About to battle my first titan- looking for tips and info

Hello, I am relatively new to the game (level 12)
I have joined an alliance and am going to do this titan attack thing - just looking for any tips or tricks and maybe a run down of what to expect.

There is a great player guide for titan fundamentals. I recommend you read it. I’d link it here but I always mess up my links. Hopefully another player will link it for you!


I did! It was helpful about colour stacking and stuff. Does it look like the same as a boss attack? Can you see what your alliance is doing aswell? And I’ve seen some comments about not using their 5* against titans … is there a reason why?

You can find some videos here showing titan battles…….also on you tube if you want to see what one looks like.

I am hoping your alliance mates are helping you with suggestions about heroes and items to use.

Good luck to you!

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If your alliance doesn’t provide help with such small things, I’d suggest finding a one that does, asap. You’ll thank me later :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’ve asked some questions- so we’ll see if they respond before the Titan - if they don’t - then I agree. They said they were a teaching/training alliance so we’ll see. I did notice that they seemed to be in the middle of their day at 9pm my time last night so I’m assuming there is a time difference. I already have another one in mind.

Okay, couple things to remember:

  1. Titan fights are similar to a boss fight, but not identical. Each titan has a color element, just like bosses, and a special ability. Rare titans also have a reflected color similar to the reflected tiles in special events. Strong color tiles do double damage, weak color tiles do half damage, missing hero tiles do 1 point of damage, and reflected color tiles damage your heroes of that color
    2 You have 90 seconds to do as much damage as you can, unless your heroes die before the time is up.
  2. The titan will do a normal attack after each round of your attacks, and a special attack when its mana bar is full.
  3. Each titan has a weak spot, which is shown with a target indicator and moves every 3 turns. If you hit the weak spot with 3 tiles (of any non-reflected color), the titan will be stunned and unable to attack that round.
  4. Remember that like buffs don’t stack. If you have 2 heroes that buff attack, the second will override the first.
  5. Best general principles for a titan attack include an attack buff (either a special ability or a banner), a defense debuff (special ability), and at least 3 strong color hitters. Don’t take heroes of the weak color (or the reflected color in the case of a rare titan). If you have Wu Kong or Tarlak, they can inflate your damage like crazy.

To oversimplify, Aim for the direct hits in the titans weak spot. Secondly, if fighting a 5* plus, pay attention to the special skill the titan has. Being at a lower level yourself, you may not have the luxury of multiple hero’s to choose from, but if the titan has a reflect capability make sure to avoid using that color hero unless they are a strong healer. Lastly, if it turns out your alliance doesn’t provide the support you need, come join Forged Ballbreaker. We really are active and supportive and we need more active members.

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