Ascension help for holy healer

So I run mono teams which means I use a healer on every team. In the case of my mono yellow team I’m torn between Vivica and Lady Woolerton+20.

My current team is Gazelle, Jackal+19, WR+7, c Joon+20 and Lady W+7 (I have emblems to finish her). Once in a while I sub Lady W for Gullinbursti but for this scenario I don’t think he matters (opinions are welcomed). I have Vivica and her costume, but she’s slow while Lady W is fast and Gazelle blocks her mana debuff ailment. Plus Gazelle cleanses and will block reg Vivica’s defense buff, so I could only use c Vivica. The plus for c Viv however is she debuffs and gives all enemies def down (WR only gives target def down)

I have several yellows that I could give my set of darts to, so my question is should I make c Vivica my healer, or take Lady W to +20 and keep her as my healer, and use the darts on another yellow.

Bonus healer question: I have c Rigard+19, would anyone still ascend Kunchen in this case? Thinking of giving him tabards for the defense down, but I do have Tibs and costume. I don’t have emblems for him however, and usually I prefer to have my 4s that are going on my 5 mono teams at +19/20 for durability against current meta opponents.

I don’t have Lady Woolerton, but if you have a hero in your team which gets rid of her mana curse, then she should be better than regular Vivica if emblemed, even though Vivica still has the big defense buff which can save the raid/war flag. I just realized that you have Vivica’s costume as well, so if you have level 29 yellow mana troop for C Vivica, then you can make her average mana, making her charge faster. I’d still rather use her regular cleric form for attacks though. Gazelle cleanses Vivica’s buff though, so you should probably stick to Lady W. C Vivica is very useful on purple titans also with her big defense debuff which stacks with Jackal’s elemental debuff.
It’s kind of hard to make a good advice when I don’t have your heroes :smiley:, but I gave some examples.

I don’t have Kunchen, but I’d still max him for yellow titans/purple tank for vfast wars/tournaments (only Alfrike is better tank for vfast wars than he is), of course, that depends whether your alliance uses purple tanks for vfast wars or no.

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Hey @Roland56 nice to see ya!!! Yeah I’m thinking Lady W would be best due to the faster heal, but I will still give darts to Viv for the costume. But at least I can ascend another yellow before Viv in the meantime having Lady W, and if emblems are needed I can always reset and reapply wherever needed. Thanks Rol :blush:

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i have Lady Wooly at +15, so Cleric talent is maxed. it kicks in fairly often, and even if not, Lady W’s fast mana speed means i can charge her up fast

i don’t recall ever being in a situation in raids where Lady W wasn’t ready to heal when i absolutely needed her to.

she’s also quite sturdy even without the emblem investment

so yes, she’s a perfectly good healer and at +20 she will support your team just fine :slight_smile:


@LadyAchilles Nice to see you too :slight_smile:

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Thanks a bunch for the insight @sleepyhead

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