noting that for ya.)

So for yellow I’m gonna be -52, blue -23, and purple -34. My red is a bonkers +286, with weaker heroes!

This has me at a net +177 per tile for this group of heroes.

Even if I took Super Green Bunny off my team and didn’t even replace him with another red hero, I’d still be up more than 100 points per tile. – Before any attack buffs or Titan defense debuffs.

What this might do, is make you more vulnerable to really low scores at times, if you get a really poor board. But it seems to pass the eye test for being worthwhile to stack essentially as many heroes of a chosen color against a Titan… but again, don’t freeze up looking for just that color. Try to play like normal, get those Titan stuns when you can, hit him with arrows, and keep the board moving. Like someone said below. If at some point you see a stack of your strong color, don’t be afraid to go off script to launch it - especially if you’ve got buffs up!


Edit 3:
Thanks @Fledoble for providing this important tidbit:
“One more thing to consider is that a dead hero doesnt benefit from any buffs.”

Edit 4:
If you successfully strike the titan’s weak spot with THREE tiles (or more) then the Titan becomes stunned.

The Titan stays stunned for ONE turn only. So you’ll get to use your specials and move another tile before the Titan attacks or uses his/her special attack.

If you do not stun him again, then he will be able to attack or special as normal after your next tile move.

When you’re significantly underpowered against titans, which most new players are of course :), stunning is critically important to doing damage. Because titans may OHK (one hit kill) your heroes. So five turns and you’re done.

I’ve used arrows to help. If I don’t quickly see a stun opportunity, I shoot arrows. I usually use 2 arrows per Titan attack…

I mentioned above the 3 tiles need to successfully hit the Titan. Some titans have blinding abilities. So it’s possible you could send a column of 3 into the weak spot, but one could “Miss.”

(Also: The 1 damage that occurs from a tile when a hero is “missing” is enough to count towards a stun. Except against RARE titans, Dante reports.)


Good information, thanks for the post!!!


Also throw wu kong into the mix if you have him to get 185% attack (taking off the chance to miss) and those nos can get massive


@Duaneski This is a very thorough and convincing argument in favor of doubling colors against titans. Thanks for putting it together. For what it’s worth, high level players often triple and even quad the titan’s weak color to max damage.

If you are really going for big hits there are a few other things to keep in mind.

  1. Your team should include a defense debuffer like Grimm, Tiburtus or Gormek. This will lower the titan’s defense and increase the value of each tile. Only use one of these at a time as their specials overwrite each other and do NOT stack.
  2. Your team should include an attack buffer like Boldtusk or Kiril. This will increase your heroes’ attack stat and increase the value of each tile as well. Same instructions as above re: stacking. Only one at a time of this special
  3. If you have one, also include an Elemental Defense Debuffer of the appropriate color such as Guardians Falcon and Jackal. Elemental debuffers DO stack with regular debuff so you can get HUGE tile damage with both.
  4. Use Wu Kong! He friggin rocks the titan damage. Get his special maxed and keep him alive.
  5. Go for the weak spot of the titan as much as you can, but when you get these specials going all together - go for the biggest combos of the strongest color tiles.

Good write up, color stacking is indeed great.

Donr forget about hero special and consumable synergy to get the most out of your tiles.

1: WuKong
2: Armor debuffers (Athena/Grimm etc)
3: Attack buffers (Boldtusk/Kiril/Ares)
4: Elemental armor debuffers (Jackal/Falcon eyc)
5: Mana pots to take advantage of a good board
6: Axes/Bombs/Arrows to mitigate damage to survive longer


Well guys I definitely appreciate that added info - I don’t think my target audience generally has the choice of using those specific heroes.

If they do, then yes they’re better. I do make mention of this, but I don’t really want to lengthen the OP with it.

As for tripling or quadrupling strong color… I’ll do some practice numbers and compare the before and after like I did taking out blue. If there’s a net gain, I’ll add it in for sure. And if not, I’ll mention that, too. Gonna be some time before I get around to that though.


Ya but I think it’s good to know when you are new that the best way to titan damage is to focus on one of each of these groups as you get them. It’s so tempting to level 5* or fast attackers. But its the buff/debuffs that really contribute most to damage :slight_smile:


For 11*-14* using Wu, Jackal and others low hp heroes will be problematic. They will die with one shot. So for high level titan 5* team will be needed.


This could call for time stops or kailani/gunnar + super mana potion combo or the final damage will be too low (or excessive cost) by doing that?



You mean to keep all of the heroes alive?

It actually doesn’t particularly matter if the heroes die. They still provide their attack stat to the tiles that are sent. (They just won’t get to use their super, of course)

Is that what you’re asking? If it is, I’ll add that to OP. I can see how that would be a concern.


It were for OHKO scenarios as in @MikhailUlt case.

Good guide btw :grinning:


You may use different items to increase surveillance. But you can’t use much items per flag if you wish kill titans every day.

Excellent post. I enjoyed reading it.
Here below is your motivation to level up heroes and taking at least three of titan’s weak colour into the battle!

Titan hit done by Rit (Raid with Rit Ep 234: Single 100k+ Titan Hit!!! Empires and Puzzles - YouTube).


Haha WOW. Yeah that gives me something to work towards lol

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This is great stuff. Most of my bench is 3* and my alliance hits 3-4* titans. My average score per attack is around 12k but with a good board and the right heroes I hit up to 25k.

I really appreciate what you say about the psychology of getting tunnel vision for one colour! You have to keep the board turning over as fast as possible, hitting weak colour crystals is more likely to lead to a big cascade of damage rather than spending 10seconds fretting and trying to pick out your next three strong tiles.

Also glad you confirmed what I suspected about stacking buffs. I wasted a lot of turtle banners by firing off Kiril’s blessed brew and vice versa.


Well done @Duaneski. Great information.

Well, if ALL your heroes die, the attack comes to an end regardless if there is time left.


One more thing to consider is that a dead hero doesnt benefit from any buffs.

Meaning while alive a hero with WuKongs buff will do significantly more tile damage than a dead hero.


I didn’t know that!!! That makes perfect sense. I’ll add that to OP. Thank you

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We just had a purple titan and my line up was Wu, Joon, Musashi, Athena and Marjana. With Wu special of a yellow gem hit it was for over 2k. So 3 gems =6k if it hits. Double or triple colors is always best for titans

Is there a color code so we know who is going to do the most damage we know red does the most damage against Green but is there a color code for the rest of the Titans