Reuben - Baldur - Mindless Attack or the mystery about what counts as status effect

Continuing the discussion from Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) – Initial Release:

In the Elradir thread, there was some speculation about what he can reflect and what he can’t and that changed a little bit to what exactly counts as status effect.

First of all, all heroes in question:

So Reuben definitely reduce every damage from effects like burn, poison…
He also reduces damage from gullibrunsti, which is a status effect.

But he does not reduce the damage from Baldur:

In this video we can see someone evade Baldur’s auto hit with a talent, we can see he targets taunt heroes, and we can see, that Reuben doesn’t reduce the damage. When he hits the active QoH he does 170Hp damage with Reuben active and 162Hp without Reuben, the rest are the same buffs.

So is Baldurs damage no status effect? I have no idea, he behaves like both.

Where he behaves like a status effect:

So this indicates, that his damage is more or less a status effect.


Where he behaves like a special skill:

So this speaks for Baldur’s round damage as a special skill.

Reuben against mindless attack does nothing, tested it got nearly the same damage, definitely not only 50%, that’s because the damage from mindless attack is a special skill.

Mindless attack, targets taunt heroes, at least the few tries I did it always was like that. Not so easy to test it a lot, so if someone can screenshot something different, please feel free to share it.

So this works like suspected, Mindless attack is a status effect that change the targets special but can be cleansed and blocked. But the damage done is a special skill and behaves like one (not reduced by Reuben, targets taunters, can be reflected and dodged)


Sorry, went off on a total different direction. Ignore original response haha.

Great breakdown and explanation :slight_smile: top work!


@ferg Thank you. From this

  • Glenda doesn’t boost Baldur’s round damage but only boost the first hit. I’m not sure if this is forgotten bug or not. @Guvnor About Baldur+Glenda bug, is it a bug or it work as intent ?

  • +%Atk increase both Baldur’s round damage and first hit (work as intent)

  • Baldur’s round damage can miss S2 Dense Fog special stages

I have some more idea about this mystery.

  • Baldur and mindless attack vs Russula (Do Baldur’s round damage and mindless attack count as special skills for Russula ?)
  • Baldur vs increase defense against special skill (for example, normal Kadilen)
  • Mindless Attack + Glenda
  • Baldur vs silence and mindless attack (Can Baldur still do round damage if he is silenced and or get mindless attack after he use skill ?)

Another relate mystery

  • Baldur’s resist direct mana reduction vs Hansel/Gretel ailment on both Baldur and other ally (Because it only say “All allies resist direct mana reduction for as long as the caster has boosted health…”, I’m not sure if he also resist Hansel/Gretel ailment or not.)

I know you may unable to test all of them but may be some other people can.

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Biggest problem for me is I don’t have Baldur, so that makes testing things with him a little bit more complicated :sweat_smile:

So I can only try things were Baldur is on the opponent team, everything were he should be influenced by a teammate I can’t do…

Tried it with kadilen, the damage was reduced, no other buffs active, so it behaves like a special skill here

He will continue hitting with both (silence and mindless attack) so here he behaves like a status effect

He can’t resist that, when his mana gets full, he receives damage and the mana is cut back at 50%. So direct manacut seems to be only via Special skill like Leonidas.

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Or as a result of a region bonus - i.e. Freya/Bera/Noms mana cut on death

And Lady of the Lake’s minion

Very interesting the amount of facts you listed here. And this has been over 8 long months now.
Really these game details went unnoticed by SG and so far they don’t seem to be worried about solving it. sad

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I have updated the op with all the new information from your bug report post.
Thanks for that :+1: