Vivica or third Joon?

I have two Joons maxed, one at +18, I’m bring up a Vivica and am starting to play with her a bit. It seems like she’s going to be pretty playable at 3/70 and a another Joon would be of more benefit for wars. No other yellow 5* and no costume for either of them. My yellow raid stack is:

G.Jackal +9 G.Jackal +9 CB-Li Xui +20 Joon Joon +18

any advice would be greatly appreciated

P.S. I have 8 darts and 10 orbs

do u have any other 5* healer? vivica is almost a must to f2p and c2p.


Only a bumbling buffoon would ascend a 3rd Joon instead of another 5* Yellow hero not in their roster.

Add the fact that Vivica is a healer/cleanser/buffer and she would be ultimately more useful in every aspect of the game. Even if they shared emblems (they don’t) the different hero would always be more useful.


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no other 5* healers. I was pretty sure I’d go ahead with ascending Viv, just wanted some validation and yes I am very c2p. Thanks for the advice @RebelForces!

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Viv immediately 20 chars

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Viv for sure. A 3rd Joon would be only for roster depth and you have 18 darts gathering dust.


Agree with @Chadmo. I don’t recommend maxing a third non-costume Joon like me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luckily, I got Joon’s costume, and I’m happy with my three C-Joons. :smile:


Keep Vivica at maximum emblem and if costume adds it is very good healer and de-buffer for yellow

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I’d hold off using darts unless you have the costume for your Vivica. Poison darts are hard to come by. If you badly want a healer for your yellow stack, several 4* heroes can also perform the same function as Vivica, but relatively easier to obtain and cheaper to level, ascend and emblem.

Gullinbursti overheals and deals little damage to all. The angry pig, also as slow as Vivica, can be summoned every month every time S3 portal is up.

Lady Woolerton. An epic holy healer who is fast. Her fault is only her non-mana generation for
2 turns after casting her skill. However, there are several heroes that can prevent her non-mana acquisition. Sad thing is, SpringVale portal only is available once a year.

You may also want to read this recent thread: 4* healer better than Vivicia?.

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1st of all dont know how many heakers u have,hows your roster, and whats your needs…But i say Go with versatility…if you are thinking for 3rd joon then bad idea Vivica is good fir defense offense war…


I am having all the Three Vivica + C, Gullinbursti and Lady Woolerton all are maxed and I am waiting for Emblems to increase the talents


D andre is also good choice

I ascended vivica early on.

I only use her for rush wars now. 4* average speed healers are cheaper and more effective

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