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New team JF aodhan zeline out. Marcel francine milena in. One antidote used didn’t want to give me any blue tiles… :roll_eyes:

Wizard milena sorcerer storage trainer Russell.


My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Onatel +19
  • C. Justice 4^80
  • Isarnia +c11
  • Krampus 4^82+20

Compared to last time, I finished Isarnia’s costume and gave her four additional talents. Also, thanks to the Great Aether Mistake, I was able to limit break Krampus (woot!), so he’s slowly climbing toward 4^85.

Tried to work the board to leave a few blue and yellow tiles for the bosses. Used Kiril once, just to help wipe out a wave quickly, but Krampus’ minions would have been enough healing for the mobs. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Was able to take out Balthazar with tiles. Was trying to get Ulmer next, but I somehow set off a cascade that killed Quintus without me even trying, and again, without him firing. Ulmer did manage to fire on the last turn of the match, but Krampus’ taunt was up, and he had enough minions that the special literally had no effect on his health bar. Finished Ulmer the next turn. This trial might actually be too easy for me.

Not enough emblems for the next node on either Isarnia or Quintus. Trainer hero to Obakan.

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Team Last Time

Team This Time

Same as before, 2nd mana troop blue is now lvl17, 1st mana troop yellow is now lvl 23.


Decent board setup…

Finished without items,… very nice synergy team.


Both emblem keep for now, trainer goes to 2nd Sabina.


Kiril is limit broken but otherwise same as usual. Used one antidote to cleanse defense down.

No plans for emblems right now

Old team :


New team :


Same as the other trial with wizard class, Onatel/Proteus for stealing/stopping mana.
Same as the other trial with sorcerer class, Mitsuko to cut mana, but here also blocking Ulmer’s SS and also I’m sad I’m still missing Kiril’s costume, would gladly use it for this trial.
My Mitsuko got awfully targeted by slash attacks and got killed, but I still needed no items to finish it.

2021-Dec Mysticism, Trials of


Kiril b.4*+1,
Sabrina b.4*+18,
Proteus 4*+18,
Anzogh 5* 3.70,
Kailani c+3* 3.50,

b.= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus
c+= costume and costume bonus
X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.5^85+15

Battle items

[04] 5x Heal 500 HP,
[06] 10x Mana 25%,
[04] 5x Harpoons,
[02] 10x Antidotes


Click for notes

Most Valuable Player is Proteus 4*+18,

Tied with Harpoons ( see iron sink below )

Closely followed by Kiril b.4*+1, and Sabrina b.4*+18 ( together they fight crime )

Slow mana speed Kailani c+3* 3.50, is strong against 2x Purple Bosses but is hard to keep alive as a 3* hero

Kailani c+3* 3.50 is replacing Slow mana speed Skittleskull 4* 3.60 ( only strong against 1x Blue Boss ) and both have roughly the same stats

Anzogh 5* 3.70, gives the team Red normal damage / tile damage / matching damage

Too many purple Sorcerers in my roster weak against 2x purple Bosses

Too many purple Wizards in my roster weak against 2x purple Bosses

Iron sink

Click for iron sink details

Currently I am using excess iron to create harpoons

Per 1* crafting ingredient, used to make harpoons,

Damage to target 107
Attack - 2.85 % / - 3.57 %,
Defense - 0 % / - 4.28 %,
for 0.8571 turns


13.5 k iron consumed


(The Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) or Harpooning Vivica in Trials of Fortitude and Friar Tuck in Trials of Piety)

([Warning!, Tip, Danger!] :notes: Drunken Santa ( apologies to the Irish Rovers ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa’s Challenge)

([Tip] One trick titans absolutely hate or Harpoon vs. titan vs. STUNNED titan or Hidden information about harpoons)


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My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Onatel +19
  • C. Justice 4^80
  • Isarnia +c14
  • Krampus 4^85+20

Compared to last time, I finished Krampus’ limit break levels, and Isarnia is up 3 talents.

Yawned through the mob waves, and toward the end of wave 4, managed to create both a yellow and a blue diamond. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Fired everyone - no targeting required with this group - then popped the yellow diamond, since there were far more yellows on the board than blues. Triggered a Giant Cascade of Death, which in course popped the blue diamond, and when the smoke finally cleared, both Balthazar and Ulmer were gone, and I’d only made one move! Taking down Quintus was elementary after that.

