Ursena Hard Level Help!


Since Atlantis rising is going on I figured it would be a great time to finish off Season 2 hard level, in hopes of farming some extra loot. Was wondering if you had any tips on putting together a team to take her down. The pic has my strongest heroes. Thanks for your help!

Hard to say from your pic. I did it with Wilbur, BT, Falcon, Viv and Wu.

Maybe Wu, Girmek, BT, Kiril, Hatter.

I only won by using a combination of healing, defense buff on my heroes and attack debuff on Ursena, because she hits so hard. My team was maxed Kiril, Triton, Skittleskull and Sabina (my only other healer), and a 3/70 Aegir.

You don’t seem to have a dispeller, so I would leave out Joon (he will kill himself with her holy reflect).

Boldtusk is too far from being maxed, so skip.

I say:

Kiril for healing and defense buff
Elena for the riposte
Rigard as second healer
Skittleskull to reduce Ursena’s attack
Tarlak for increased attack without accuracy drop, and regen as back up

you will rely on tile damage and riposte to kill Ursena. try to have Skittle’s debuff and Kiril’s buff active together to stay alive from her hits

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Thanks for the help! I’ll try it out today. Been trying different combos and no luck yet but I’ll get her sooner or later.

that’s the spirit! even with my winning team it took 3 tries (and I had almost 10 tries before that with different team combinations). good luck!

Don’t forget about items. I don’t know anyone who has beaten Ursena in hard mode without using items. Personally I brought with me all three types of mana potions - 5 super mana, 5 regular mana, and 10 minor mana. I also took one miracle scroll. Actually, I am glad that I took it because I was down to just one hero at one point. I used the scroll and revived the entire team, and was able to beat Ursena from there. Otherwise I would have lost right there.

So bottom line is, heroes alone won’t be enough. You need to have good items as well if you are to beat Ursena in hard.

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Tarlak Boldtusk Kiril Rigard Wu

Rainbow heal tile damage rage…


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