2* and 3* troop leveling, when to stop?

I recently realized i have been very neglectful in my troop leveling. I have dozens of each element and i keep staring at my full food storages.
Duhhhhh dumb bunny

I am f2p, mid-level, so i still do all event, seasonal and restricted challenges, that i can. I am also semi- casual, i play everyday with main and my alts, but i do not push hard for “glory and garters”.

I am a cup dropper, i dont raid often, but i do revenge to fill my chests.

All that said, 2* and 3* troops have a place, but do they need to be maxed to be effective for lower tier events?
I am not looking for any specific hero/troop match-up advice, per se, just wondering if there is a good point to stop feeding them, so i can work more on the 4* i do have?

Currently i only work 1 type of 2* per element. I do have a few 3* troops for each element started, but only a few above a level 6.

And as i stated above, i have feeders, just wondering if i need to focus on a one 9f each element? 2? 3?

And of course, what levels would be “good enough, move on”

Thanks to the friendly and informative forum, in advance


People usually don’t level 2* and 3* troops but if you won’t be trying to get 4* troops, leveling 3* troops is fine. Definitely wouldn’t level 2* though. Those are like a food source. You can level a 2* troop as much as you want and I think a 3* troop base stats will still be better.

@Xero786 has won many events without any levels on 2* or 3* troops. Not sure if the new weekly raid tournaments will make them worth leveling at all or not.

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Everyone in the top 100 of events do it without leveled 3* troops lol. There’ll be the occasional team with a single 3* troop who got a few levels.

Without even a rainbow 4* troop bench, not to mention, lacking the decent 4* and 5* heros to pair them with, doesnt it seem smart to to keep up some leveling to the lower brackets?

Strongly recommend don’t level 2* troops. Those are a food source and you’ll miss all the 1* troops you spent on 2* troops one day because you’ll be in very short supply if you get a 4* troop.

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I have a few 4* troops, but i still need to play lower quests that only allow 2* or even 3* troops.
My question, from the beginning is…
At what point is leveling lower troops “high enough” to help in the lower level events.
I understand that 4* is the best, i want to know about the rest



I would recommend considering the rare tier of events you can only use 2* troops in those at all and while some advise using them as a food source I would consider keeping a few, around 2 of each element for events. I leveled mine up to level 6 or so personally, but anywhere between 3 and 8 should likely be fine if you want to have a healthy balance.

I agree that anything beyond about level 8 might be too much for 2* troops.


They don’t “need” to be leveled though. Check the leaderboard of the rare category next event, everyone will be using level one 2* troops.

I’m c2p, have been playing for a year. I have 5 2 and 3 star troops of each color. 2* unlevelled, 3* one up to lvl8 for each color. Every 2* and 3* I got is put into my 4* troops or or if I don’t have 4*, then kept in stock after the one 3* I leveled for that color reached lvl8. I have had 4* troops for red, yellow and green, so I played with those + the leveled 3* - titan raid war worked ok.

Two weeks ago I got my first blue 4*, I’m putting the saved up feeders into it as much as my food allows, it is at lvl15 now. In practice my 4* blue is getting almost a year of 1, 2 and 3 star troops saved up.

I feel that my lvl8 3* was performing enough to do some damage, and now I’m glad I manage to push up my 4* because of having enough feeders.

Still waiting for a purple 4*…

This worked for me, but I had several disputes with myself on what happenes if I never get a 4* (never=not before I get enough of the game). Because all those saved up feeders would have been wasted without getting a 4*. I decided to wait because at each decision point I felt I have at least a few more month here.


I feed 2* and up troops to my main 4* troops, 1* I scatter around to secondary 4*, attack 3*, attack 2* troops. I suspect this will pay dividends in the raid challenges where successful defense matters and up to 16% attack + the 20% attack buff inherent in defense will be meaningful.

There is a spread sheet on troops (here on the forum) that answers your question. @Aspeyes .let me find it and paste it here for you.

Troops - Which troops do I keep? - #27 by _John_Doe. On almost the very bottom of this forum are spread sheets. I think someone mentioned for troop lvl 2 & 3 Starred troops to stop leveling at 10.

you have everything you nedaasda

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5 of each color is what I have leveled to around 5-10 in both 2* and 3* It adds lots of power when you run a 5X color stack. I Run a 5X color stack on EVERY raid and war hit. I run a 4-Wu Kong titan or a 5X yellow on titan

Recently i have been playing higher level opponents in raids, tournaments etc. and one thing I have noticed is that if 4* are not allowed, most of these people max out at about lvl 6; the highest use just lvl 1 3* troops. At some point all of us seem to realise that that 1% is just never going to be worth it. In raids this is more variable but i could not say if I recall seeing one above level 9 and even I have at least one lvl 7 3*. When 4* troops become involved, I have encountered nightmarish lvl23 mana troops that turn the hero into a killing machine or just once, the ultimate freakish undefeatable tank (I couldn’t get past him at all and I really TRIED!!! 3 times!)

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Ok so I have a question about this. Lets say I have leveled a 3*troop to lv10 and I don’t want them any more (just because). If i feed this to a 4 star, will the experience that it took from feeders to get to lv10 be that exact amount of experience that will be put into my 4 star after it is fed?

Nope, you will get the same credit from a non-leveled 3* as you will with one at level 10.

Um, actually that is not the case. A levelled up 3* is worth more than 200 XP; not much, but it is there.


Much appreciated, thanks for the clarification!


Oh wow, not much at all then in the grand scheme of things. So no you should not ever eat any leveled troops as the XP is not the same same

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