To pull or not to pull?

Dilemma time, I’ve done 2 x 10 pulls this month, Atlantis and this event, some other random pulls throughout october, nothing special, i did get victor i guess! But no hotm.

I now have enough for another 10 pull, needed the tome, paid the price!

Do i go for it now with a chance of getting Kingston, or hold for next months event and a shot at neith?

What would you guys do?

Wait for Atlantis, since the vamps aren’t worth many pulls and you already got Victor.

Neither Kingston nor Neith seem to be heavy game changers, so one can live with or without them.


I am with @Olmor. Wait until Atlantis, as the pool of heroes to pull is miles better. And you already pulled the best one out of the three vampires.

Yeah I’d wait! Hotm eventually do come round again.

Aim to atlantis or wonderland. Uncoming new heroes seem to be interesting and old ones aren’t bad, imo…

Before jumping to conclusions, knowing a bit about your roster would be helpful. I do think Kingston and Neith can be game changers, depending on your roster. If you already have a billion HOTM and the top cards then maybe not, but for me and my roster, Kingston was totally worth trying for and I lucked out getting him on my first, and only, pirates pull on a free challenge coin.


Another vote for @Olmor’s choice. Atlantis gives you a slightly better chance of summoning a solid hero, plus don’t forget that AM chest. 10 pulls will get you something useful *

*disclaimer: [useful] could mean very far in the future also :wink:


Thanks guys, some great advice! I have been overly lucky with hotm’s so missing one every now and then doesn’t harm! I definitely like the Atlantis pulls, just for the chance of some oldies and th AM! But think I’ll go for wonderland as I’ve only hood and captain of diamonds, would be nice to get alice or the queen, or the white rabbit I keep hearing about! Once again, really appreciate the feedback

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