Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?

So have one stronger player go in to punch a hole, and the lower level players finish off the stragglers. That benefits both players. The stronger player doesn’t need to waste a flag for 1 or 2 heroes, and the weaker player can make a meaningful contribution


I am not opposed to the field aid entirely. I do however think it goes off way too frequently. When you got double healer teams with field aid. Feels like you hit for zero unless you drop a hero or you win entirely. And I some what agree with TooOldForThis as it should be primarily for the top alliances. New alliances barely understand counter attacking and how it works. This is intermediate and advanced tactics that really you have to use guides and ask questions to understand. Would be nice to have opt in and out of this feature and match alliances accordingly.

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Again, this will work for more mature alliances, but does not work for newer alliances. The stronger teams don’t have that kind of depth. Especially when going against an opponent with several defense teams stronger than that strongest team in your alliance.

The strongest teams have at most 3 teams of mostly leveled 3 or 4 star heroes. They aren’t taking any wasted hits, regardless of trying to punch holes.

I have 2 teams on a mature alliance, and we have do as you suggest all the time, none of us like field aid but it doesn’t crush your soul the way it does for weaker alliances. At lower levels, field aid only makes the advantage strong teams has excessive.


So I attack your 4000 tp team with my 3800 tp team customized against your defense and I get a bonus? Brilliant!


I am the leader of a “weak” alliance with lots of new players.

Even against field aid multistacked unleveled 2* heroes take out a 4* wreck if the tiles fall right.

So yes it can be a pain but it is an excellent learning tool to.

So keep field aid. :wink:


I find it interesting how many people dislike Field Aid (WR).

And how many people dislike anti- healing heroes ( unless the hero has some other huge benefit besides anti-healing, looking at you Victor).

For most people, I am sure they are happy none of the classes are anti- healing.


I’ll make this simple. Field Aid is stupid. It does not make any sense in the game. There is no logical explanation for a global heal to your enemy.

I’ve lost numerous battles that I should have won because just before I kill key hero’s they receive a massive heal from the developers.

I’m done with this game. I’ve spent $$$$ and am literally done. I will not spend another dime as long as field aid is in this game. I encourage all players to stop spending until the idiot developers remove this bastardization that ruins any fun or success in wars.

Tennpellter of The Illusionists recently ranked #633 in USA.

I’ve been a computer gamer for over 30 years and I was a software quality assurance manager at Apple for 15 years.


Thanks for the resumé. That really makes your point that field aid is stupid!


Everything sucks. At first all worked great when I started to play several months ago. Now all is nerfed, new quests are hard to complete because of a lack of strong heroes, ascension items in the elemental chests are different or there aren’t any other than just boots and scabbards, there aren’t much gold tokens any more and you can’t even choose any single 5* hero you would like to have…

As for the RNG thing, this game has perfect graphics and it’s addictive, but to lose a battle just because you have horrible boards is the most stupid thing…

I really like alliance wars, and I have about 35-40 maxed 4 and 5*s, so no problems there. But I really don’t like field aid, it is just not a fun variation for me. Sometimes it will be better to flee a battle because of field aid, but that goes against my nature, so I usually just don’t. I think the dragged out endings are really boring, just waiting for my Justice to finally die too with a corner Vivica or Kiril still standing for instance. (Please don’t tell me not to clean up with Justice, because I am talking about fresh team attacks, when you are only left with a healer or slow mana attack all hero and you’ll have to keep going through the motions until the fight times out).
Also really unlucky boards can result in 0 scores against a healer tank like Vivica, even if you bring the right heroes. I just don’t like it (I thought I’d repeat it for the ones that didn’t get that from my post :wink: ).

FYI I usually still do fine, also in the field aid wars, I just don’t like them


There’re literally orcs, mer people, and a walking talking tree on the battlefield sometimes. I’m not sure logic really enters into it.

It’s supposed to increase the challenge of wars, since normal raids are weighted so heavily in favor of the offense. Surely, if you’ve ranked up to #633, you’re very familiar with that phenomenon.

I personally like the additional challenge things like Field Aid bring, but I get why people find it frustrating. If you’re used to a 70%+ raid win probability, suddenly coping with field aid feels like a kick in the gut.


@Tennpellter @Jura

So… people can’t win their Wars because of field aid, and every War is ending in a 0 - 0 draw??

Or… you’re going against field aid, but the other alliance isn’t, so they have an unfair advantage?

Either way, those definitely do seem like poor game features. Maybe you haven’t updated to the new version because my alliance isn’t having those issues. We’re one-shotting people, and everything. I don’t know. Try reporting to bugs & issues?

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i say if there is field aid then we should be allowed to have battle items.
I’ve had so many war battles where my fully leveled team cant take out 1 healer until the timer runs out and I die. Feels pretty unfair


Unfair in that your opponent doesn’t go against field aid?

Or they do, but you don’t have a healer?

Let’s just say I ended up up loosing this battle. Rather frustrating

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Here are the stats for that team that lost…

Was Kash the only one there to start? And if so, why did you bring that lineup? Only one legitimate striker, and 3 (potentially 4) that has a special that doesn’t attack. And then you’re not ghosting tiles against him?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but this feels more like a user error than a game error.

3 step process:

  1. Pick a better lineup
  2. Don’t attack Kash directly
  3. fire specials that do damage

I hope that helps. Devs, we can close this ticket.

Anyone else need game tips? Happy to help.


I took out the rest of that team, these were my strongest remaining heroes.
My view is that field aid and field aid alone lost me this battle. If we were allowed battle items I think we’d be square…

It’s not always about strongest heroes, but line-up chemistry.

You have Kash, too, though. Did your opponent struggle against you? If so, then field aid is fair. If not, then maybe people are just better at the game. Which isn’t a wild concept.


You’re taking the wrong heroes.


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