Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

Normally means fourth quarter of the year - Autumn-Winter


It’s exciting to see new content!! Especially something related to Titans! :smiley:

I am going to hold my judgements related to Ninja Tower as it’s not sufficient info (obviously, new heroes- that too elemental, is great news… but the format of the event is what matters to me more.)

However, I like this Mythic Titans idea! Competing with other alliances with regards to Titan scores!! It’s something definitely to look forward to.

@zephyr1 - I have a doubt (and I think it’s quite closely related to the addition of these new events). Going by the descriptions, I am guessing these events are going to be high in difficulty - which is definitely a welcome addition. However, at least for the Mythic Titans event, I am assuming battle items are going to be a must for hitting high scores. (Of course, allowing battle items to these battles is definitely my assumption. But I guess it’s a reasonable assumption to make).
These resource-heavy events are being added. Any plans from SGG’s side to increase the availability of resources? - during overall farming or during Atlantis or both?

Personally, my alliance members already struggle with managing the resources farmed during Atlantis for the entire month. (And I am guessing, many players face resource crunch around the end of each month)


Color me intrigued.

I’m both eager and dreading what beta has to say on it once released to beta.


Probably a way to make some of the Hunter’s Lodge items relevant.



So the mystic titans will be schedule and will beheave as a challange event with his own ladderboard.
Nice ! i wonder if this mystic titan energy will be another than normal titan energy.

And regarding Ninja tower it seems that it could be something similar to challange events too… i was wondering something dungeon related

Last month after the tavern of Legend everybody was writing “they should solve the problems of the game, before adding new stuff” xD

Looks fun, but I’m afraid I’m already tired of this. It’s too much to keep up with! And at the end just new ways to suck your gems away.

Does it have to be this way???


Mythic titans: this idea it’s cool but why month event again, make it to be every day. Just make a mythic map for the mythic titans, something like the behemoth map on seafight.There was a special map in the seafight which was entered with keys, on this map small ships were fighting and for every 200 killed 1 big one came out and everyone beat him.


Well yeah! Before you think of why anything is any way, just remind yourself that everything is geared toward new revenue. They add this stuff under the guise of player enjoyment, but we all know what’s really behind it. Call me a cynic or a pessimist but the proof is in the pudding! I hate that phrase and I don’t know why I just used it. God I’m dumb.


Three initial reactions:

  1. The Ninja Tower seems likely to borrow heavily from the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death. The yellow ninja is clearly inspired by Lee’s outfit (though since Lee is already in the game as Drake Fong the ninja seems to hail more from Mortal Kombat). Personally, I can’t wait to battle Karim Abdul-Jabbar on the last level.

  2. The Mythic Titans: it is unclear to me if each alliance fights one or if we coordinate more broadly, à la the long proposed World Titan.

  3. I don’t doubt the feature will be released on time, since it seems clear that we’ll be given the opportunity to summon some new heroes. As that makes it a revenue generator, it likely won’t face the holdup that AL / HA have endured.


From what we’ve heard about it, it’ll be something that all alliances coordinate to fight, but each alliance will have opportunities for ranking and rewards based on performance.


Mythic Titans, guess why Titanium Shields got nerfed… :3


Am i the only one thinkin it would be nice to get something new in the game that Doesnt involve new heroes and more summons?


I actually don’t see much indication that Mythic Titans will have a Summoning component necessarily…though it wouldn’t shock me if it did.


This Ninja Tower really sounds similar to the DragonSpire tower event in the match-3 RPG mobile game, “Dragon Strike”…

Not to mention Mythic Titans sound like the Strike events in the “Dragon Strike” game…


Yea thought of that after i typed it.

Guess my actual point is that all the heroes from s3 and seasonal events aren’t even released yet but here we are lookin at yet another frickin portal…

Just feel like there’s enough heroes out and coming ,without these features, to last us a pretty long time considering how long/much it takes to get heroes anyways and the more that come out, the more that get left behind…

The more emblems we have to reset and redo, the more mats we regret spending, the more heroes we dont have the option of getting without going through the summon portal, etc etc etc

At the end of the day, just more controversy and burn out

Basically at this point, there’s no motivation to spend anymore mats or emblems as whoever they’re used on will be obsolete within the next few months anyways. After this feature it’ll just be somethin else that comes along with…yup another summon portal then a few months after that…another summon portal…

The cycle is getting ridiculously old.

Remember 2017 when all we had were hotms and the event heroes besides the bunnies and didnt have a different summon gate open every week…such nice times…

And have a feeling the tower heroes will be somehow “needed” or at least better for the mythical titans

The hunters lodge items will become more important

Which will screw over the c2p/f2p players who won’t get the ninja heroes and even some of the regular or big spenders that don’t get em either

And since the mythical titans involves every alliance across the game, that means newer players and alliances will dump resources into hunters lodge instead of growth cause that’s how marketing works

The long time alliances will stay at the top of the game
The bottom at the bottom
Purely due to the marketing design of the game

Idk. None of it will really have an effect on me or my team so guess i should just not think about it and let it go…


Since they are finally going to using the artwork found in the App Store… Can we finally get “this” Belith so she won’t be mistaken for Hawkmoon?

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I’m excited and looking forward to this. I assume it’ll be like most things here; participation is free but domination is going to cost you.
I look forward to having a great time earning my “Yay you participated!” ribbon with my teammates.
(That’s not sarcasm. I mean it sincerely.)


Interesting…looking forward to this, though end of the year would be so…busy…Santa event etc. Hopefully it comes earlier in Q4.


Totally agree, as I keep saying in various places:


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