[Solved -- V32 Update] Bug in Baldur and Queen of Hearts interaction

I was raiding today with Queen of Hearts on my team, and came across a Baldur on defense.

Queen had her minion card up and taunt activated. Baldur charged up and fired. He got his health boost. However, rather than targeting Queen of Hearts (due to taunt) and dealing 150% damage to her, he would target a random member of my team, and the message “protected” would pop up on that hero and no damage would be dealt.

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I have read somewhere that Baldur’s random attack is a status effect not special skill casting.

Ok, but if that is the case, why is the protected message popping up and no one else is taking damage? If the attack is a status effect wouldn’t Queen of Hearts taunt just have no effect, and the targeted hero would take damage?

It seems there is inconsistency @Guvnor

Kinda… The AI has some kind of weird abiltiy to “target” heroes who the player cannot.

For example if an enemy fighter hero who is mid revive (i.e. greyed out) you cannot specifically target them… But if you fire off special skills & let the AI do the targetting, they manage to somehow “target” that same hero… Idk how it works or whatever but I suspect it is a carry over from that.

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Seems to me this is a buggy interaction between the two, but I guess that will be for SG to decide if they review this thread.

Tagging staff? @Staff_SGG

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next update (version 32). Thank you for reporting!


Marking as Solved in the V32 Update

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