Trying to beat ursena in easy,& hard mode

General thought on which of what I have to beat her . Was thinking 3 healers. I will lay out what I have .

Wilbur - Kiril - Rigard - Melendor - Evelyn
Wilbur - Kiril - Frida - Rigard - Evelyn

Wilbur is very good against her you just have to time it to use his special right after she removes your buffs.

You think frida at 4/33 is a better choice than melon maxed . Or maybe melon on easy mode?

@Stevemllr, yes… you can try it… on easy mode also work better with Frida I think, because your blue tiles can deal more damage… wilbur debuff + frida element debuff, and also Evelyn is great for your green tiles.
Bring items mana as many as the requirement, so:
minor mana - mana - super mana - Tornado/Time Stop (I prefer Tornado)

And as @ffphier said, attention the timer before fireing any skill. Because it will dispell our buff.

The strategy is: keep attack weak spot, if next turn match not to weak spot, make sure Wilbur is active, if not then use mana pot to activate Wilbur special. (The same strategy as we attack Titan)

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Ok .ill will give it a go. Thanks you guys for the input


@Stevemllr You got a heck of a roster to go against her with. I wish you luck my friend. :sunglasses: Imo I would take Frida, Grimm, Triton, Rigard and Wilbur. Those would be my picks if I had your roster.

I finished her on hard mode with: Ariel (+7), Lianna (+7), Proteus (+20), Joon (+8), Vivica (+2).
I brought 3 types of mana potions and used them on proteus if i could not charge him in time. The fight was very long but during that Ursena only fired 1 or 2 times.

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@Mr.Sabaton Quick question, can Chao’s pierce go through Ursena’s reflect?

I think yes, pierce can bypass riposte but i would not rely on that on its own.

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@Mr.Sabaton I don’t plan to but it is at least an option for me. Because I really want to focus on mana cutting and stopping Ursena from firing as little as possible.

I dont think that the 25% mana cut is viable on its own, its really not that much so if you are using Chao as your only mana controller, your mana potions will run out quickly and if a cascade hits, that 25% will not matter as Ursena will fire no matter what. Do you have Hel or Proteus? I highly recommend using them.

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@Mr.Sabaton I get Proteus. I do intend to take him. Just need a mana cutter to complement him. If I had the rest of the darts, then Leonidas would be my next option.

Is your proteus emblemed? It is worth embeming him, since he is very squishy basically.

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Rigs Mele Ranvir Kiril Wilbur

Bring both types of revives and mana to keep em alive and to time their specials.

Mana controllers aren’t very effective here, since Ursls slashs are the real threat.

The best team in my opinion is Kiril, Frida, Grimm, Triton and Wilbur. Who cares about yellows when your blues can do much more damage to her? With Frida and Grimm/Wilbur specials, the blue tiles have a devastating impact. Besides, you won’t worry about her special. Wilbur and Kiril will keep your team alive, so pay attention to them. Should be very easy. Take with you 3 slots of mana potions and one slot axes or bombs. That’s all you need for beating the hard mode with a single hand while riding a bike, with this team.

L.E. I dont’t have Frida for blues, but I have Falcon for reds. I wait for my WE to reach 12 and show you how easy I beat Ursena on hard with TP 3606. I won’t bring any 5*, just 5 reds 4*. The easiest way to beat Ursena is with reds and Falcon, with greens and Eve or blues and Frida (your case)

@Olmor, using ranvir is gambling here right? so Ursena sometimes will not stunned if we miss.

@Scarecrow, Grimm is squishy.

I still recommend this option:

Melendor is also squishy, I prefer the 2nd opinion with Frida.

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So is Scarlett… No problem with Wilbur in team, no problem at all. @Stevemllr you can do with your blues, what I did with my reds. No rush… Here is the video I just recorded. I cut about 4 minutes in the beginning, being too long:


@Mr.Sabaton Yeah I am waiting on some more Wizard emblems to take his talent to level 2. I am constantly making bomb attacks so when I do get enough emblems, I have to cease production on that for a while to save up iron.

Now that I have Triton, I am also considering him as an option to take because of his secondary effect of increasing the amount of healing applied to himself and the rest of the team.

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