How to set-up your team for the atlantis boss (hard)

Since the title is quite self-explanatory, you all know pretty much what this is about. I only want to add that this short of guide, is for players who do not have a very deep bench and are trying to complete the Atlantis.

The key-phrase for this piece of writing is neither color stacking nor high leveled heroes but special skills synergy. Well of course if you have a team with 4000 team power or more don’t even bother reading my suggestion, just go ahead and kill this weird looking lady Ursena. For the rest of us we have to set-up a team that every hero enhances or contributes in some way to the team. So, let’s see my rationale on how I built mine.

My first thought was that since I won’t stack on yellows, for I don’t have more than one fully leveled yellow hero, this would be a long fight. Consequently I had to find a way to endure Ursena’s attacks. Thus, first in my list was Wilbur who allocates the received damage to all five heroes, heightens my defense and reduces Ursena’s D. Quite a team player I would say!! With Wilbur in I thought that only one pure healer would be sufficient, so I took Melendor who also dispels buffs.

Now that my defense looks good I was thinking how I can mess with Ursena’s attack. For that I took Richard who would reduce her attack for 6 turns, even though I had him only on 3-70. Mana control heroes are also an asset and Proteus was my fourth choice.

Lastly, I wanted a sniper to hit her hard because I didn’t want to fight against her for hours…For this job I had Jackal at 4-70 and Poseidon at 4-52. I opted for the latter for his higher defensive stat and because he is in the same family with Proteus, who is weak in defense, and would increase their defenses by 5%.

Totally my team power was 3568 and by playing patiently and always having in mind to synchronize Ursena’s dispelling buffs with Wilbur’s special skill, I managed to knock her out in about 30-40 minutes using 2 mana potions and 5 minor mana potions.

Of course all of the above apply for every hard stage of any event. Think how to secure your defense and how to reduce opponent’s attack (not only the raw attack but also the special skills).

Choose the best five who make a good team and give it a try. I would like to see some other tactics from other players so feel free to post you teams here.


My first attempt with 4 yellow heroes and Melendor as a healer and dispeller failed. Board was not good and Melendor was not enough for keeping all the heroes alive.
So I decided that another healer of a different color could help.
So, I replaced Chao with Kiril.
Here is my team:

Melendor and Kiril healed in turns they also were in sync with 5 turn dispell circles and with Ursena’s special.


yes, without a solid defender one healer is not enough. How was Danza? I’ve always had my doubts on him

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Danzaburo behaved as declared: produced two snowflakes then two bottles and finally swords. But his stats are better than those of Chao, so even as a passive contributor to yellow stacking Danzaburo is good. His special is unreliable and can be considered a pleasant bonus.


Edit: Just noticed I didn’t say anywhere in my post that I am talking about the hard version of this fight.

Ok, this fight has me feeling like I must be the dumbest E&P player alive. I took down 27-9 that everyone was having trouble with on the first try, but in four attempts, I haven’t even gotten close to clearing this fight. I’m using the same team as always:

  • Sonya +6
  • Sabina +9
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Gormek +9
  • Melendor +6

Double healers in different colors, mana control (such as it is; don’t have Proteus), mostly beefy heroes (all emblems on def/HP path). I feel like this team is somewhat comparable to those above (TP just over 3600). Can’t decide what I am doing wrong.

I generally don’t have trouble with the pre-Titan stage, and once I get there, I prioritize stunning Ursena above everything… even forming dragons and diamonds. Seems like I have more trouble with her regular attack than with her special. I bring small and regular health potions and small and medium mana potions (quantity foremost; it’s a long fight). Things seem to be going along just fine, and then I get a string of two or three turns where I can’t stun her, and it all goes to pot. I try to keep my healers charged until the whole team is hurting and just heal individuals with potions, but to keep them from getting offed in a single attack, I need their HP above about 700, so I run out of potions that way. End up playing the odds, and as soon as one hero goes down - usually around half of Ursena’s HP it so - it seems like it all goes downhill very quickly.

What else could I try? My roster’s main weakness is a lack of buffers (no BT or Kiril). I could try a yellow stack with Onatel 3^70, Danza +7, and Poseidon 3^45, but that seems to be asking to get wiped out by her special. Other heroes who are max or close are Grimm 4^70, Skittleskull 4^70, Kelile 4^60-something, and Tiburtus +7. Anybody else is probably going to take a while to level. I really wanted to knock this out before the Atlantis gate opens this month, but it feels like I’d be doing good to finish by the end of the year right now. Someone please tell me I’m overlooking something easy to fix.

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I took two yellows (Leonidas 3/60; Wu Kong 4/70), one purple (Sabina +6), one red (Wilbur +6), one green (Melendor 4/70). With the distinct lack of strikers, it was a very long battle, but it was easy to guarantee that the holy reflect went down any time it went up, we also had enough healing to avoid using a lot of potions. I did use quite a few mana potions, though. (This is working from memory, but should be about right.)

And I just want to say that the hard levels are getting really hard for me in province 17. I may have to be content with 600 coins for this go around on Atlantis…

I would go: Sabina - Melendor - Skittleskull - Onatel - Danzaburo.

