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Great counter to Odin, Ariel, Mica. But it is slow though…

Well, another valuable titan teams,…and it is blue, that’s too much for blue… too many compatetitive lol :sweat_smile:

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I think yes, but I will test it if I can in the next weeks tournament if it will be a 5 star tournament with a non dark forbidden cllor.

Thanks for your continued information.

“The mod of the year award goes to…PlayForFun!”


I am not a moderator :smiley:


Been watching the new heroes for a while now and have come to the realisation that actually, if I were to pull one it would just be another bench warmer while I wait for the ascension mats.

There is actually no point in me even using the summons portals until some of my quality bench is fully levelled. So as interesting as some of these heroes are and as well as they synergize with the rest of my roster…I just need a faster flow of ascension mats before they really hold any interest for me.

I don’t have the biggest or best roster by any means, but it is decent and I hold my own. So for now I’m just plugging away at the heroes I have…


Where is better, critical for shield or increase attack for shield ?

I like Alexandrine a lot. She’s an average speed 5* blue healer with Jott’s key skill, basically like blue Rat. Her skill has also great synergy, because of course you want to have the most blue tiles on board to power them up. And has nice passives. Will try to hunt her down.

The only thing I am bit disappointed with Yunan Costume is…
The decrease Healing is gone… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

What do you mean by broken? We don’t know attack stats but, damage aside, is a slow and very situational hero with a ridiculous elemental link

He/She is slow and that works only against few heroes, Ariel, Odin, Mica, toxicandra and alberich the first that come to my mind

If you are doing critical damage then it dealing twice damage.
So let’s assume that the normal damage is X
Using this critical shields you can do: 2 * X * 0.54 + X * 0.46 damage = 1.54 * X damage
Using Jott’s attack up shields you can do 1.64 * X damage
So Jott’s shields are better, but the HoTM is a five star hero so maybe it is better in total…

Here are the statistics

Hero Attack Defense HP
Chakkoszrot 745 780 1355
Alexandrine 745 747 1423
Yunan costume 659 818 1506
Rana costume 767 748 1392
Salmon Loki 745 751 1376

What’s Rana’s and Yunan’s costume classes?

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Sorry, I forgot to write these earlier:
Rana costume: Cleric
Yunan costume: Paladin


cool. thanks for the info

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Suuuuuuurrrrrreeeee. :sweat_smile:

And even if I would be a moderator, then Guvnor and other moderators are doing much more good on the forum than me…

I have tested it on this week’s tournament.
@Gartenerbsen yes, the heroes can be changed to the forbidden element too.

The testing of the current Beta build is closed. Staff indicated that it will reopen later this week.
(I suppose on Wendesday)


Hah! Thanks. That’s interesting!

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Finally got around to updating/ building threads for V39.2 of beta.

Relevant/ Updated threads:

Also there was one QoL style thing I missed in initial Beta Update:


@Guvnor is there any draw back to this enhancement like more costs with HA? If not, then this isn’t bad but I feel the week period is too long and costs too much ham but at least this is a bonus.

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