Seriously tell me are the Halloween Heroes good or and worth to summon?

Good morning Auntie :blush: was too tired to reply last night. I pulled Valeria :see_no_evil: lucky like crazy.


Thanks! So I pulled the right one. Valeria


Personally, i’d save any tokens for the Xmas or Summer events.

Victor is OK as 5* go but nothing exceptional.

Valeria is a bit better since her damage buff but as 4* blues go i’d still take Triton, Grimm, Sonya over her on almost any team needing a blue hitter.

In short, none of them are in the ‘terrible’ brackets like Margaret, Thorne, Danzaburro, etc but they’re not ones to really waste effort trying to pull.

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@Ljiljana Out of the three her and Victor are the ones that are desired out of this event. Level her up and keep her for Field Aid wars and class quests that involve Monks. She is one of few if not the only ice monk.


Class quests I barely did because of lack of heroes. But I’m coming there step by step lol. And what are Field Aid wars



No hero is worth summoning, the odds are really really bad.

Instead I try and spread out my summons so I can get lucky.

Micro transactions

For the first 1.5 years I recommend players limit themselves to 50% of a movie theater trip per month.

([Opinion, Discussion] Effective IAP gem deals in Empires or Return On Investment)


Heroes depend on your roster.


None of the Halloween heroes are worth building a team around or the first three choices for a rainbow team.


I got insanely lucky and have Frida, Grimm and Valeria ( last year) which is a really nice blue stack for raiding.

But I still want a second Valeria to go with my first Valeria and second Grimm.

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Several of my teammates love their blue 5* Victor, but 5* heroes really depend on your roster of 5* heroes and 4* ascension items.

Vlad Boss

Vlad suffers from Hero Boss Syndrome. Vlad makes a good boss, but there are better purple 3* heroes.

Vlad’s big advantages - DOT bypasses defense stat and steal healing - are not helpful for a purple 3* since no yellow 3* healer and 3* heroes so squishy compared to 4* heroes.

Color stacking

New player

As a new player, I would concentrate on rainbow 3* 3.50 / 4* 3.60 teams for now (linky, linky)


@Ljiljana Field Aid is a modifier in Alliance Wars in which defending teams get healed when the meter at the top of the screen reaches full. If you are facing a team that has at least two healers and 3 fast hitting teammates, then it can be a problem if you aren’t properly equipped.

Especially if Kunchen is at tank position. Kunchen is a pain because he has an innate resistance to defense down which for me, throws my entire initial strategy off. If you see him at tank position, take 3 holy heroes as the stacked damage if you get at least two full matches into him he will be defeated. Luckily he can be mana stalled/cut so he can be controlled from going off most of the time.


Thank you for the effort! :tulip::+1::+1::+1:


@Ljiljana most people do not have Victor or do not have him maxed.

He isn’t OP nor A grade but B+ and worth tabards.

A very fast hero with DoT is similar to Seshat in becoming a one man army in PvP especially vs the heal over time heroes like Zim, Eve, Khiona.

Biggest asset is his defense buff like Kirils except set to very fast mana!

It will overwrite defense down from Kunchen, Isa, Santa, Finley, Buddy, Grimm, Tibs…

I take him on 90% of my raids, granted his skills are amplified by running with panther and kage for the color stack along with alby and Ariel for an additional 34% mana buff.

With lvl11 mana troops, he skills up with 3 ghost tiles.

With the additional buffs, he skills up in 3 turns without any purple tile matches!


Victor is amazing!! Hope to get him when I start pulling for Neith on friday. I agree that most people who talk about him not being good probably dont have him, my brother does and loves him as well

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I think Victor and Valeria are both very good heroes. Victor is very under-rated by many, but at Very Fast with his Defence Buff and health steal plus stacking drain… he’s a top hero in my Purple mono squad and +12 Khiona can’t dislodge him.

Valeria is very good, but if you get multiples of her, due to her stacking drain, she becomes excellent.


Great point, just remember not to take Victor and Val together. She will overwrite his greater DoT.


I only run Mono, so for me it’s never been a concern, but good thing to point out for the OP


We all have been there. This time last year i was not able to finish this event on advanced. Just keep playing and dont worry about playing catch up. What level are u on?


I have a very good opinion for Victor mainly in raiding both for attack and defence.

That very fast shield paired with Rigard will gladly replace Sartana in attack, and i consider him better as a defender then Kageburado.

Fact is that Kageburado can be used in Events and Titans too and people overall prefer to emblem other wizards, while Kageburado is one (togheter with Grave) of the best choices for barbarians (and i can agree with them).
I myself have Hel and i don’t think would move my emblems from her to him.

I put him on the same level of Seshat, which is an excelent hero that tend to have great vitality, so definetely worth pulls.

I’m actually more interested in him, a little less on Mother North and not interested at all in Santa.


Season 1 19/5 and Season 2 4/4 normal
I stopped now. Because it’s getting heavier. Will move on when my Heroes become stronger :slight_smile: yes I love it and do what I can… I have also an Alliance which let me grow without stress. Now only events and raids or autofarming. Wars only if the opponents are weak enough for me.

@Ljiljana For the levels you already did in Atlantis, to start province 1 hard mode the estimate team power minimum (in my experience, if anyone has a for sure number please tag me and correct me) is 3500 TP. I would say if you are feeling confident about doing some of the early levels in hard mode, do a couple for the extra coins. That is what I did.

In season 1 you start feeling the power climb around province 20 or 21. That is at least when I started feeling it. Color stacking is your friend, if you have enough variety to do so, then do it.

In wars, if you are spending at least the first 2 to 3 flags, then you should be fine. Imo it is perfectly fine if you don’t use the last three flags if your roster is still developing.

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I used only 3 with the strong ones and the other 3 just to use lol and maybe get couple points… But now I won’t participate in war the next 2 weeks before I get stronger. The opponents are too strong.

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Yes I did already 1 - 3 hard and that’s it. Tried 4 and no chance.

@Ljiljana I would still participate to get points towards the war chest because it is one of the more reliable sources for 3 star and 4 star unfarmable mats. Cause having 100% participation, you will get one of those unfarmable mats. As long as you get some points in those first three flags, you should be fine. That is what I did for a while as I was building up my team.

Our alliance has a lot of rotating members so I am used to seeing a lot of low level teams. Our core members have built up enough teams to keep us afloat to make up for the new players lack of extra teams. Our alliance’s core range is from 3000 to 4000. Our top player is in the 4000s. So I wouldn’t worry about your teams being too powerful for you. Just pick the lowest one you feel confident about taking on. Keep in mind the modifiers too. As the less opposing heroes that are on the field, the faster the modifier activates.

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