Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

Dont you think you see this a little to black an white?

As a 2 years ftp I dont feel left behind. That might be because I am not in a top alliance and my roster so far allows me to finish any quest / content the game presents.
Will see about that in the hard stages of season 3 but so far I am doing ok. :smile:

So you might be right for the idk players in top 100 maybe 1000 alliances but from there downwards you can get by without paying I would say.


All it needs is Boril & Cyprian.


I have only Boril maxed but good to hear. :slight_smile:

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I welcome all new events and new ways to play with open arms. Life is all about progress. If you are not progressing, you definitely stuck. Just prioritize what you want and everything will be fine. Self discipline is the key to all things.


And healers) Just s1 4* healers)


Looks kinda similar concept to what I suggested a while back - Rifts. I hope to see something like that. But it can also be some less complicated variation aka Survival mode.

The promise of bringing challenge to advanced players is welcome, but announcing it as ‘monthly event’ is making me cautious to get too excited about it. In the end, in a sense we do have a late-game content in a form of monthly events already, and it’s not even close to something I’d expect from this game to be engaging. Besides, we need DAILY excitement, not something that’s there for 3 days in a month. I hope this turns out better than Tavern…

Sounds great in theory, but again quite worried about being dominated by the alliances which have the richest players and not necessarily bringing tactics or ideas to the table. Those with the highest amounts of alteration scrolls and gems for rerolls (if there’s such option) win, same as for monthly events with classic battle items. I hope they are going to find balance there, and while the rules are fair and rewarding for the better player you are, it won’t be just gem sucker like monthly events.

Can’t wait for more details on these.


I am not saying this feature will make a lot of people tired. I don’t even know what is inside the features so I don’t give my opinion yet.

I just feel tired with what is currently already in the game, that is all. So there is nothing to disagree with. :slightly_smiling_face:


In my opinion what the game actual really needs are a bunch of QoL-Updates and then actually new content and tasks, which add new perspectives.
Ninja Tower gets my hopes high, but on the other side I think my expectations will be disappointed. Best example is s3 with the runestones.
Yea, it’s a new feature, which gave us a little change on the board, but had it an significant effect for the gameplay? I do not think so and I guess it will be the same for Ninja Tower. So we will just get another event, with some leaderboards and another portal.

As for mythic titans I also don’t see much new exciting stuff to do. Global titans or titanfights for multiple alliances are an old idea SG should have implemented ages ago. So thinking about what we will probably get under the line, will be titans with much more health, leaderboards for damage done by single players + alliances and more loot/rewards.
The more I’m thinking about this, I get the impression that @PeachyKeen is right and it’s just a big distraction to make up for the latest failures made by SG.
Maybe due to the amount of the latest quits and spending cuts of the community, SG feels the urge to announce more shiny things, which will disappoint us more with actual release in Q4 of 2022. HA is out now, so SG needs new things the community will wait for in “excitment” and still give them money until then. Same old story…sadly. I hope I am wrong tho…


I like all these new events! The campaign’s been too boring for me honestly, so these events & alliance tasks are pretty much all I do… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I am loving these but as mentioned above, it wil be top tier alliances dominating and getting prizes (if there are any?) and doing the best.

WHilst I have a good roster, I don’t have a amazing and big 5* one, mine are mostly 4* so in comparison to the top ladies and gents, I won’t get anywhere near as high in the Ninja Tower.

Maybe it will be split into rare, epic and legendary like with challenge events?

I love the idea of Mythic Titans and everyone needing to fight it. I loved that kind of thing in Destiny, where everyone on the map would try and kill the challenge event “boss”.


Sure thing they did, we actully can’t match tiles our usually way :rofl:

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^^ This!
This feels like, “yes we know that you think that the hunter’s lodge is a huge suck of resources, and throwing harpoons to get stuff to make even more expensive stuff that doesn’t really help you, and that you are tired of this.
But now we realize by looking around that tons of people have not even taken this building to the highest level, and done hardly any research, we are going to make it necessary!”
People aren’t buying the Hunter’s Specials with gems. Let’s make em!
And if they really want to be competitive, then well…let’s put a gate with heroes specially designed for these events, and let’s make the featured one have a .01 chance to get it!
I’m already burnt out at the thought of it @Rigs.

I hope I am wrong, and it will just be fun.
But I don’t hold out much hope.


In short, no i don’t.

No point in divin into it beyond that though.

Would just be another pointless argument with some random stranger that I’ll never know

I’m passed it.

The game is just an overcomplicated version of candy crush that we all put way more time & money into than it deserves

(None of this is jabs against or you any of the sort btw, it’s just the way it is :man_shrugging: )


it gives us serotonin :slight_smile:
i applaud myself for being f2p with every update/announcement that is released :rofl:


I like the push for new content, and would like to see how they set it up before reacting too much. The devil is in the details.

I don’t care about ninja heroes; they’ll likely have low summon rates and be mixed with a pool of S1.

Since they announced it and have a sneak peek, whatever is in beta will by and large look like the final product. Hopefully it’s fun and folks in beta like it, because SG has been unwilling to go back to the drawing board of late when the majority reaction is negative.


I was just thinking the exact same thing. “Oh great just what we need MORE stuff to do.”

I guess if they can’t get you to quit through rage/frustration then they get you to quit through sheer fatigue.


Yes but you have to consider right now we are still early in S3 stages, as it gets further down the line, it will become more challenging and much harder, especially in Hard Mode against bosses.
I definitely think the addition of these were amazing and fantastic making it harder but also rewarding us at the same time.

I kind of feel sometimes it’s “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” for SGG, they try give us some new little things like the Runestones, and people still ■■■■■ and complain. Give 'em a break at least for trying something new with tiles for us. I am sure you will ■■■■■ about the new ones in Sand Empire too, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


When I saw this my first reaction was, “yay this sounds like so much fun” and, “awesome more alliance-orientated things to do”.

Then, reality set in.

My main concern is with the new heroes…more $$$ and will there be a cost to enter the Tower as well; I do hope that there isn’t a cost involved. It’s niggling away at me even more that the pay gap will increase significantly once released.

My other concern is, as stated in earlier posts, the grind for essential items and resources for said Titans. Although a great way of working as a team, will this also contribute to newer (or existing) players dropping the game altogether.

Perhaps too much, too soon :woman_shrugging:

Anywho, we shall wait and see when released next year…oops end of this year


If there’s an entry fee, I’m not entering. Plenty else to do.

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Time is the most vauable resource on the planet

No one is f2p…


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