Season 2 Boss Information

Hello players. I came here to give some information on the Season 2 Atlantis Boss, Ursena. She posesses the empress of the depths special skill and here is what that does:

-Deals 60% damage to all enemies
-Deals 120% damage if the target has more than 50% health remaining.
-All allies reflect all status effects and 80% damage from enemies HOLY special skills back to the attacker for 4 turns.
-Deals xtra damage against holy.

I have beat this Season 2 boss and am bringing this information to you firsthand so I hope this helps many of you out that are wondering. Ursena’s HP stands at 22,450 and has 2 allies alongside her. Also, know that she dispells buffs from ALL heroes every 5 turns. Once you beat her, you will have to fight her again. This time, she will have a weak point, like the titan does and will start at 49,200 hp. It would be a wise decision to try and save as many battle items as possible as you will need them. Counter heroes are a good option to take such as Boril but that’s only if you want to. Once you beat Ursena, you can collect your reward from the mission list. Along with the Atlantis tokens, troop tokens and avatar, I also received a compass, hidden blade, shield, cape, orb, damascus blade and mysterious tonic. A new mission for defeating the hard level will give 500 Atlantis tokens, 2 epic troop tokens and poseidon avatar. If there are more ascension items that come with that, I haven’t a clue because I haven’t beat all of hard yet. Hope this helps in some sort of way.


Thank you for posting this information. There is a thread which already discusses the Season 2 boss. :slight_smile:


I’m new here and didn’t know that. Hehe. But you’re welcome and thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Wow, so essentially you need to beat her twice? And the second time she has even more HP? I do not think I am ready yet… Certainly will do my best!


Question: you said after you beat the boss, you have to face her again. Does that happen immediately, or do you get a break in between to reload your items? And if it happens immediately, do your heroes get full health back?


Immediately. No break in between. Your heroes carry the HP/ mana and any status effects/ minions over to the next battle.


Thanks! That’s even more challenging. Do your heroes at least get full health back? Or do they go into the second battle with whatever HP left from round 1?

Hello. Yes, you face her immediately and no, the heroes don’t regain health. Try and save as many battle items as possible. The only way to get full health would be to pay 75 gems if you lose.


You can do it. :slight_smile:

Yep - just completed it at both easy and hard.
Managed to complete the hard level without losing single hero and with a lot of my battle items still available
I think the key is going in the battle with the right heroes
For the second part which is like battleing a titan but without the need to rush I woulr suggest taking your time, study the board before you make a move and try to ensure that you hit the weak spot
I have images that I took at the start and end of the final stage if anyone wants me to post them
EDITED: Team was Mother North - Wilbur +9, Queen of Hearts +4, Joon, Vivica
took - Antidotes - Mane potions - Potent Healing Potions - Dragon Attack

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The last couple provinces – 20 and forward – were the hardest stages to clear for me in normal difficulty. But I still beat season 2 in Normal, and I don’t have a single maxed 5 star hero.

Hard mode; all stages so far I’ve found to be pretty tough. I’m on season 11, still working on it.

If anyone out there is struggling, here’s how I succeeded:

  1. Take a look at the minions colors (regular enemies).
  2. Bring at least 2 heroes of the color that is strong against them.
  3. Bring a healer (bonus if it’s also strong against the minions)
  4. Equip arrows, axes, banners, and antidotes or potions (boss dependent).

I usually stuck with 3 colors maximum (2-2-1, or 3-1-1), and 2 colors minimum (3-2 or 4-1).

The reason to go strong against the minions, as opposed to the boss, is because the minions are usually the ones that drain most of your health progressing through the level. The bosses can be taken down with item use, which is where items matter more too. This is particularly true in special stages, such as those with poison mist or that take place underwater.

For this to work, it does require having a lot of trained heroes of each color, preferably 4 star heroes at least. This takes time, but don’t be afraid to spend some emblems on your 3 stars if you’re lacking in a certain color. Just… do make sure they are good 3 stars, and make sure you analyze the path you take carefully.

For e.g.: since I am weak on purple heroes, I emblemed my Gill-Ra (a good 3 star hero with a good support skill!) to level 50+12, prioritizing defense, and she’s become quite sturdy. And I’m using her in my purple stacks; I beat some stages in season 2 Hard mode on province 11 with her on my team :wink:

Hope this helps with progression, to eventually get to the final boss. I brought 3 yellow heroes and 2 healers, one whom is a dispeller.


I have gotten through using Chaos with emblems, Rigard, emblems, Gormek, Boril and Skittleskull. At beginning of last stages, outer wall, I removed Boril and replaced with Melandor. Absolutely need bombs, axes, arrows…dragonbombs are a must if yu can make them. Always match purple gems first to keep Rigard alive, and latter, purple and green! No problem with this team so far…am also using them on hard mode. Can be done, just concentrate. Also mana boost helps to mana up healers on those first difficult boards! Good luck!


Thanks for all the tips and encouragement, guys! I was able to beat Ursena on the weekend. It was a long fight indeed, but not super difficult. The team I used was:

Melendor, fully maxed plus 2 talent;
Boldtusk, fully maxed plus 2 talent;
Proteus, fully maxed;
Grimm, fully maxed plus 2 talent;
Wilbur, fully maxed plus 2 talent.

Items: axe, arrow, mana and super mana.

You may notice that I did not bring any holy heroes, which might sound stupid to many people. That is because I did not have any good ones. Sometimes I choose heroes not just based on color, but also on how useful their special skills are in keeping the team alive.

Long story short, my basic strategy was simple:
a. always kept Proteus charged to prevent Ursena from firing special;
b. used Wilbur’s special to share damage among heroes to keep everyone alive;
c. Boldtusk’s special to heal and boost damage for everyone;
d. Melendor for extra healing and added survivability;
e. Grimm for heavy damage whenever he was charged.

Carefully managing the board was a key. I had to do a lot of calculations to maximize my moves. But eventually I did it! Not sure when I will be ready to try to hard mode. For now, good luck to everyone else who’s still working on normal!


Thanks. How did you beat Season 2 Province 26 Stage 10 boss Atomos?

Thanks for sharing. But how did you beat season 2 provice 26 stage boss?

In 2-26-10, I took two reds (I think Wilbur and Marjana - who is somewhere in the 3 tier). One or two yellows to help with the atomata. A healer. Mana potions and a couple of arrows to keep the enemies missing their hits.

On 27-10 the key for me was (1) two yellows for damage (Wu and Leonidas for me) (2) two healers to stay alive (3) dispellers (I used Melendor and Sabina), (4) Wilbur, (5) Mana potions. Always dispel the reflect before the yellows go off. Wait to fire Wilbur/Wu until after the enemy dispel has gone off. The battle was long, but rather easy.

Pretty easy I just finished s2 and used BT 3/60, Kiril 3/60, Alice 3/70, Quinn 3/51 and Wu 4/70+6
Mana potions, arrows, super healing and a miracle scrolls (didn’t need to use it)

I lack Proteus and Wilbur. Would love to have one or the other or both. Have been cruising through up until S2 27/9 and having a hard time with proteus + Atomos combo. I think timestops for mana drain and hitting then might be key, but they seem to go off one after the other and I can’t get my heroes charged up again before 3 die (Atomos does his thing and then Proteus is right there). My first real frustration so far on easy S2. Any suggestions???

Oops. 27/9. Not 29/9. My bad. I fixed it above.

If a level was too tough, I’d take axes, dragons and bombs to nuke the bosses into nirwana…

Then you’ll just have to stand the mobwaves.

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