Healer, debuffer - Healer, debuffer - Reducing Ursena’s attack for three turns. The drawback is that he is slow but providing that you will search for green tiles to have melendor ready all the time, it will not be a major issue - Mana control - If “swords” are activated then you will have 3 turns to set the board as you like since Ursena will probably miss 2 of her 3 attacks (54% miss). If “Bottle” is activated, you will have a solid defense and mana generation for 4 turns. If “Freeze” is activated, you will probably curse on Danza but it will be only for 2 turns. Plus you will be stacking on yellows.

Now, in regard to battle items I would do the following: I would go with mana-mana-heal-heal and if I loose again the second time I would go with 3xmana-1xheal or the opposite. I’d make that decision based on what was more important to the previous battle.


Makes sense, and worth a shot. I’ll try it this afternoon. Thanks.

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good luck. let me know how it went.

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I’ve used this team for normal and I haven’t had any problems…


congrats Wllaxy74, now you have tha hard one to beat

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So, first of all, I’m an idiot. I tried this yesterday afternoon, and it worked great… until I realized I hadn’t set it back to hard mode after farming Atlantis earlier! :man_facepalming: But conceptually, I know it works now.

I tried right before bed last night, on hard this time, and it still feels like a sound strategy. Fight went 30 minutes or more, and I got her to about 30K HP. I ended up letting her get her special off earlier than anticipated, killing Melendor and Skittleskull in one blow. I was sitting on a full charge for one of my healers, but was only anticipating a regular attack. Pacing for item use felt good, though.

Lots of uses for WE today, but I may get another shot tonight. Hard to keep concentration that long, but with that and a little luck, I still think it can work.

LOL!!! How about Danza? Was he any good? If not consider replacing him with Sabina and then go with 3mana-1heal.

Danza was Danza. He was my best yellow for a long time, so I’m used to his quirks. Just had to remember to check if Ursena’s special was active before firing him. Getting the effects of swords reflected would be… less than ideal. That massive defense buff was definitely nice when active, and there was one instance where Ursena was blinded and her special missed everybody. Even more luck involved than normal, but so many things have to go right for this to work that a single RNG roll isn’t likely to make or break the fight, imo.

Also have to remember to hold off Skittleskull’s special if it is already active and hold off on heals until I don’t have a guaranteed stun lined up. With everyone in this lineup, the effects - not the damage - are the thing. Gotta have them active as long as possible.

Quests ate up my world energy today, but I hope to have another run tomorrow. Oh, and I pulled Leo from my TC 20 today. What I wouldn’t give to have him at about 3^70 or so now!


You can’t win this by luck, it needs concentration and optimal usage of your specials to counteract Ursena’s attacks. Obviously good timming is essential here because of the debuff thing that goes every 5 turns. Give it another try and if it doesn’t work again then maybe a second healer would do the job (sabina). Just curious, what is your team power at the moment?

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By luck, I was mainly referring to getting enough of the right color tiles at the right time, getting them lined up for a stun frequently, etc. Then, if you throw in Danza, you have the luck associated with his special thrown in.

The team I used was:

  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Sabina + 9
  • Melendor + 6
  • Sonya + 6
  • Danza + 7

Team power is 3560. I never considered going in with fewer than 2 healers. In fact, most of my teams involve 2 healers, when possible. I know the current meta is fast attacks, but 2 healers and hoping for a slugfest is just usually how I roll.

I did, however, mis-read your first message and swapped in Sonya for Onatel. I realized that last night, and now I’m kinda torn. Onatel gives mana control and a stack in the strong color, but she’s weaker against Ursena’s special when it does fire. Sonya has higher defense (especially with emblems on the def/HP path and her protect talent), has fast mana, is another dispeller for that yellow reflect, and makes sure I only have one off color (red) instead of two. I could have also gone Gormek +9. His defense is lower and his tile damage is anemic, but his HP is insane (again, def/HP path for emblems) and the defense down would boost everyone’s tile damage for six turns. What do you think? Hope to make another run tonight if I can block off 45 minutes or so.

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First of all I am the idiot now. I totally forgot what team I had suggested…Sabina was already there…:rofl:
Well you already have two debuffers so a third one will not make any difference. Sonya is fast but if Onatel goes off once, then she also can be considered somewhat fast since she will keep stealing mana form Ursena. In addition, as you also said, with the latter you are stacking on yellows. If she can take a blow from Ursena without dying I vote for Onatel, otherwise I would go with Gormek just because he offers more to the team.
Man this is growing into a thriller movie, I am getting more and more anxious to hear that you finally beat her

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I couldn’t think of a way to politely point that out, so I didn’t. :smile: Didn’t matter, since I don’t go much of anywhere without my little noseless zombie princess.

This makes sense. The TP difference is also pretty slight, and Onatel has decent defense stats in her own right.

Haha. Pleased to provide your entertainment. I really want to wrap this up before the Atlantis gate opens this month. Want those materials, the avatar, and the coins.

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haha thanks for that.
I’ll wait for you next try. Hope it is the last.

Great topic for brainstorming, thank you for starting this. Here is the team and battle items I was thinking of using:

I am very deep in yellow (Gretel, Danza, G Jackal, Chao - all max) but thought it might be safer to not go too heavy on that because of her special attack. I also debated going blue (figure a neutral color but with debuffs) by subbing Grimm +11 for Drake. I have Wilbur max as well but don’t use him often, not sure if he’s a “must have” for this battle as I have Wu.

Maybe without Gretel in I use time stops instead of dragon attacks? Any thoughts would be appreciated!