🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

No change to any of the other HA stuffs.

Other than that Rana, Yunan and Roc were added to HA10 pool during Beta V39.2. Unsure if this will translate out to live game.

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Beta has just opened with the heroes of a brand new Ninja tower like event called “Tower of Magic”.
We will have 5 more Legendary, 3 new Epic, 2 new Rare heroes, and a brand new mana speed called “Magic”.
The event itself is not arrived to Beta just the heroes.
As per information from staff this event will arrive to the live game in the fall.


could this be one of the new Challenge Events still to be introduced? or is it really a different kind of event much like Ninja Tower?

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Staff indicated it will be like a Tower like event, but they do not told that which event it will alternate with.
Maybe with the Ninja tower, but that is just my guess…

2x mana charge is available for these heroes. The special skill of the two charges is completely different.
There is one passive skill for the heroes too, which are completely different than any other heroes in the game.


:scream:i cant believe it. Another event…


Yes, SG keeps adding events…

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I was hoping that they will just add some brand new ninjas to ninja tower, but wasnt expecting new event. Oh well i will wait for more info and thanks for update😉

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Yep, new batch of heros for the whales to chase, yet no promised QoL update to the HA. Just another example that the devs have only revenue in their best interest.


thanks for the update… I was going to like your reply because I’m grateful for your timely updates, but I don’t like the idea of yet another event lol! so that’s already 3 new challenge events for Blue, Red and Green, PLUS this Tower of Magic one… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Yes, I was hoped for that too, but maybe not much whales would pull for new epic and rare Ninja heroes…
At least SG have added two rare heroes to this event at start…

Yeah… and who knows what other event ideas SG have… Maybe there will be more…

This Tower of Magic was unexpected for me too…


Hopefully they listened to feedback on how many do not like the setup of the ninja tower and will make this one better. Right…


Its going to replace the ninja tower, unless they decide to introduce new ninjas. Thats my bet as most of the whales have already done the pulls needed to get the ninjas. I got lucky and have 3 of them on minimal pulls so I dont pull from the tower anymore

My general two reactions to this “new beta”:

Another event? Another portal? Hmmm…
What gap/ advantage is this content adding for the playerbase? Who asked for this? Why can’t we just have a purely QoL update…?

But then also:


Can’t say I blame you. I’m a lot less interested in anything new as well. Just another portal and another way to get people to spend instead of focusing on what could make the game better.


Thanks for your efforts to keep the community update with latest Beta updates so far.
I will try to take over the beta beat project in providing Beta updates to the wider forum community.
I am planning to set up the topic for the new heroes later today.



I’ll keep an eye out and update the main #beta-beat op when it’s live :heart:


It would be better to have it alternate with Ninjas instead of Tavern.

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Thanks so much for this, @PlayForFun . Beta Beat is super-valuable for me personally, and I assume for the rest of the community as well. You’re already doing a great job in the comments, so I look forward to seeing your threads also.


@Guvnor thanks for all the work you did!
@PlayForFun thanks for picking it up


A rare second award of Mod of the year goes to…


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