Glenda not boosting Baldurs special?

I’ve found Baldur and amazing hero for quest, and thought Glenda’s boost would make him even better. However, whenever the boost is active, Baldur’s special actually does slightly less damage. Occurs repeatedly and can easily reproduce when farming.

I’m guessing Baldur’s damage is not considered use of a special skill. Similar to how DoT is not direct damage.

But that is unfair since the hit that baldur does every turn is part of his special. I consider this as a bug, please fix it!

Sorry, but @Ruskin505 is correct, and that’s not going to change. DOTs are “part of” many heroes specials, but they are unaffected by Glenda or others.

Definitely a bug since heroes like mist and kadilen have an effect on baldur’s skill damage.

Been testing this out and there’s some things I’ve noticed

Glenda does benefit the initial hit which is considered as the special damage. What follows after that is more akin to damage over time so not affected.

However you increase the attack (with say Kiril or now C.Grimm) and that does affect the DoT hits.

I had Baldur parked next to Grimm on one side and Glenda on the other and was playing a tough S3 so I got into a scrap and could follow the damage numbers over time.

I may be wrong but that’s how it looked to me

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I have made some tests and there has to be some kind of a bug.
Seems like Glenda boosts the first attack but not the rest.
But when Baldur is faced with someone that boosts the defence against special attacks that defence works against all Baldurs attacks.
And also rogue class evade ability works against all of Baldurs attacks.
So it seems like Baldur special gets the worst of both worlds. Should it be like this?

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Found one more thing where Baldurs ability is treated as a special skill. In Antlantis Dense Fog special stages Baldurs special can miss.

But is there any use of reporting these things here? This threat has been here for a while and there’s been no reaction. I pressed in game button of ‘report a bug’ so I quess there should be some kind of official response? Even if this thing is not a bug and works as intented, you would think that an answer like ‘not a bug’ wouldn’t be too much of an trouble.

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