Season 2 Level 27 Hard - Beating Ursena

What did you use to beat the final level of season 2?



Which stage are you meaning specifically?

Personally I usually ran 2-2-1

The 1 was usually an attack-up hero (e.g. Wu Kong, Miki, Tarlak etc…)

The 2 & 2 were stacked for the Boss level. 2 were strong against the boss, 2 were neutral against the boss.

For example, against Stage 9 I would run:
Wu Kong, Green, Green, Blue, Blue.
The two Blues may become Yellows if I am concerned as the other mob in Stage 9 is purple.

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■■■■ typo!
Guess I should have spelled out FINAL…as it the end of the season 2 hard!!
Season 2 Level 23 Hard!

So stage 10 of province 23?

Not knowing your roster it’s hard to give much useful feedback.

The 2-2-1 still stands imo.

Ugggg! Again to beat Season 2 as in end it collect the prize at the end… to get to go past GO!!! Sheesh!!!
What I have for my square does not apply! I want to know what a person used to beat it!!!

Here’s how I did it…

9:45 sped up from about 15 minutes. Twas a long drawn out battle


Thank you!

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Ahh :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats not Level 23 :stuck_out_tongue: thats 27 haha

Here is my completion video:

Also a thread that may be of interest:


Also this one:


4☆ healers + Ariel 3/70 (3595 Team Power)

Need more than an hour though…

Here is the highlight of my completion:


After several failed attempts with my so called power team, then I was with misconception that I could wear the Titan Ursena out quickly, so I decided to go with the team below

And then slowly wore her out with tiles


If you have an elemental defense debuff hero, than go mono and you should finish easily. I wouldn’t recommend yellow though. Or purple, obviously. So, Frida, Eve or Falcon. Even if you don’t have such a hero, I would recommend a mono with one of these colours. I’ve beaten Ursena again just for fun, using only 4 epic heroes: Anyone revisiting hard mode Ursena just for fun?


@Scarecrow I have Blue elemental defense down but Grimm is so squishy not sure if my mono blue team could kill her…

Kiril, Grimm+9, KA+3, Magni+3 and either Miki/Triton+11? Miki is at 3/70 only though…

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Grimm is a bit squishy yes but he hits like a truck both with his special (which gives regular defence down) and with tiles.

Also if you have a damage sharer (like Wilbur) that and a healer basically can keep him alive indefinitely


So using those blues, maybe replace Miki with Wilbur? But then those defense downs (Wilbur/Grimm) overwrite each other…

So what about Wilbur KA Magni Kiril and Triton or Miki?

Only if you fire them at the same time. If you stagger them you can have a perpetual defence down.

Also it’s worth noting that every 5 (?) Turns, there is a rule on the final stage which cleanses all debuffs from Ursena.


Oh wow I didn’t know that!

Yeah it’s that purple symbol thing on the left side is

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I have Evelyn too but she’s not maxed, She’s on 3rd ascension though.

If I used her I could do Evelyn, Buddy, Hansel, Alby, and Melendor…

Eh that doesn’t sound powerful enough lol

I also have red mono but no falcon.

Yellow can’t be used although I have Jackal and Rabbit and Guin (I wish I could)

And purple is pointless LOL

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Okay so it seems like a 4/1 stack with Wilbur is the best way to go based on what you all are saying, so now to finalize which 4 blues…

Gonna post my stack now brb


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