Are 3* troops worth levelling?

I have 4* troops above level 10 in every color except red. My strategy/goal was to only use feeders on 4* troops. However it’s been a while and the red 4* is eluding me. Should I just level out a 3* troop. I normally run Mitsuko or Wilbur as my tank SI want to give them every bit of help. Thanks.


Yes they are
For raid tournaments and challenge quests there are restrictions on the use of troops i have a few 3* and 2* leveled up to use them


If you don’t have several (at least 2 or 3) 4* troops of each element, those worthy leveled 3* troops will also support your color stacks.

I have locked 3 troops of each (2*, 3* & 4*) and will level at least one of them by feeding 1* to 2*, 2* to 3* and 3* to 4*.


Thanks, how does a maxed 3* compare to around a level 10 4* troop? Will I see a significant difference one the hero they are assigned to?

3* troop @ level 20 has a combined atk + def of 32%. That"s the same as a level 8 4*.

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3* have to be lvl 10 to be as good as 4* at lvl 1.

4* are definitely the best choice for leveling up, but also the most expensive thing in the whole game.

All other troops are only used for stacks (when missing enough 4*) and restricted (to take 4*) parts of the game.

I recommend keeping at least three of each tier and color except 1* and focus the leveling on one of each tier and color.


Personally, I wouldn’t go beyond level 10 for 3* troops. That’s my honest opinion


I think I agree, pretty sure if I maxed a 3* than I’d get a token and the last 4* I need with nothing to feed them but regret. Thanks everyone.

yes, for tournaments. Or if you have no better 4* troop.

I wouldn’t halt your progress with your 4* troops for them though.


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