What was your approximate team power at when you completed season 2 on normal mode? Hard mode?

I know teams can be different but I wanted to get an idea on whether or not I am “ready”. I am currently at season 2 and at stage 15. my team power is 3178.

There are a few threads you might want to read on beating Atlantis normal and hard.

Atlantis : Normal & Hard - Post 12 in particular


Normal - 3500ish.

Hard — tried a few times immediately and then started just grinding through all of hard. Now at 26-10 and have no doubt I’ll finish with my 4038 team. May drop about 100 to take Boril instead of Triton.

FWIW, got her down to about 50% health with that early team.

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I’d add this thread too, lots of team examples for the last Provinces, and beating Ursena at the end: 🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

These were my teams for Ursena:




I beat Ursena on hard with this team (screenshot made directly before the fight):

It was not a very fun experience though. I was out of items and barely alive at the end.

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Also have exact screenshots of my team’s:



Video of me redoing hard mode with the same team:

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Thanks. Looks like I still have some work to do, but I appreciate the videos and team line-ups.

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