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So, I hear about people doing 100k + damage to 11*+ titans… yet, my highest damage on a 7* is barely over 60k…
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I use 4 of the strong color + Wu kong, generally. I have a lot of elemental defense debuffers(panther 3/70, Frida 4/80, Jackal 4/12(working on him), Falcon 3/1(working on him)). I also have Wilbur fully ascended… I have the ramming pulverizor trio maxed.
I realize I don’t have a lot of 5*'s maxed, so I don’t expect to do 100k+ to an 11*, but I feel like I must be doing something wrong if I can only average 30k damage on a 7*
Any tips on how to play titans? I tried watching a few YouTube videos and read a few guides, but I’m still not doing any better. I can post my roster if it would help, since I know it depends on what heroes I have quite a bit.

There are so many threads on this topic. Searching the topic…

Might be a great place to start.
Good luck

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I’ve done 100k hits on 11 star titans and 9k hits on 8 star titans. Lol. The tiles really have align to get a 100k hit, even if you use tornadoes. Personally, I look to average around 25k per hit. It’s best to use an elemental debuffer, Wu or Tarlak, a buffer like BT or Kiril if available. I always go 4 strong color and Wu.

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Zero’s guide was a big help to me starting out.


Thank you! I’ve read all the documentation like this, I just can never seem to get anywhere close to these amazing hits that some people get. I know I still have some leveling to do, but feel like I could be doing better. I do stay away from rare item usage and stick to the cheap stuff… that could be it? I haven’t been playing for a super long time(10 months), but I have some amazing heroes and just think I should be doing much better even though I’m following all the advice I can find.

Have you read this thread? Wu & Wilbur and colour stack the rest. You have both of these guys and for me they are present for every titan. Both are maxed and I’ve been playing since January and average 100k+ total damage 9* titans.

I wonder if any of your hero’s are overwriting Wu’s attack bonus? Stacking specials?

Yes, I read it :slight_smile:
I usually only bring Wilbur along for green titans. Otherwise it is 4 of strong color + Wu… Who can override Wu’s bonus? It is different than a standard attack increase…

100K per flag or per titan?
If it was per flag, you’ll have to tell your secret.

30K average per flag is okay imo.
I don’t think you’re doing sth wrong.

You can advance it by some items. Immediate charge of Wu, Bear Banner, Arrows, Tornado and go…

I assume the arrows are for blinding only? My standard items: antidotes, mana, health, revive(in case wu dies too fast)

I always use mana pots to get Wu’s mana fired up and the bear banner gives 25%attack bonus which stacks with Wu’s 185% attack - although with - 32% accuracy and chance of specials missing, Wu can also be a huge liability.

Coupled with Wilbur’s impact on defense… I’d be interested to find out how your next titan hits go. Although there is also an element of luck with getting favourable boards as well.

Good luck (ps. you don’t always need antedotes)

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