Leveling Troops

Hey there,

I have questions regarding the leveling of troops: I’m playing for 3,5 months and now have at least a 3* troop of every colour. So far i’ve got:

Red: 1x 4*
Green: 1x 4* and 4x 3* (ate the rest)
Purple: 1x 4*, 5x 3*
Yellow: 5x 3*
Blue: 4x 3*

I was wondering how you level your troops:

  • Do you upgrade more than one troop per color?
  • Do you upgrade just your best troop per color?
  • Do you upgrade 3* troops if the featured stat suit your hero better than your only 4* troop?
  • Is it even reasonable to spend troops for a 3* troop if there is a 4* troop waiting?

As far as I learned the problem with levelling troops is mostly the amount of troops you get for feeding them. In purple I got a 4* Troop at level 5 and a 3* troop at level five and there are no troops left to be fed to them. Should i focus on the 4* only?

Thank you!

Keep at least 5 per color and at least 1 2* and 1 3*.

Focus on 4* certainly. A 3* has to be lvl10 to be as good as a 4* @lvl1.

Leveling troops is by far the most long-term thing in the game.

Heroes always first, a couple of rares, many epics and if, some legendaries.

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Keep all your 4* troops in any colour.
Keep 3 x 3* troops of each colour
Keep 3x 2* troops of each colour.

Max your 4* troops as much as you can
Max your 3* troops to lvl-10
Personally I wouldn’t bother levelling 2* troops