Ursena s2 hard mode final stage

I’ve had my ■■■ kicked twice so far. Before I go in again, to waste another hour, what are the opinions on the following team suggestions
KA, Kiril, Aegir, BT, Frida.
Or KA, Kiril, Kunchen, BT, Frida.

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This one. Kunchen is fantastic, but Aegir adds to the blue stack, fires faster, and keeps the team up.

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Hiya mate,

For the record this thread already exists and has some good suggestions specific to beating S2 boss :slight_smile:

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Couple more:

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Also lots of team suggestions here too: 🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

Here’s what I used:

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Ok…thanks Guv. Sorry, was trying to shortcut it, a lot of posts to read with different team options, thought I’d just get an opinion on my opinion lol.

i beat ursena with this line up

Triton+18 - Grimm+19 - Sartana+1 - Proteus+18 - cusRigard+16

battle item i used : minor healing, minor mana, medium healing and time stop.

using 3 purples cause i want proteus and rigard quickly recharge his mana.

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