Pirates vs Halloween. Where would you summon?

  • Pirates
  • Halloween

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I’ve managed to scrape up enough gems for a x10 summon this month, but there are two events! I’m not a huge spender. Assuming you aren’t either, where would you do the x10 summon, pirates or Halloween? And why?

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Honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend either as a priority for gem Summoning, but Halloween is once a year, and Pirates should be every 5 months as the Challenge Event cycle returns to normal. So it’s at least a rarer opportunity.

But my suggestion would be to consider holding the gems for later.


would advise neither but i would choose pirates

5 5s vs 1 5

Only reasons I’m pulling is 1 i typically do a 10x pull on events, as long as i need more than 2 5* to complete the set. Chances at hotm with bonus chance of others i don’t have. Currently only pirates i have are pete and locke but would like to add kestrel, finley, or purple zombie chick to the list


Would also advise waiting, but always the challenge event / Atlantis over seasonal pulls (keep EHT for them if you want. The Christmas one is awesome).

Seasonal events have the same odds as Epic Hero & elemental pulls.

Event and Atlantis summons have increased odds for pulling 5* (1.5 vs 2.5% - so still very low, but worth while).

Guardians is the best event to do a 10 pull for initially as the 2 x 4*’s on offer are great, both elemental defense down hero’s.

Pirates - 4* Peters is a good green and worth a crack at. 5* event hero’s are a bonus and very rare.

*Atlantis also gives a bonus ascension material chest per 10 pulls, but costs 3000 gems

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Thanks for this post. I’ve been asking this question of our members. I want to at least try for Kingston so perhaps I’ll do a 10x pull for Atlantis and then try to save up for Christmas.

It’s so hard waiting for Christmas … I feel like I’m five-years old again :grin:


I’m not very interested in Morlovia’s heroes.

For what regards the Pirates, I’d be happy if I could get Cabin Boy Peters, Captain Kestrel and Lady Locke, but of course chances of getting them are low. The two new heroes (Finley and Marguerite) are interesting, but I have already plenty of blue and purple 5s to work on.

So, I guess I’ll pass both… although it would mean less chances to get Kingston.

In general, if you don’t need anything specific for your roster, I’d pass.

Does anyone knows which will be the HOTMs available this month in Atlantis?

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Likely Zim & Thoth

20 char

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Thanks, guesa I’ll pass that too then, already have Zim and not interested in Toth

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Need an “All of the above” option for those of us who are just pure completionists and want to collect every darn hero :crazy_face: :laughing: (my first Pirates and Halloween too)

Also, out of the Atlantis heroes I think Ursena and Inari are very likely this month.

Neither. I dont see Halloween heroes as particulary good. Pirates may be better choice, but chances to get Finley with 10x will be astronomically small, maybe that cabine boy if you need him. For cance of HotM I woud just do my tokens during the events and, if unlucky, do some Atlantis pulls.

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I am only gonna do a summon or two in each as these two events will be the first time I have done them. Although if I personally had to pick between those two, pirates because at least there is a hero or two with health blocking and Peters is the only other hero aside from Miki (that I can remember) who has silencing.

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I would like Peters and I would like Victor.

Peters is more likely being 4* than Victor at 5*. However the real reason to pull for me is Kingston. That is until I saw this.

If I have to wait until December for him to be fixed, that makes me angry. I still want him for when he is fixed, but my anger is diminishing my desire to spend any money.

I think I will save my EHT for December and maybe only pull 1-2 times in each event just to open the door for a miracle.

Main reason for pulls is Kingston

Like @zephyr1 said, Halloween is once a year. I started around this time last year, got lucky and pulled Victor with a token! People says he’s not the best hero. But he’s very underrated.

I use him all the time. My go to raid team is alby panther kage Victor and Ariel. Might replace Vic once Seshat is maxed but I use him more than hel and kunchen.

His very fast defense buff is amazing on offense, especially vs kunchen.

Halloween may have only 1 5* but the odds of getting him is much higher than a specific 5* from pirates or atlantis where there are other 5* heroes to divide the odds.

If you have 8 trap tools and 6 tabards, or close to it, I’d say chance em, bro

You can save for xmas or some other event too but this is a game foremost, why forsake fun for three months?

You might get lucky and pull a great hero with a single token. You might pull 200+ times and not get the heroes that you want too. It’s happened to me a few times, it’s luck so don’t think too hard.

Good luck!!


Pirate, I never meet this event since I start.
Going to chase Vodnik and maybe couple for Atlantis and couple for Halloween, hoping to get Kingston (not too rush though).

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Pirates is going to win this, because it offers more and brand new heroes.

No rush for a broken hero lol

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Speaking here of Victor and I agree. People see the attack stat and dismiss him.

But his speed and defence buff and stacking DoT making him ultra useful in all phases of a raid attack using a purple stack of 3-4 or 5 purpled.

Early on he gets fired up first and injured a key enemy (North/Alby/Kage/Urs). He starts draining them. If they heal, he takes the bulk of it. He also defence buffs the entire team so those fast heroes do less damage. You get your Maine fast/average purpled up, Panther weakens 3, Seshat or Sartana takes out the injured hero or reduces them very to low hp. Victor then gets charged up again and finished the near dead or weakens another for a new go-round.

Late game he can fight 1v2 quite well with his 3 tile ghost charge, heal and defence buff.

I really like him and use him over a 4/80 Khiona on offence in a mono purple team.


Welll… when he’s gone, he’s gone for a long time

True but still no rush. Might as well pick a preferred portal. Sucks some people wasted pulls they could have used on those on epic portal just to be kicked in the nuts… Dirty SG