[SNEAK PEEK] Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans!

We are proud to announce two new exciting gameplay features we are working on: Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans! We hope that these new Events will provide players a whole new way of playing with your Alliance as well as with the entire Community!

Ninja Tower

  • All-new monthly Event where players compete in who gets to the highest floor of the deadly Ninja Tower. The Tower features new & exciting rules to challenge even the most advanced of our players!
  • Featuring new Leaderboards, Exclusive Ninja Heroes, New Gameplay Rules & Rewards!
  • Estimated release date: Q4/2020 - coming to beta soon!

Mythic Titans

  • A brand new Event where all players & Alliances must work together to drive away the fearsome Mythic Titans!
  • Mythic Titans require new tactics to effectively battle against - each Mythic Titan has unique offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Compete with other players and Alliances for the top place in new Leaderboards
  • Mythic Titans are included in the monthly Event roster
  • Estimated release date: Q4/2020


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