🧞 [MASTER] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

The Mythic Titan Event

NOTE: This thread is a MASTER thread & no longer is published specific to a given event appearing.

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Start Time End Time Duration Frequency
Monday 0700 UTC Wednesday 0700 UTC 2 Days Monthly

Check out #calendar and #digital_calendar for dates on when the monthly challenge event is appearing.

Featured Mythic Titan Rotation Forecast Months
Ifrit (Fire - :fire:) Dec 20, May 21, Oct 21, Mar 22, Aug 22, Jan 23, Jun 23, Nov 23.
Hades (Dark - :new_moon_with_face:) Jan 21, Jun 21, Nov 21, Apr 22, Sept 22, Feb 23, Jul 23, Dec 23.
Gilgamesh (Holy - :sun_with_face:) Feb 21, Jul 21, Dec 21, May 22, Oct 22, Mar 23, Aug 23, Jan 24
Baba Yaga (Nature - :leaves:) Mar 21, Aug 21, Jan 22, Jun 22, Nov 22, Apr 23, Sept 23, Feb 24
Jormungandr (Ice - :snowflake:) Apr 21, Sept 21, Feb 22, Jul 22, Dec 22, May 23, Oct 23, Mar 24
For more information, see “Mythic Titans” Section Below

:genie: Mythic Titan Overview!!

  • The Mythic Titan Event is an event which is accessed via the “Quests” page.
  • It is, in the simplest explanation, an unlimited HP Global Titan.
    • Each attack is an extended duration Titan Fight
    • Objective is to deal the most damage possible with your available flags.
  • There are three difficulties to choose from before starting the fight
  • During the Fight, there is a passive action which disables one of your Battle Items for 3 turns.
  • Damage from each attack is recorded & used in three leaderboards
    • Total Damage (Individual)
    • Highest Individual’s Attack
    • Total Damage (Alliance)

Click for Summary of Similarities & Differences between a Mythic Titan Fight & a Normal Titan Fight


  1. There are 3 three difficulties to choose from at the outset. Depending on which difficulty you choose, you get a trade off of increased attack vs. reduced damage taken. I will explain this more further down.

  2. Fight Duration is Longer.
    2.5 minute fights against Mythic Titans vs. 1.5 minutes against normal titans.

  3. There is no “health bar” on a Mythich Titan. Like I said, it’s an unending pool of HP. Instead there is a damage counter in the Middle of the screen, above the Mythic Titan which increases during your fight.

  4. There is no “Ghost” lanes on the Mythic Titan. Instaed of a 7x5 board you have a 9x5 board with two additional columns added in.

  5. Status Ailments & Effects are shown BELOW the Mythic Titan, below the “Mana Bar” which is still in the normal spot. You can still long press & hold on the Mythic Titan to see the effects & their remaining time.

  6. Mythic Aura. I will explain this more further down but effectively it is a modifier on your hero stats which gives a +20% boost for their first fight (only first) & then “weakens” or “fatigues” specific heroes after their 3rd fight.

  7. Watchers.
    These are kinda like “minions” that spawn every second turn. They essentially “Block” one of the columns & absorb the damage before it gets to the Mythic Titan. Hence like minions :slight_smile: They don’t seem to have an attack, they kinda just sit there.


Aspects that are the SAME for Mythic Titans as for Normal Titans:

  1. “Slash” attack every turn.

  2. Special Skill charges with tiles that hit. Note that like in normal titans, “stun spot” tiles do NOT increase the Mythic Titan’s Mana.

  3. Stun Spot; Hitting the stun spot with 3 tiles will stun the Mythic Titan, preventing it from doing a slash attack

  4. Same Battle Item Allocation.

  5. Timer. Fights are still timed & will end when either the timer runs out or all your heroes are dead.

Tips & Tricks

Click for Guvs General Tips & Tricks

So some important tips & tricks to help you be BEST!

  1. Extreme Battle obviously has the biggest perk in terms of attack stat boost; so this is where you’ll see the biggest & highest scores occurring.

