Seriously tell me are the Halloween Heroes good or and worth to summon?


No hero is worth summoning, the odds are really really bad.

Instead I try and spread out my summons so I can get lucky.

Micro transactions

For the first 1.5 years I recommend players limit themselves to 50% of a movie theater trip per month.

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Heroes depend on your roster.


None of the Halloween heroes are worth building a team around or the first three choices for a rainbow team.


I got insanely lucky and have Frida, Grimm and Valeria ( last year) which is a really nice blue stack for raiding.

But I still want a second Valeria to go with my first Valeria and second Grimm.

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Several of my teammates love their blue 5* Victor, but 5* heroes really depend on your roster of 5* heroes and 4* ascension items.

Vlad Boss

Vlad suffers from Hero Boss Syndrome. Vlad makes a good boss, but there are better purple 3* heroes.

Vlad’s big advantages - DOT bypasses defense stat and steal healing - are not helpful for a purple 3* since no yellow 3* healer and 3* heroes so squishy compared to 4* heroes.

Color stacking

New player

As a new player, I would concentrate on rainbow 3* 3.50 / 4* 3.60 teams for now (linky, linky)