Baldur or Reuben? Poll

Who would you bring up first?

Just based on general use so Titans, Offence, Defense and Farming.

  • Baldur
  • Reuben

0 voters

And why would you bring that hero up?

I have both maxed and use Baldur way more than Reuben, but that may just be me. Outside of raids with various heroes that do DOT I don’t find myself using Reuben, also wouldn’t use him on my defense team over someone like JF or Grave.

I have both unlevelled and would like to see opinions as well. I’m leaning toward Baldur because I have Gullinbursti and C-Kashrek.

I voted Baldur as I think he is more useful overall but I’m also very happy with my Reuben in raids, mostly due to Wizard Marjana’s combo :slight_smile:

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Baldur! Just not for titans, since his special animation is slow

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