Fall 2020 Sneak Peek! 🍂

Fall is quickly approaching the Empire and we are thrilled to share these exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming Events with our Community!

:jack_o_lantern: Return to Morlovia in October

The year of updated Seasonal Events continues, prepare to Return to Morlovia with an updated Halloween Event, including new Heroes and gameplay.

  • Updated Seasonal Summon with 4 brand new Heroes with added Family Bonus
    • Vanda (5* / Fire)
    • Francine (5* / Green)
    • Frank (4* / Ice)
    • Jack (3* / Dark)
  • Updated Quest with a new difficulty added
  • Refreshed Halloween calendar

:japanese_castle: Ninja Tower

All-new Event where players compete in who gets to the highest floor of the deadly Ninja Tower. The Tower features new & exciting rules to challenge even the most advanced of our players!

  • Featuring new Leaderboards, Exclusive Ninja Heroes, New Gameplay Rules & Rewards!
  • Coming out in November! (*tentative)
  • Check out a sneak peek of the Ninja Tower gameplay & some of the new Ninja Heroes below!

:genie: Mythic Titans

A brand new Event where all players & Alliances must work together to drive away from the fearsome Mythic Titans!

  • Mythic Titans require new tactics to effectively battle against - each Mythic Titan has a unique offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Compete with other players and Alliances for the top place in new Leaderboards
  • Coming out in beta in late 2020
  • Two new Mythic Titans revealed, check out the sneak peek below!


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As a bonus, linked are our forum #beta-beat threads which have some additional Beta Information about some of these features!!