  2. Your FIRST fight with a set of heroes is the most important… If you’re going to push hard for an epic score, do it on the first fight with heroes… This is due to the +20% attack you get from the first time Mythic Aura

  3. Normal Battle Item’s apply… If you’re wanting the absolute best outcomes, the primium tier battle items are best (like Scroll of Alteration, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Titan Banners etc…). Normal bag limits still apply & these items are expensive… Especially if you’re using them for Challenge Events, Normal Titans, Ninja Tower etc… So it would be worth budgetting & choosing which events you really want to push hard in.

  4. Damage Boosters will be key to those big scores… Heroes like Miki, Wu Kong, Tarlak, Gazelle and Ranvir are the best (Link here for some maths about which of them are the best: Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle)
    HOWEVER, it becomes a trade off if you KEEP using them over time as their negative effects will start stacking up… You can use mana potions to still get over the mana generation ailment but becomes something to consider.

  5. Normal Squad Construction applies. So try getting as many of the following into your squad (ON COLOUR is best):

    • Attack Boost (e.g. Boldtusk or Ares)
    • Defence Down (e.g Grimm or Tiburtus – Athena / Costume Brienne are the best)
    • Extreme Damage Booster (e.g. Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir, Guardian Gazelle or Wu Kong)
    • Elemental Defence Down (e.g. Guardian Panther, Frida, Nordri, Almur, Evelyn etc…)
    • High Attack Stat heroes… More attack = more tile damage = more win.

:genie: Introducing the Mythic Titans!! :woman_genie:

As with normal Titans, when the Mythic Titan Mana is fully charged, they fire off their special skill! Stunning the titan delays the casting by 1 turn. Hero Abilities (like a Silence or Mana Control) do also prevent the casting of the Special Skill like normal (e.g. Miki or Hansel etc…).

Click for Summary of Each Mythic Titan Available inc. Special Skills & Passive Skill
Mythic Titan Element Special Skill Description Passive Skill
Ifrit :fire:
Fire/ Red
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all ice shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Resists attack delays
  • Jormungandr :snowflake:
    Ice/ Blue
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all Nature shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Resists Defence Ailments; includes elemental defence ailments.
  • Gilgamesh :sun_with_face:
    Holy/ Yellow
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all Dark shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Resists Mana Ailments
  • Baba Yaga :leaves:
    Nature/ Green
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all Fire Shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Receives the following status effect when an enemy’s defence is increased:
  • Stack: The Mythic Titan gets +5% attack. Lasts for 3 turns. The maximum size of stack is 10.
  • Hades :new_moon:
    Dark/ Purple
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all Holy shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Receives the following status effect when an enemy’s defence is increased:
  • Stack: Recieved damage is reduced by -5% for 3 turns. The maximum size of stack is 10.
    Note: Hades’ passive ability changed in June 2021 from previous iteration

  • Click to View Mythic Titan Artwork

    :cinema: From Facebook Premiere Video

    :framed_picture: Artwork

    We have been given sneak peeks at the artwork of some of the Mythic Titans in previous announcements:

    Premiere video on Facebook: Log into Facebook | Facebook

    :zap: Flags/ Energy!!

    • Mythic Titan uses its own Flag Energy Currency. Separate from the regular Titan Energy etc…
    • Total of 12 Flags per Mythic Titan.
    • you get 3 flags initially then an additional 3 flags every 12 hours.
    • Mythic Titan Flags accumulate;
    • There is NO FLASK to refill your MT Energy.

    :smile_cat: :smirk_cat: :scream_cat: Difficulties

    There are three difficulties to choose from when you go to hit the Mythic Titan. Each has a different “bonus” that is granted to the player.

