The Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) or Harpooning Vivica in Trials of Fortitude and Friar Tuck in Trials of Piety

The Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) or Harpooning Vivica in Trials of Fortitude and Friar Tuck in Trials of Piety


I am in merciless RNG retirement.

So I am no longer using Dragon attacks, and Bomb attacks in Empires.

Click for rant about trade

Instead I am saving 3* / 4* ingredients, and 3* / 4* ascension items, for the future in case SGG ever adds trade to Empires.

My favorite collectible games ( Magic The Gathering, XXXenophile ) and social mobile games ( Pokémon GO, Ingress ) all have strong trade mechanics.

A different rant

Click for 5* battle items rant

Except for Harpoons, 5* battle items require titan parts.

Titan parts only drop every 23 hours since that is the time to spawn each titan.

Except for harpoons, 5* battle items should effect all enemies and all allies.

Single enemy, and single ally, 5* battle items are just meh meh meh.

"Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot bribe the GM about,

Courage to change the things I can bribe the GM about,

And the successful wisdom roll to know the difference "

-Table top RPG Serenity prayer

How do I bribe SGG to buff 5* battle items?

Until then, harpoons are my secret weapon against the Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) Vivica in Trials of Fortitude

Trials of Fortitude

Trails of Fortitude is aptly named.

It requires much fortitude due to healing boss Vivica and counterattack boss Boril.

Both have mana shield, so my cleric Hansel is useless.

Druid Caedmon will suicide against boss Vivica ( with counterattack buff ) but Vivica has too much HP for this to be an effective trade for a dead druid Caedmon.

Trials of Piety

Trial of Piety healing boss Friar Tuck has withstand.

So my cleric Hansel is useless.

No Boril

For years merciless RNG denied my cleric Boril ( and paladin Cyprian ).


Harpoon only effects target, but does 750



5x Harpoon does 3,750 damage compared to

5x Bombs attacks AND 5x Dragon attacks, doing 3,500 damage.

Bomb attacks, and Dragon attacks, effect all 3x bosses, but require 3* / 4* ingredients.

Harpoon only requires 1* ingredients.

Linchpin Boss

Trials of Fortitude, and Trials of Piety, are winnable with all healer teams if you can take out the healing boss.


With an all healer team, I used

0x Heath potions

Luckily I did not need my health potions as good board RNG let me get a few healers fully charged early in the first mob wave.

4x Axe attacks

4x Arrow attacks

5x Harpoons

Once the trial’s healing boss was at 50% mana bar, I used all 5x Harpoons, and as many other battle items as needed, until the healing boss was dead.

Without a healing boss, the other bosses slowly ground to zero HP.

Without a healing boss, counterattack could not do enough damage to overwhelm my all healer team.

The boss wave of Trial of Fortitude took 6 minutes and 30 seconds with

Vivica 5* 4.80

Rigard & Melendor 4*+18

Rigard & Melendor 4* 3.60



I bring timestops and dragon attacks to my level 3 trial fights. Might use 0-2 timestops and 0-1 dragon attacks. Been playing ~1.5 yrs as largely a VIP C2P so have a few heroes but not an overly impressive roster.

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