Starter's package for the newcomers

I started playing the game 5 weeks ago.At the beginning there was a starter’s kit but I have never noticed it because as a newcomer the display information was overwelming. Now I’m still wandering what it was. Some players said the package was a good value. Can anybody shows me the content of that package ? I’ve google be no usefull information yet.


Plenty of threads on the forum if you search for “new player guice”. Some are old. Others newer.

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I’m going to close the thread as there are plenty of options on guides listed above.

Another great resource is this one:

All the best & feel free to open a new thread when / if you want some more specific guidance :slight_smile:


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I’m not sure the starter package contents have been recorded on the Forum (if they have, I haven’t seen them). Over time you get a feel for what is a “good” deal (one you want), and what is a “bad” deal (one less interesting to you).

Best of luck in the game!


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