    Click for Additional Information about Difficulty
    Difficulty Hero Bonus Mythic Titan Ailment Approx. Equiv Titan
    Cautious Battle Normal Attack -70% Attack ~5* Titan
    Does ~100 damage to a Maxed 4* Hero
    Brave Battle +50% Attack -40% Attack ~7-8* Titan
    Does ~350-400 damage to a Maxed 4* Hero
    Extreme Battle +100% Attack Normal Attack ~10* Titan
    Does ~800 damage to a Maxed 4* Hero

    So essentially this has two big benefits:

    1. You get a reward for taking the “hardest” difficulty in that you get a MASSIVE attack boost to all your heroes
    2. It allows the content to be played by all players… Newer players choose the “Cautious Battle” so their heroes can survive etc…

    :skull_and_crossbones: Stage Effect

    Each Mythic Titan Fight features a Stage Effect which interferes with your Battle Items.

    Click for additional Information & Explanation about the Stage Effect.

    Battle Item Interference
    The Mythic Titan interferes with 1 of your Battle Items every 2 turns.
    The interference prevents the use of a battle item for 3 turns (includes current turn)!

    Essentially what it means:

    • If you take axes, mana pots, tornadoes & bear banners to the fight.
    • After 3 turns, one of those items will be LOCKED out… Meaning you cannot use that item.
    • After another 3 turns, that item will become UNLOCKED and a new random item will be LOCKED out for 3 turns.
    • Note it can be the same item again as it’s random.
    • This then repeats and carries on every 3 turns till the timer runs out.

    :eyes: Watchers

    The watcher is basically a minion which sits above one of the 9 columns & blocks your tiles from hitting the Mythic Titan. Watchers have NO ATTACK. They just sit there as meat shields.

    Click for Additional Information & Explanation about Watchers
    • Watchers split out incoming damage amongst all existing watchers

      • E.g: If you target a lane with a watcher in it & there are 4 watchers total, your hit of 200 damage is split out as 50 damage to each watcher).
      • E.g 2: If you target a lane without a watcher & there are 4 watchers total, your hit of 200 damage is split out as 40 damage to each watcher & 40 damage to the Mythic Titan.
    • Watchers cannot be blocked from spawning AND cannot be stolen (results in them being destroyed)

    • On killing a watcher, a portion of the Mythic Titans mana is removed.

    • One annoying thing about the Watchers is that, they can block you stunning the Mythic Titan with “off-colour” tiles… In order to “stun” the Mythic Titan, the tiles actually have to HIT the mythic titan… so Watchers that are in the way can become rather troublesome.

    • Watchers can be killed one of three ways:

      • By Tile Damage
      • Via Battle Items
      • Via Special Skills
    Difficulty Watcher HP Spawn Rate
    Cautious 120 3 Initially. Then +2 every 2 turns.
    Brave 300 3 Initially. Then +2 every 2 turns.
    Extreme 600 3 Initially, then +2 every 2 turns.

    Click for Specific Heroes Interraction with Watchers

    Hero Interraction with Watchers

    Bera – The moth minions do not block watchers from spawning. Part of the watcher rules is that they cannot be blocked from summoning.*

    Noor – She does NOT gain a new Sparrow Minion every time a watcher spawns. Sparrow minions DO destroy watchers when hitting. 1x Sparrow Minion removes ALL watchers

    Skadi – Each watcher killed counts as a 1x stack. Limit is still 10x Stacks. Stacks end with that Mythic Titan fight & do not carry over to the next one (like normal).

    Grimble – He DOES remove the watchers when he casts… Destroyed watchers count as minions in terms of the “small amoutn of mana”. His Direct Damage then applies to the Mythic Titan only.

    Gobbler – He DOES remove the watchers with his cast. The watchers also count as destroyed minions & grant healing per watcher. His direct damage then applies to the Mythic Titan only.

    Costume Gormek – He DOES remove watchers with his cast. The watchers also count as destroyed minions so behave the same as Gobbler in terms of healing per watcher.

    Gefjon – Watchers cannot be stolen and instead results in destruction of said watcher. The casting of Gefjon’s special skill destroys the watchers first THEN deals damage to the Mythic Titan.

    Captain of Diamonds – He DOES remove the watchers when he casts. His direct damage then applies to the mythic titan only.

    Ureus (February HotM) – Unable to confirm; I personally expect that there WILL be sand damage imparted to the Mythic Titan.

