What order should I put my heroes in?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, there are still a lot of things I don’t know about the game!

I have Kiril 4/70, Tibertus 4/70, Scarlet 4/40, Little John 3/60, and Bane 3/50.

Right now I don’t really have any other options for heroes to switch these out with (though I’m working on leveling Caedmon to replace Little John.)

So for a defensive team, which order should the heroes be in? And does the order matter at all for an attacking team or no?

Bane, Tiburtus, Kiril, Scarlet, Little John

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I would really like to know the rest of your roster.


Usually attack order does not matter. But sometimes it does ( see notes ).

Little John, Kiril, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Bane

Little John and Bane in corner because fragile ( see notes ).

Tiburtus in center because Ramming Pulverizer.


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I would really like to know the rest of your roster.

You mean like the other heroes I have that I’m not using on my team?

My only 5* is Hel but she’s not very leveled, I have no trap tools so I’m not going to be able to ascend her. All my other dark heroes are 3*.

My only Holy 4* is Li Xiu but I haven’t leveled her very far yet either so I’m just still using Bane for now.

For Nature 4* I have Caedmon and Kashhrek, I’m leveling Caedmon since I really don’t like Little John, I haven’t bothered leveling Kashhrek since it didn’t seem worth it to have another healer on my team since I already have Kiril.

My other Ice 4* is Sonya but I haven’t bothered to level her much either, I like Kiril on my team and if I level Caedmon I don’t think I’d need to level her.

For Fire I have Gormek and Kelile but I didn’t get them until I was already deep into leveling Scarlet so I haven’t really leveled them much either.

All my other heroes are 3*, I have a few maxed 3* in addition to Bane.

I am interested in your 3* heroes.

I usually recommend 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 teams and 2x to 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams before spending 3* ascension items.

Then 3x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and
2x to 3x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams and
2x rainbow 5* 3.70 teams before spending 4* ascension items.


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Discussion of rainbow teams

Color stacking


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If that’s the best line up you have for a defensive team, I would recommend this:

Kiril always in the middle. He willl be tanking most of the upcoming attacks and if he fires his special, that will be a huge buff and heal for your team.

Hide Bane in the very left corner, he is probably your most fragile hero.

Put Tiburtus right next to Kiril on his left and put Scarlett and Little John on the right, so Tiburtus will fire his special before Scarlett and Little John in case all of them have their special activated in the same turn.

Now for Scarlett and Little John positions, check out their current defense and health stats and put the weakest one in the far right corner.

So your line up would be:

  • Bane / Tiburtus / Kiril / Scarlett / Little John


  • Bane / Tiburtur / Kiril / Little John / Scarlett
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I like @Peachtestudo’s line up, but you can also level up Li Xiu and make her tank, so:
Little John - Tibs - Li Xiu - Kiril - Scarlett
Kashrek can make a very strong tank for lower level raid arenas but I don’t find him very useful otherwise, whereas I use Caedmon all the time.

Early(ish) in the game I used Kasshrek 3/60 as my tank when I started to figure out raiding. He’s still at 3/60 a year later and only used occasionally for wars against blue tanks. He is a sturdy tank and once he gets firing his special he can be quite annoying with the fire resistance.

Li Xiu is also annoying with her mana drop but I always found her harder to deal with as a non-tank (flank or wing).

You want your tank to be sturdy enough to survive long enough to get your other heroes charged. The tank takes damage from the 3 centre columns where your other heroes get only 1 column each. The hardest to hit with gems are the corners (wing) so that’s where you put your weakest heroes. Typically your strongest hitters go beside the tank (flank). Order also matters for firing order. Specials go off left to right so buffers/debuffers go on the left.

Note, this is all for defense. On offense order is not as important except heroes that affect nearby allies (like Kashhrek). Avoid putting them in the corners as you lose 1/3 of their effectiveness.

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