Recommendations/opinions on Holy 5*s

My TC20 has been wonderfully generous over the past 2 1/2 weeks spitting out two gold-plated 5*s, Vivica amd Leonidas to go with the one I already had, Joon. Now I’m unsure of which one of these to invest my meager remaining supply of Holy AM’s (currently have 5 darts and 3 orbs; will have 1 more of the latter after I finish legendary Avalon).

Joon is currently sitting at 3/70 and along with Triton (4/70+9) and Caedmon (4/70+7) are my only real “snipers”

Vivica, who is a recent acquisition, is up to 3/13. She is by far the best cleric I have, everyone else in that class are 3*s.

Leonidas, who I just acquired today, has not been leveled at all.

My inclination is divided between Joon and Vivica right now.

Note: I might make one more pull on the Avalon gate, but let’s be honest, I don’t anticipate Guinivere stepping through.

Joon and never look back. He was my first 5* yellow who got the darts. He is amazing, and that blind is great for titans/raids. I recently pulled G. Jackal and he is even better! That 1-2 punch is epic. Overall, I would rank Joon and one of the better snipers out there. My Joon hits harder than my Magni @ talent lvl 7 attack route

Depends on your defense, class and finishing the class quests.

Joon hits, Viv heals.
What do you need more in the moment?

Mats will come and both are also good @70

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