Best heroes to use on Titan hits

I need some help on Titan hits please. Please look at my heroes. I would appreciate your advice.

This thread provides a good guide on how to get the best use out of your heroes on titans:

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It honestly depends alot on the titan you are facing - level, rare or not, etc. For instance…

That’s what I used on this particular titan.

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Thank you. Guess I need to lvl up a lot :slight_smile:

For titans you need

  • att up
  • def down
  • elemental def down
  • heal and/or HoT
  • att boost (Mik/Gaz/Wu/Ranv etc)

I use 4 heroes of the strong color vs the titan and Miki. I try to bring as many of the above skills as possible. Missing skills will be compensated by items.


Thank you. Took ss. I had good hits on the Titan before and now it feels like I lost my touch. Unbelievable bad boards they give us lately aswell.

Seldom 100K, sometimes 70K, sometimes 15K for an estimated average of 40K.

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Who will leave behind Gazzele on purple titan!!!

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The thing is to wait for the ascending material :see_no_evil:

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