    :innocent: :smiling_imp: Mythic Aura

    Mythic Aura grants a bonus in stats & Mana generation for “first use heroes” and applies negative stat / Mana Generation due to “fatigue” when heroes are used 4+ times.

    Click for Additional Information & Table of Effects Imposed by Mythic Aura
    • The FIRST time a hero is used, they get a positive Mythic Aura which grants them +20% boost to Attack & Mana Generation.

    • The Second & Third time a hero is used, there is no Mythic Aura. They’re just your normal every day hereos (plus whatever bonus you get from the difficulty you chose)

    • From the Fourth Fight onwards using a specific hero however, the specific hero starts getting fatigued… They start getting negative effects.

    # of Fights Attack Bonus Mana Bonus
    1 +20% +20%
    2 - -
    3 - -
    4 -10% -10%
    5 -19% -19%
    6 -27% -27%
    7 -34% -34%
    8 -41% -41%
    9 -47% -47%
    10 -52% -52%
    11 -57% -57%

    Note: Fleeing DOES count as a use of the hero… so you cannot start a fight, look at the board & exit.

    :money_mouth_face: LOOT!!

    As with regular titan fights, there is no “fight end” loot.

    Event End Loot is structured into three sets, linking up with the three different rankings/ leaderboards. The Loot is much like Tournament Loot in that it is split into “%” tiers with randomised loot for each tier.

    Top Individual Attack

    This is the ranking for the highest single hit by an individual; Click for Information.

    Top Total (Individual)

    This is the ranking for the highest total damage dealt by an individual; Click for Information

    Top Alliances

    This is the ranking for the highest total damage dealt by an alliance; Click for Information

    NOTE - This is not a % based tiering but is instead rank based tiering (like in challenge events)

    Note: Players are only able to contribute to the mythic titan alliance score of the alliance they are in when the event starts. Players will no longer be able to contribute to the Mythic Titan Alliance Score of any alliance when leaving or joining alliances while the Mythic Titan event is ongoing (this will also prevent the player from receiving the rewards tied to the alliance score).

    :question: Questions?

    If you have questions about the Mythic Titan Event, please post them down below.

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    Historical Mythic Titan Threads:

    Beta & Announcements


    Thank you @PlayForFun for creating this tread… (🧞 [Jun 2021] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion - #2)

    I’m struggling as I have no clue what to use? Only regular def down heroes and leave Gazelle and Wo and Miki on the bench?


    Great, thank you @PlayForFun !
    Hades now change the passive ability… :slightly_smiling_face:

    Jan 2021 version:
    Resists Attack Delays

    June 2021 version:
    Received the following status effect when an enemy’s attack is increased.
    Stack: recieved damage is reduced by -5% for 3 turn. The max size of stack is 10.

    I do not have Gazelle, so I use Miki instead, and do not have regular defense down, so I use Wilbur… so, not sure if I can stay on top 1% highest attack, but I hope I still can get 1% total attack (my priority target), to get that avatar :muscle: :sparkles: :slightly_smiling_face:


    Thx. I have updated the OP.
    Now it contains all information what was in May’s version created by @Guvnor


    Thx @Vonos1982 for noticing me that we miss this topic.
    I will create the next one before the next event starts.

    Yes, this changed passive is may change the way we attack this titan.


    So with Hades passive ability against attack+ heroes, is it best to avoid using Wu and the like? Or would Wu’s attack buff still help out ?


    Went mono but been getting the worst boards so far resulting in an awful score overall. Not even motivated anymore to even try for the remaining time cause I know I will waste my items for just junk loot.


    My feeling is the large attack boosts of the likes of Wu/Ranvir/Tarlak/Miki will still comfortably outweigh the -25% damage from a 5 stack.

    But I’m wondering what percentage of attack boost would be enough to offset the damage reducing stacks, especially going from a 5 stack to a 10 stack if it’s on top of one of the guys above. Not sure the answer is necessarily straightforward , if I’m understanding this correctly, going from a 5 stack (75% damage received) to a 10 stack (50% damage received) takes away 1/3rd of the damage, that feels big.

