Beginner's 2&3 star Hero guide for damaging Titans

It’s easy for your heroes to die in a few hits against titans. You and your mates are struggling to kill those big bad titans that keep appearing after you’ve just filled your alliance. Or maybe you don’t know how to start getting those high scores… Sound like you?

If you are a small player, still looking to expand on your roster, consider reading this, to get an idea of what heroes you can get early on to watch out for.

Do note that this guide won’t immediately let you deal high amounts of damage. You need to get heroes first, and you need to level them up. To keep this beginner friendly, I’m only going to focus on 2 stars and 3 stars.

General advice: Bring in around 3 heroes of the color that is strong against the titan. The other 2 heroes should be benefiting you in some way; increasing stats, decreasing titan stats, healing, etc. Cover your items to help you out with surviving.

Attack Boosts

2 stars: Jill (all), Sharkot (all), Torril (all), Silthus (all)

Note that the attack increase (48%) is higher than a bear banner (25%). These boosts do not stack. Also, these heroes are very frail, so replace them with a better hero ASAP.

3 stars: Brienne (all), Melia (all), Namahage (self)

Melia grants a critical boost, which increases your chances of dealing more damage with tiles. This is extremely valuable, and it stacks with other attack boosts.

Brienne and Namahage grant the berserker buff: attack increased by 45%, with an additional 20% increase each time they’re hit. This can mean ridiculous buffs if you time it well. This effect does not stack with other regular attack boosts.

Although not necessary, you can pair them up with a spirit link user, and fire them off at the same time for maximum effectiveness; spirit link distributes damage, with berserker boost it will be guaranteed to increase attack per each hit!

3 star Spirit Link users: Gunnar, Kailani

Defense down ailment

3 stars: Valen, Ulmer, Gill-ra

Decreasing the titan’s defense can be combined with attack buffs to your heroes, to increase your titan damage even further.

Note that Gill-ra also has the benefit of decreasing attack, which can be helpful to increase your survivability. Berden is another 3 star hero that can decrease attack.


Aside from item use, attack drops and defensive boosts (see spirit link users before considering 2stars like Olaf), healing is helpful to recover the damage you recieve between titan stuns.

Healing and other survival boosts or nerfs to the titan, may not make a difference if you just joined an alliance fighting high level titans that will one shot your strongest heroes. It may be worth to purely maximize your attack instead.

2 star healers: Sha Ji
3 star healers: Hawkmoon, Belith

Hawkmoon and Belith are your options with 3 star healers. They both recover the same amount of health. The difference is that Belith dispels; minor advantage that is only relevant against rare titans, who can be as low as 5 stars rare. Other dispellers include Tyrum and Mnesseus.

Blindness effect is another great effect you can use to boost your chances of survival. Dropped accuracy can help your heroes dodge the titan, which is highly valuable for surviving until the timer runs out. Bringing arrows is highly recommended!

There is only one 3 star hero who can cast blindness, and that’s Bane. The game gives you him for free, but unless the titan is purple or if you’re lacking in strong heroes, it’s more recommended to bring arrows and use the other team slot for a hero of the stronger color for more tile damage. Even if the titan is purple, bringing arrows and Bane is recommended; just make sure you don’t overwrite Bane’s higher accuracy drop with the arrows lower one.


This is meant to give a basic idea of what heroes a new player can look out for, to get started as quickly as possible with damaging the titan. I left out higher rarity heroes like Wu Kong, Boldtusk, or Grimm to keep this guide as beginner friendly as possible. But the same principles apply when you start getting these strong heroes and replacing your 3 stars with 4 star heroes… and so on.

Don’t forget your other supporting items either! Antidotes, health potions, mana potions, arrows, axes, and banners. Happy titan hunting!

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Very nice! This looks like it should be super helpful for new players.


Very nice summation for newbies! I am far along but we all often forget where we once were and I know I had no help in the beginning. Wish I knew then what I knew now, as I would have done things much different from the start :sunglasses:


Just found your post and advice, a must read for beginners,new or not so new.
Wish i found it earlier.
Have fun.


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