Titan Damage Optimization

Hello all,

I find fighting Titans one of the most enjoyable parts of this game, and I was hoping to get some advice and opinions from more knowing minds than me as to how I could squeeze out that little bit of more damage.

For context, I know that the keys of Titan damage is color stacking, defense down (especially elemental defense down if possible), and a Wu Kong / Ranvir / Tarlak / Miki. I’m not asking for the hypothetical best team possible since few people will ever achieve such a thing, but rather what’s a better strategy all other things being equal.

In a perfect world, you’d have teams like these (which I have, utilizing Razor’s hero utility and plugging as a thanks: https://enphero.com/?ver=3.00):

(caveat I know Richard/Kelile aren’t the best in their category but they’re the best based on where my bench is now, so just accept it. Also I haven’t pulled a Falcon yet, so that’ll have to do for my reds.)

But what I’d like to know is basically which does more damage: 4-1 composition + items or 3-1-1 composition?

For reference, I’ve included my Yellow and Purple Titan teams, the former of which is lacking a purple +attack hero (since the only one is Khiona, whom I don’t have), and the latter is lacking both (and especially Jackal since I haven’t pulled one either). My blue Titan team is equally abysmal since green classic heroes are pretty weak in general, and though I do have Gadeirus to compensate, my scores aren’t nearly as good as they are versus Red or Green Titans.

So, would it better to run this:

And bring Bear Banner to compensate.

Or to run this:

And lose the 4th hero of the strong color but have an overall stronger effect?

In a similar vein, might it make more sense to go Boldtusk - Frida - Grimm - Richard - Ranvir instead of Kiril - Frida - Grimm - Richard - Ranvir since Boldtusk’s benefit is bigger and lasts a turn longer? 3-1-1 v 4-1 compositions again.

In my Purple Titan team, I have a similar issue, though I use Giant Harpoons to compensate dropping Wilbur who overlaps a lot with Vivica and between Ranvir and Wu Kong can miss his defense down sometimes which is a real bummer. I’ve been experimenting with bringing Harpoons against blue Titans and bringing in a heavy hitter like an emblemed Caedmon instead of my Grimm, but it’s so expensive to do that.

I’m going to tag some people in the hopes that they have some data/answers, but I have no idea if they do or not, so apologies for the spam if you in question has no working knowledge: @Garanwyn @Kerridoc @AirHawk @Gryphonknight


You should go as close to 5-0-0-0-0 as possible, while following the -defense +attack guideline. (Athena may be the exception.)

The -defense is more important than the secondary +attack from Boldtusk. In your final grouping, I would definitely omit BT first, rather than Wilbur. Bringing both Wu and Ranvir needs careful management; make sure you hold Wu until Ranvir’s effect has worn off. Bringing both makes sense given Wu’s high Att stat. Whether the first red/yellow team is better depends a lot on the boards, I think. If you have a great yellow board, having Chao to add to the stack will be more valuable. BT will help on more modest boards.

On the purple teams, I’d definitely go with the 4-1 team instead of 3-1-1. Sabina has a high attack stat and more healing.

The red and blue team look solid.


In my honest opinion…

If we have Hunter Lodge, we can use Titan Banner instead of Bear Banner.
Titan Banner = All Heroes get +50% attack and +50% defense for 3 turns.

This way, we can focus more on attack stats from strong color…

Yellow Titan
Sabina - CCat - Panther - Merlin - Ranvir

Purple Titan
Wilbur - Vivica - Chao - Wu - Ranvir

for purple titan, since we do not have def down, we should bring Wilbur or use items Valkyrie’s Bane.
Valkyrie’s Bane = The target gets -35% defense and a further -5% decrease every turn over 5 turns.


Good to know. I guess Wilbur is going to go out to play more.


Def down causes way more damage than att up.

If possible, bring an elemental debuffer and a general def downie as well as high tile damagers and at least 3 or 4 of the strong color. I’d call it DDD, double def down.

Mono often does almost the same damage as a 3-1-1 with Wilbur and Wu.

DDD plus normal Att up and a tile dmg maximizer of the strong color to make a mono titan 100k per flag team. Just had my first 10k tile with Athena, Frida and Miki together.

MegaManaPots, AttBanners and Tornados will help you to start the tile dmg feast.


I could try going full mono, but I don’t think it’d be great to drop Ranvir, especially since I don’t have a Tarlak or Miki to replace him.

I’ll give it a shot and see how it does.


If you’ll be able to provide double def down and normal att up with mono, Ranvir can stay on the bench.



  • Purple: Cat/Tibby/Kunchen + Panther + Khiona
  • Yellow: has no hero that can do straight defense down
  • Blue: Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen + Frida + Kiril
  • Green: Buddy + Evelyn + Gadeirus/Brienne
  • Red: Wilbur/Gormek + Falcon + Boldtusk/Ares

So if I understand you right, the only one who can’t drop Wu/Ranvir is yellow, but since they’re yellow heroes anyway, that would be fine to be included. Of course the numbers would get even more crazy if paired with a straight yellow -defense or blue/green added Miki or Tarlak respectively which, if I understand correctly, gives the highest possible Titan damage as a team composition, all other things being equal.

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I use Athena as my -def hero except on my red team, where Wilbur holds pride of place. Athena’s huge max -def makes up for the off-color tiles, I think.


Bring 5-0 against purple titans. Time your use of Ranvir and Wu so they don’t overlap each other. I use double jackal sometimes against purple titans to get the continuous debuff.

4-1 against the rest.

I only bring @Kerridoc against green titans.

Defense debuff and attack buff whenever you can if you have the right color. If it is off color it is better to bring another strong color hero to color stack.


Is @Kerridoc best paired with mana or crit troops?


I like a beefy crit troop, please. Keeps me from dying quite so fast.


I’ve started dropping the regular defense drop from my Yellow team in favor of a strong mono-Yellow. Running Wu-Jackal-Joon-Poseidon-Drake and bringing Harpoons. Works pretty well for me

Make sure you fire Wu after all of them

Here is a kicker. I use stacked mono or 4/1 on titans but lately tiles have been extremely low when it comes to stacked mono and 4/1 tiles to the point that even getting a single set is like winning the lottery, but anyway it is what it is and that’s not why I was posting this comment.

What I wanted to say was I was in a hurry the orher day and came on during my lunch break to hit the new titan knowing I had 3 flags there waiting so wanted to use at least 1 or 2. The last one was 8* Purple.

So I came and went straight into it without thinking and damm as I hit the play button it hit me,I had a mono yellow team up and the new titan was 8* yellow so obviously I was chitty at myself but what could I do, I was in already.

Well I must of had the lord almighty on my side that day as I ended up with my highest score ever with 65k’s for that hit, I mean I got nothing but yellow combos to the extent that I think I only touched about 4 or 5 tiles during that whole run and the rest of the time was taken up using specials and waiting for combos to stop doing there thing. I was bewildered to say the least,lol

So go figure, so just for laughs I tried a second hit and no it didn’t happen twice,lol, unfortunately.

Just thought I’d this little episode with you all.