3.4K Gems , which summon?

Hey guys!

I was able to collect 3400 gems because I stopped summoning after the atlantis event (Got depressed lol), It’s been almost 3 or 4 months I am playin the game, and still no single 5s hero. SO I’M ASKING a weird QUESTION!

Is there any magical time to summon heros? what’s the secret to get my first 5s hero (btw I summoned about 5times to get Frida as a bonus but hell no!) should I summon now or wait ?

Thank you and have a good day!

Most people seem to prefer to summon during events (Atlantis, Monthly Challenge, Seasonal Challenge), as there is some chance of getting things you can’t get anywhere else.


To be honest, I’d say that your best chance of getting a 5* hero is through your TC20(s) - level them up and keep two running on off days for a chance at one every day.

However, Summons can be fun and reward 5s on occasion, and especially for heroes you can’t get through the TC20s. The best ones to use gems on are the Elemental summons (esp. if you’re weak in a color) for a 2.5% chance, and the Atlantis summons (which can get you an old HOTM or a Classic 5 on a 1.5% and 1% chance. Both of those also have a 1.5% chance for a new HOTM draw.

10x or 30x summons don’t have better odds, but they are cheaper in gems, so are more cost-efficient.


I would agree with the above. I am waiting for Atlantis myself. Really hoping for Frida but Ariel would be ok.

Pretty much any good Green, Blue, or Red 5*.


You are looking for 5s. All the classics are available through tc20. The HOTM are not. The Atlantis heroes are better and come with possibility of summoning a past HOTM plus you get a nonfarmable ascension material in a chest for every 10x. Finally, imo, the events Avalon and the summer sand one offer the best heroes.

A caveat for summoning with the huge gem stash is that you can corner yourself by drawing to many heroes at once. If you have feeders and understand how to balance the constantly shifting feeders and ham, may the rngzus be with you

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At 4 month you’ve been playing, I understand the want for 5s but ask yourself, do you have a few solid war t teams of 3s or 4s. 4S are the backbone for almost everyone but top players. Also remember you need a lot of mats to level a 5. You’ll need 6 tonics, darts, tabbard, rings or scopes plus the 8 3* mats plus food, etc.
I got aegir in my alt account within a month of creating it and he sat at 2.60 since I had no mats. In my c2p main I did several Atlantis pulls and regular pulls only getting my 1st 5* (Joon) after 8 months of playing daily. However, in last 2 months I’ve gotten my tc20s up. 1 ran 20 tries with just 3s and a few dupe 4s. I added a second and after 10 more each still nothing. I stopped collecting daily and added a 3rd tc20. I collected at 10 so its like doing a 10x pull. I just got Khagan from tc1(34th try). Vivica from 2nd and Elena from 3rd. Total is 61 tries which puts 5* rate at 5%(1 in 20). And 60 pulls would have cost 16,800 gems if I did the 2 30x Atlantis pulls(though I didn’t get the bonus mats).
Your best odds are tc20 but no hotm or s2 or event. Atlantis has good odds vs the events and most events only have 1 or 2 heros that are worth it. Atlantis 10x is good so you get the ascension mat chest plus you get s2 hero’s even if they’re 3 and 4*. This next Atlantis had poseidon who is awesome but be prepared to get 3s and 4s. Remember, having a 5 without mats is useless, gems don’t expire.

P. S. In my main I have Joon from summons and Khagan, Elena and Vivica from tc20s. In my alt I have aegir as my only 5 at 3.60. I have a 3rd alt that got super lucky and pulled Sartana with a single token. However at that level she’s useable but not great like she could be. Though I admit. I’d rather have the hero now and work up to the mats then get the mats and never know when the hero is coming it gives you ac reason to grind. Just my opinion.


This is mostly true. But there are some mediocre 5* Atlantis heros like Atomos. Same with HotM, they’re are some real great and some total misses. Aegir was the worst but he’s great now with v20. That’s why you never eat 4s or 5s imo(other than multiple copies and even then some are worth having dupes). Events are really harsh. The odds are worse than others and the hero’s are sometimes meh. The pirates are almost all bad, Peters is ok and Kestrel is too but now your odds are even smaller to pull a given hero. Then you have Boss Wolf, Vlad from Halloween(yes he’s the hero I got, not Valeria or victor), the rabbits(master Lepus is good but I’ve only ever seen 1 and that’s in events when zero uses him…lol). The elemental has the best odds at 2.5% and you can choose who you try to get vs the regular epic where its all colors. That said, you can’t win if you don’t play but I still think after 3 to 4 months unless you’re a spender you’re not likely to have 5s. 4s maybe, 5s no. The game tends to give you what you need (aside from mats) maybe just not what you think you want.


