Strategy about leveling Troops

So, I’ve just build barracks and want to start leveling troops. However i am torn which troops should I level because leveling troops is expensive. I only got a couple of 3* troops, should I level them or wait for 4*. What am I missing if I don’t start level troops now?

You can start now whit 3*, there are event comming and ther you will get restriction on what you can use.
Even 3* troop can be to high on some part of the event.

But train troops when you have resorses and are wating to get other things and you have opportunity to train troops.


I’m actually building a set of 2*, 3*, and 4* troops. At least one of each color. Like @Graffn mentioned, there are monthly challenges where you can use all three levels.

The 4* are tough to come by! Still trying to get a yellow but it eludes me.


@havok333 makes an important point: keep at least one, preferable two, of your 2* and 3* troops in each color so that you can compete in all levels of the monthly challenge events. In previous months the game equipped basic troops if you had a gap, but in December that didn’t happen.

Back to the OPs question, yes, go ahead and work on a good 3* in each color. These will likely be useful even if/when you get a 4* troop in that color, either in the intermediate level of the challenge events or as the troops for a doubled color.

Note that there are three different types of each color’s 3* troops: one weighted to offense, one to defense, and another balanced. I prefer the offensive weight variety because I think this games combat system rewards incremental improvement there more.


Thanks @Graffn @havok333 @Kerridoc for the heads up. Does the event always follow the previous design which we compete according to the 3 categories? Or it just recently change?

So, from my understanding, I should keep a couple of 2* from each color as spare and feed the rest to 3*?


While I do agree w/ the two responders above, I would caution to focus on your main team first until you get into a position to expand.

For example, if you have 3 separate teams and spend equally in them all, they’ll all grow but at a small pace. On the other hand, if you have your 3 teams and only invest in one it’ll grow fast.

Events are what… once a month? Raids, map and titans are daily events. Place your resources where you’ll get the biggest bang for the buck. If you have extra, spend it in other areas. Just my 2 cents.


Sorry Jonsnow, by team do you mean heroes or troops or overall team?

I mostly use offensive/critical type so i think i will level them first if I have enough resources because as of now, I also building up my 3* heroes.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding. When I say team, I mean heroes plus troops.

Try leveling up 3 of the same color hero vs 1. You’ll have 3 mediocre heroes vs a fairly powerful single hero. Same for troops. There are only so many resources to go around. And building a single team that you use on a daily basis seems like a better use of those resources vs spreading them out to teams that you use once a month. Your “everyday team” will suffer.

Fair point I guess to focus level only 1 hero of the same color. I’ve been doing this to build my main team but that’s also because I have limited heroes choice let alone a few in the same color. Its not a tough call before because I have 3 4* in different color which I level up simultaneously. However, I just started elite training a few days ago and will get access to a number of 3* heroes that will make me do major main team reconstruction to replace my current 3* with my ideal 3* once i get ahold of them. I think I also will focus on 1 hero per each color because i already have someones/heroes in my mind.

I started to train event troops, when I had a stopp on training daily used heros because of missing items needed to continue training. In this period I knew that I will get back resorses before I needed it again to daily combat.

Agreed; my caution was against feeding all your 2* to boost your 3*. It’s likely not worth diverting resources for a once-a-month event.


I have two each of 2* Troops (beginner) and two each of 3* or higher (intermediate or advanced). I stopped leveling the 2* at around lvl 4, as I noticed my daily troops were suffering. Am now only leveling my higher troops, noting as I go that when I lose my 3* by feeding to 4*, I have eliminated my ability to compete in Intermediate (unless the game gives me a plain 0* troop in the future for my missing ones).

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Yes, that was kinda what I was getting at too. If you already have 2* or 3* troops leveled up a bit, may as well hold onto them rather than feeding to newly acquired 4* troops.

It doesn’t appear that you even get a benefit by feeding a levelled up troop versus a new unleveled at the same star rating. It’s been awhile since using a levelled troop as food though, so could be remembering incorrectly.

@Rook: I like your idea to even keep duplicates of each color in the 3* and 2* range, just for the monthly event. Even at level 3 or 4, would be better than nothing. Levelling troops is actually where I burn off excess food when storage gets maxxed out

You do get more exp for a levelled troop vs unlevelled


Ah, okay. That’s good to know, since I’ve more than once accidentally fed a levelled troop. At least I got a small benefit out of it. :grin:

Personally, with the way troops work, unless you are spending money on gems to pull troops, they are far too rare to “waste” on anything but a 4* troop IMO if you plan to play the game long term.

I have been playing the game for about 5 months now and if I took all the red troops I have obtained in my play time from then until now, I could level a red 4* troop to about level 7. I could spend those saved troops to level up a red 3*, but for what gain? 5 months of resources to get 1% dmg, 1% Defense?

I may be sitting on these reds for a year before I get my 4* troop, but when I do I’ll be able to bring it up to par with the rest of my troops, and not have it months behind in level because I burned all my trainers on a 3* for a minor gain.

One of the biggest complaints in this game I see is how rare some of the resources are. Being patient with the ones you get is key.

Edit: I do keep two 2*/3* for the monthly event, but I dont level those troops at all.


I’m not spending any real money yet on this game and because of that I tend to be very careful to decide which on which to avoid major mistake that can impend on my future team development. Also, I still have a long queue to feed my heroes, so troops can wait. :grin:

I level troops as a last resort (meaning I have nothing better to spend meat on and a surplus of troops). I do level 2 and 3 stars for the event to try and get a little edge (and I know it is only a little edge) - but I do not max them by any stretch. It also takes very little to level a 2* at the beginning so you can get 3-5% bumps real quick which can add up for the beginner level in particular.

All about your preferences. I prefer to make some minor progress that helps now than hoard and wait, in most cases, given how crazy long the waits can be.

Edit: my barracks currently prohibit leveling any further and I won’t upgrade those any further (focusing on TC’s among others) until many, many months go by. Knowing this is also why I level non-4* troops.

Well, this is interesting. Maybe I can try level 2* at the last minutes before event, that is if I have spare food. My barrack is only level 1,lmao, am really not paying attention to it, and my builder is currently working on SH.

It only takes 7 1* troops to take a 2* to level 3 (i.e. increase 2 stat points)…and only 49k meat. That times 5 troops is short money for 10% increase to various stats.

Takes 15 1* for a 3* to go 2 levels…unsure on the meat requirements. Probably around 150k or so.

Anyone who does any measure of farming likely has a ton of 1* lying around, and maybe even a glut of 2*.

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