Strategy about leveling Troops

You the sleeve they were talking about and my alliance that knows about upcoming hero

I use this thread as long it was the 1st suited to my following question:

I recently upgraded barracks to lvl 3 because I jave my food stores close to full. Today I am busy with SH 20 and TC 17

I got my only 4* troops to level 4. But now I am out of feeders for other troops ( I have green, purple and yellow to level 6. And I am worried about upcoming ¿ Should I save for 4* troops?
Should stop leveling 2nd and 3rd troop for color stacking.

Thanks in advance.

Priority is 4* troops, and maximum is 5x mana each color and 5x crit each color, so we can easy switch as needed.

3* Troops keep minimum 5x (depend on how many 4* each color heroes you have, but later on we have more then 5x each color for 4* heroes eventually) for Epic event challange.

2* Troops minimum 3x (depend on how many 3* each color heroes you have) for Rare event challange.

So, don’t forget to lock those troops.

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Thanks for the advise, this is what I have RN:

I need to farm troops…

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I can’t seem to find any clear information regarding levelling troops. E.g… I have a 4* yellow exalted, can I use any yellow to level up or do I use the exact type of yellow, just in lower *s? Ty


You can only feed Troops the same colour troops.
There is no restriction on which star level you feed (i.e. you can feed a 4* troop to a 1* troop) provided they are the same colour.

Levelling troops links


@Guvnor Ty…I’ll read I to all links further, as I still can’t see the answer to my question. I hope it’s I their somewhere. Thanks so much

Any yellow troop can be fed to any yellow troop

Difference between heroes and troops(a difference i sorta wish didn’t exist but oh well):

Is that troops CAN ONLY eat troops of the same color. Rarity doesn’t matter though

My 2 cents and where opinion differs from fact:

you’ll want to eat low rarities at lower levels and higher rarities at higher levels just like with leveling heroes only 1k times more expensive and time consuming

Also i would suggest keeping 5 4* troops of each color. Lock them. Don’t eat em.

If you’re newer player, I’d go wide instead of tower.

If you use 3-2, level 3 4* troops per color

If you go mono, level 5 4* troops per color

Also wouldn’t bother leveling any troop under 4*

There’s nothing someone does with leveled 3*,2*, or 1* troops that i can’t do with unleveled troops in those rarities


Thanks @Rigs, I guess what I needed to know, which elements are worth being feeders and which to lvl? Idk, feel like I’m not being clear.

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Yea to be honest I’m a bit confused lol but I’ll keep at it cause well you caught me at a time i have nothin better to do

Which troop color to level could depend on a few things

Progress in the game
Defense team
Offense team
What heroes you have


To be safe i would level troops equally in all colors. Start with 1 per color to level “x” then go to a 2nd troop per color to the same level then 3rd, etc no more than 5. No less than 3. If it was me.

No color is better than the other in my opinion. Crit or mana is the main choice within the colors and that typically depends on heroes, playstyle, and possibly D team

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Ok, cheers. I need to work out what I want from my troops. Then go from their. So it’s back to the game, check them out, with the pitiful heroes I have and get the optimization I can. Uurrgghhh, my brain hurts already. But I appreciate your time @Rigs…my first online game crush :wink::v:t3:

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Lol anytime, glad i could help or at least attempt to.

You could post your heroes and troops here?(screenshots are easier to decipher than lists btw)

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Ummm, errr only if you show me yours first. Lol. Nite for me. I’m so sleepy, it’s almost midnight…I’ll check in tomorrow. Cheers

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I hate showin what i have but alright. Would rather do it through Line if you have it though. When i post my heroes or troops on the forum i feel like I’m “bragging” and it’s just awkward…



Yes I have line. Leave me your I.d.

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Holy crap a player in the forum that doesn’t have my Line…i didn’t know those still exist lol

My line id: jrigs

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The minute you start using phrases like “main team,” you already on the wrong path. Unless you talking about your defense one, you are ton a need different utilities for different heroes and circumstances. Slow is the proper way to do things as this will ensure your best use of resources as your characters grow. Heroes you use in mid game, wont get a lot of shine later on and knowing which heroes you can use In all aspects is the most important thing to focus on early in development.

More you try to rush things more aggravated you will become and depending on your spending habits ascension items are precious so best advice is ask around about heroes you find useful, update your roster regularly, and try find an allaince that is gelling well together


Thank you @DoctorStrange. I will take on the onboard. Im not so much on a hurry, as i dont want to waste resources, etc on unnecessary hero’s or troop etc. Cheers :v:t3:

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Now I’m scared. I’m very shy. Mr Popular @Rigs… I’m going to look you up and stalk ya a lil first😉

Lol whatever works, reading up on people is rarely a bad idea

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