Strategy about leveling Troops

Stop confusing people . Topic is supposed to be troop leveling, not hero leveling. Two totally separate things. A new player will be distraught.

Welcome broadsword, but you are talking to people that posted incorrectly about heroes back in Dec '17.

You the sleeve they were talking about and my alliance that knows about upcoming hero

I use this thread as long it was the 1st suited to my following question:

I recently upgraded barracks to lvl 3 because I jave my food stores close to full. Today I am busy with SH 20 and TC 17

I got my only 4* troops to level 4. But now I am out of feeders for other troops ( I have green, purple and yellow to level 6. And I am worried about upcoming ¿ Should I save for 4* troops?
Should stop leveling 2nd and 3rd troop for color stacking.

Thanks in advance.

Priority is 4* troops, and maximum is 5x mana each color and 5x crit each color, so we can easy switch as needed.

3* Troops keep minimum 5x (depend on how many 4* each color heroes you have, but later on we have more then 5x each color for 4* heroes eventually) for Epic event challange.

2* Troops minimum 3x (depend on how many 3* each color heroes you have) for Rare event challange.

So, don’t forget to lock those troops.

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Thanks for the advise, this is what I have RN:

I need to farm troops…

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