Troop lvling question

Hello community. Please anyone can advise on troop lvling. I have decided to start lvling 4* troop. Question is how far should i feed for example 1* troops. At what lvl should I stop feeding 1* troops and move to feeding 2*, 3* troops etc?. Anyone who have troops lvl 30 can advise? Thanks

The following resource could really be helpful for you.


You should start leveling your 4* troops by giving 1* heroes. In this way, you will save a lot of food in the long term.

However, if you need to level up your 4* troops quickly and don’t have food shortage (that’s very rare), the fastest way to level them up is by giving them 3* troops.

P.S. Don’t feed everything to the 4* troops. Make sure you have at least 5 2* and 3* troops as you will need them for events and tournaments.


hmmm i started at top i keep 5 of each color of each * level 4 3 2… i then feed what ever is left… I also end up leveling my 5 2s 3s after my 4s. i then level my barracks again and start again. i stop on my 2s 3s after about 6-10 and then keep leveling my 4s and barracks from there. on my 4s i may have one at 11 one at 8 at 4 at 4. if you dont have four 4s then i raise the 3s higher as u have to use them.

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Not to mention that the 3 star healing bonus troops have a nice attack rating and do well on defense and use the critical attack 3 stars for attack (until you have your 4 stars). Just as an example, levelling up 3 stars does not really pay off in any meaningful way.

… And just in case you don’t, padlock your 4* troops - I know of people who’ve been playing for a year and never knew what the padlock on the top left was for. I’ve read many tales of 4* troops and 5* heros being accidentally fed away :cry: :.


thanks Sarah ya i knew about padlock same for troops just like heroes. Prevents from mistakenly feeding heroes or troops :slight_smile:

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