I specified two events: Avalon and the summer sand one.

TC20 is good, but, for those who argue (often at the same time) it is best for f2p/c2p to work up 4s, tc13 is better.

Also, those who keep bringing up training camps seem to forget you cannot spend gems fhere

None of the classic heroes from tc20 has a power of more than 770 while the likes of Kageburado and few others from the Atlantis has around 773 power and with array of talents too!

I will swap Richard and Aegir for a Guin any day. Or Sartana and Thorne for a Kageburado. Knowing that hotM / event heroes doesn’t come by so often, while you will always have a feeling you can get the classics from tc20 someday.

Having said that, I will prefer to wait for a seasonal or event summons. The only problem was my 30 plus pulls at the last Atlantis returned mostly dupes and feeders. Tough luck!

Else, elemental summon is the right way to get the certain element of heroes we’re lacking of.

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For me, only been playing for about a month, the best return as been with the token from the chests.
I got balthazar+ bonus frida,one time another was tibertus and yesterday
Borril pop out of a token fron a elemental chest.
The dayly + vip as been decent 3 stars tyrum and azar beIng the ones i’ working on with balthazar and a couple other.i did buy about 3 or 4 single summons the worst being greymane.

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It depends what your aiming for. If you want game changing four stars I’d go for guardians. However, if your goal is a five star hero, and you pull guardian owl, kong, or the April HOTM that would be disappointing.

If you are aiming for five star heroes I would wait for the Knights event. You can’t go wrong with Morgan, Arthur, Guin, or the rumored May HOTM. Unless e&p gives us an Atlantis combination of Ariel, Poseidon, and GM featured in the same portal that might make me reconsider. Another thought to consider is e&p has announced they will be giving us new event heroes, so who knows what the future odds of pulling the former event heroes will be, or if they will even be in the future portal.


Six months playing and my only 5 * are Quintus, Richard, Thorne, Kunchen and Guin( which was feeded to Richard by my lil’ sister…sigh!).

Summons are random. You get the good hero on the good day, and the feeders for most of the times.
My tc20(2) is already up and running, just a matter of time before a 5 * pop up.
If the heroes like GM makes a come back at the coming Atlantis, I might be tempted to spend a small fortune again.

In 6 months you have 5 5* so that’s not bad. Also you might want to do like I do and right after collecting hero’s, go open each and in top left there is a padlock. Tap it and this way you cannot accidentally feed them away. If they’re unlocked it does give you a warning for 3s and above but the best protection is the padlock icon. Its a habit just do it right away and then they are blocked out when you try to train.
One thing people aren’t mentioning is where their hero’s are for those that got several early. Unless you spend alot, you can only get guaranteed mats from the weekly rare quests which I do. You might get them in visions, chests or titans too but the rare quests are guaranteed. And a 4 At 4.70 is as good or better than a 5 At 3.70. Plus they take less mats and with emblems you can push them to near 5 levels.

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I agree with the owl and Kong, though they may get buffed later(look at Aegir and others). I don’t get the April HotM issue though. Anzogh is a decent red HotM. 698,793,1279 deals 205% damage to all enemies and heals all allies for 20%. They removed his +100% crit chance increase but he still is decent and child release with different stats. Margaret(formerly Elinor) will be interesting and Ravnir is basically a fast druid wu Kong that also does damage.
To the OP, basically they’re your gems. At Eod you have to decide what you need and where the hero’s fit. Also don’t forget the Easter event is coming with hero’s as well. Good luck and if you do a pull, let us know how it goes good or bad(hopefully good).:+1:

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I’m looking forward to Ravnir myself. I like most use Wu regularly. I dunno just don’t like using slow heroes.

Do troop summons and ecpect only 3*. That’s sth to support all your heroes all the time.

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Is this month Ariel/Poseidon or Atomos/Poseidon?

As you like the silver tokens, here is a tip: when the next challenge event rolls around, play all three grades. By simply scoring one point in each, you will earn three tokens. It is impossible to not score a point.

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Thank you ! Did not know that.

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This is SGA!! Thank you kind Sir! I had no idea

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