    The way the damage formula works, it’s probably not quite as simple as needing a 33% attack boost to compensate exactly. Does anyone understand enough of that to say? Is that even answerable without knowing approximately the Titan’s base defense stat (which I’m not finding any info on with a quick search, even for regular ones)…


    I don’t have a lot of hero’s I hope someone can come to the recuse and let me know if I should still use wu… it’s wu or li xui at this point … and I can still use jackal and c. Brienne then?

    I’m so sorry I’m having such a hard time understanding this I was top 1% last time he was here. (Of course there was no avatar then) now I dunno how to hit him. Probably messed over out of a avatar :cry: :panda_face:

    1 Like

    The only question I’ve had is if applying an attack buff to the entire team at once, it triggers 5 stacks or 1. I’ve heard it’s only 1 but some have implied 5. Also does the damage reduction essentially multiply the damage like by 1 - (stacks *.05)?

    I’m guessing the likes of Gullinbursti or Black Knight would be a bad idea, if their attack increases every time they’re hit?

    I haven’t hit this guy yet myself, but a team mate reported firing Wu causes a 5 stack (thanks @MagicRebel), so it is 1 per hero being buffed, or 5 for a full team getting boosted. So in the description, “an enemy” means 1 hero, which makes sense to me.

    I don’t have her, but Gazelle doesn’t trigger the stack. So have fun lucky Gazelle owners, mono yellow with her jackal and either vivi c or rabbit is the team of the hour.

    Good luck.

    The rest like me has to use the usual suspects. Wu also works good enough for top 1%, the damage is not as high as usual or last time hades was there but enough.


    Good question, the description does say the stack goes up “when an enemy’s attack is increased”, so that should apply to the hit-based increases.

    For Gulli, that’s -5% damage for a 20% attack boost of Gulli himself. His attack stat isn’t particularly high, without emblems it’s 607 so that’s +121 per increase. My gut says that’s not enough to offset the additional -5% damage.

    BK affects the whole team, after the initial +45% and one +20% after that for all, the stack is at its maximum of 10, so additional +20% boosts after that are free from additional damage penalties. Could be beneficial? Still doesn’t feel like a straighforward “yes” or “no” to me. Of course BK isn’t the strong color in this case, unlike Gulli.

    Another question: will Mist’s special prevent the stack altogether?? Seems like that could make a real difference.

    1 Like

    No that definitely doesn’t work. Also malosi seems not to work although she should prevent stacks. (I don’t have her and unlike Gazelle I haven’t seen some proof so take that with caution)

    But I used gulli, OK mine is full attack and with troops he is far over 1k attack after he fires, so worth it. I didn’t pay a lot of attention, so don’t take that for 100% guaranteed but I think he only triggered 5% stack when he fired, but it could also be, that he didn’t got hit, so…


    Already tested… and it doesn’t work as you said.

    Cast Mist, then use dragon banner, then it still applied the pasive status (buff).

    Plus,… after Miki cast…

    10 stack… :sweat_smile:
    So, Dragon Banner 30% + Miki 130% = 160% - 50% = 110%. I know this is not like this calcalulated, it is more worst, because reduced damage has more advantage over the +att. Because we know that -def is more worth over +att.


    Too bad about Mist, but thanks for answering that @ferg and @jinbatsu.

    Now I’m wondering too about Lepiota, can she remove the stack… :thinking: Given she’s the weak color here I’m not sure I would want to bring her either way, but interesting question if it would work or not. The way her special is described I expect it would, but then again I would say the same about Mist. Not sure what the rationale is behind it not working, it must be that somehow this stack isn’t counted as a “buff”? Lepiota’s removal abilities are much broader though, including stacks explicitly, and undispellable effects… so could still work. Should work, really…


    I have tried using Malosi to prevent the titan to put the stacks on itself, but it does not prevents it to apply stacks on itself.


    It doesn’t really make sense to me that Gazelle can buff attack without triggering the stacks. Do we know if this is a bug or the actual intended effect? Huge advantage for the lucky few.


    It should be a bug as it is attack increase. I’m seeing (checked) almost all top 100 use Gazelle.

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