Not enough wizard emblems for Isarnia’s next node. Not sure what to do with sorcerer emblems since getting Quintus to +19, so just holding those for now. Trainer hero to limit-broken Tiburtus.


Bit late… Same team fran and milena up some bling no items used…

Everything in storage…


My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Onatel +19
  • C. Justice 4^80
  • Isarnia +c14
  • Krampus 4^85+20

Same team as last time. Maybe by next round, C. Francine will be ready to join in place of C. Justice.

Spammed Krampus throughout the mob waves to build a meat shield of elf minions in lieu of healing. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a yellow diamond on the board. By move two, Ulmer was ready to fire, but before he could, he unceremoniously succumbed to my army of elf minions. Wouldn’t have mattered if he had fired, as Krampus’ special was active and would have negated it anyway. It was just fun to see the little elf guys get their day in the sun. Quintus went down next, then Balthazar. Not as quick as last time, but no worries with this group.

Wizard emblems take Treevil up a couple of nodes. Sorcerer emblems in storage for now; will probably eventually go to Dolgoon and Marcel, but Francine + costume has been eating all my green feeders since, like, forever. Trainer hero to Merlin.


Bit of a change fran Kiril out… Adohan and LotL in… No items used…

Wizard for JF sorcerer got loads so lotl will be 20 then chesiere cat… Trainer finely

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Same team. No items.


Same team milena Lb up some bling … Lotl up bling …
No items used …

Sorcerer in storage wizard JF Trainer gretel.


My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Onatel +19
  • C. Francine +14
  • Isarnia +c16
  • Krampus 4^85+20

Although C. Justice has the color advantage, C. Francine has the emblem and speed advantage, so she checks in this round. Isarnia is also up two talents from last time.

Boards were pretty great throughout, allowing Krampus to spam his (nerfed :angry:) minions in place of healing. As I was finishing up the last wave, I managed to set off a cascade that created green and blue diamonds on the board, basically assuring the win before I ever reached the boss wave. Fired all specials, and with more green than blue on the board, popped the green diamond. Between Isarnia’s -44% defense and C. Francine’s -54% defense against green, this was a bad series of events for Ulmer, who was nearly dead one turn in. Popped the blue diamond then, which did him in. Francine was straight up relentless in this one. Her fast speed kept her firing over and over and, had Ulmer survived, his def down would have been no threat, as Francine’s undispellable cleanse-over-time was up basically the whole fight. Not that the fight lasted that long…

With Treevil now at +20, Isarnia starts getting wizard emblems again, and those from a previous stage brought her to +16. Sorcerer emblems still being stored, but Dolgoon is almost ready for some, and Marcel will likely follow him as my next green project, so he’ll get some, too. Trainer hero to Seshat, newly minted from my HA 10. :smiley:


not much change to this team:

some better troops, Almur up to +7. i may be done with Uraeus (now at +18) so Skittles may get some of her emblems back soon. I still use her quite a bit in rush wars.


pretty easy. board cooperated, no need for any items.

trainer to Dr. Moreau, sorcerers to Skittles or Sabina, probably Skittles. now that Sif in the middle defenses aren’t everywhere i probably use Skittles more than Sabina. Wizards to ? not sure right now. maybe Kiril #2.


Adding in treevil


This is the first emblem quest where I fielded a full 5* rainbow team. Completed it without using any battle item :grinning:


How did the tree fare? Any trouble keeping him alive?

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Been a while since I last posted here.
This team works well, green tiles really melt them, while proteus made sure they didn’t charge.

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Went in with treevil, ureaus, Anastasia, proteus and Kiril.

Possibly the easiest trial i’ve ever done…

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This time I chose a completely different team.

I thought it would’ve been easier, but the board suddenly didn’t give any combo and the bosses started to hit LotL minions and both Treevil, so they were able to fire twice (Ulmer just fired once but I had Mitsuko’s special activated, so he died immediately).
I didn’t need any object but I was about to use them.

Take care. :wink: