📯 Gullinbursti – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Yes, Warthog’s special triggers even on dispel. I had a fun recent tourney where I had 2 Angry Warthogs and sometimes C. Melendor fired his special when both had their atk-mode active and killed half of party. Most likely it is working as intended, because when An-Windr as a boss did this even when he died, SGG decided to remove casted on death part only but kept casted on dispel.

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I retested it now with Krampus.
It seems when the protection from krampus is on, also other team members receive the delayed damage.
It’s in Gullinbursti’s description that ‘all enemies’ receive this damage. However an AOE attack like Vela is only applied to Krampus.

I would think, that the delayed damage is part of his special and therfor should only be applied to Krampus.

I’m not convinced it should work like this, cause a lot of other specials are bypassed by this. I guess other heroes like this will follow which makes it more cluttered.

Taunt only protects your heroes from special skills.
But gullis damage is not considered damage through special skill but status effect. It’s like dot, if every hero has some dot when krampus fires, they will still suffer from it after krampus taunt is active.
So when gulli ends, the taunt won’t do anything because the damage isn’t a special, but a status effect.
It’s the same with black knight, gulli will do damage to all, but BK has the chance to reduce it to one Hp at himself, because that works with every received damage not only special skill damage.


I absolutely love Gullinbursti, I’ve maxed this hero with emblems, he’s basically a 5* Legendary with stats, Attack 637, Defense 661, HP 1689, This hero has more HP than my maxed Heimdall

I don’t think it works the way you describe it because if that’s the case, Jean’s special wouldn’t be affected by the taunt because it’s only DOT damage.

@Kerpen I think the reason why Gullin was able to deal DOT to everyone even when krampus’ taunt was activated was because Gullin’s DOT was from a buff. And taunt does not apply to buffs, could be this reason

Probably wasn’t totally clear what I was trying to say :sweat_smile:
If you fire Jean after a taunt hero is active, only krampus will get the dot.
If you fire Jean before, even after krampus fires, all other heroes will still receive burn damage.
The first is a special, so krampus protects the other heroes, if he fires after they all already have the burn and the further damage is not a special skill.

When gulli fires there is nothing krampus will prevent, he heals and he puts a buff/status effect on himself.
After 3 turns all enemies will receive damage and that’s not a special skill but from the status effect, so he won’t be influenced by krampus.

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No, @ferg’s description does make sense. Jean’s special will be redirected to Krampus (or whoever) if taunt is on before he fires, but if he fires first his DOT will carry on damaging everyone who already has it. Likewise then, and I’m surprised but pleased to hear this, Gullinbursti’s expiring special must count as an effect that’s already on everyone so taunt can’t stop it happening. I think. Nice if you’ve got him that is; jolly annoying if he’s on the enemy team.

What’s everyone’s opinion on the best emblem path for our golden pig? That delayed special damage is nothing to scoff at. Really sneaks up on you.

Mine are both full attack.
Sumle is one of the hardest hitting Aoe 4* heroes and he does around 300Hp damage against 5* heroes. The pig with emblems and some nice troops comes with ease over 400Hp which is great for a 4*. I can see when some people use him primarily as healer and go full HP/def with emblems but I never regretted my decision.
Also the stone damage for titans is nice and gets even better after his special is active. Makes survival much easier.


Yes, both decisions are sensible. In fact my fully emblemed piggie is full def/HP, but the one I currently emblem is going to be full attack. And using them both in one team is great fun… for me, at least.

I have my 3rd gullin in lvl4 and halfway to top, he still dies easily but i have beat 4600+ teams with Gullin lvl40 + khagan + gullin 20 emblems + Brynhild + Gullin 17 emblems.

All gullins have a mana raise with bryn and khagan, there’s a point in the battle where the tables turn drastically, gullins wipe out 3-4 opponents in one special, provided that certain conditions are met (teams with aoe or minions pay a high price).


Which stats did you focus your pigs on? atk/hp? atk/def? def/hp?

One of them has atk def, the other hp/def

I’ve been told that there is no point in the last node of the Pigs skill tree as it doesn’t shave a tile off but does if benefit him if he is in my defense?

But it helps you if you stack yellow heroes. With the 4% mana you only need a lvl 5 instead of lvl 17 manatroop on offense.

On defense no real idea if you would see a difference. Manacalculation on defense is much more complex, and maybe he would charge a little bit faster in theory, but with big cascades hitting all those stones don’t give the same amount of mana. So maybe he will charge a little bit faster maybe not.

If you don’t have anything better to do with druid emblems try it out, but if you need them for some other heroes I wouldn’t do it just for defense.

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In the current 4* buff booster tourney, i was facing a guillin in the def team.

He one shot my almost full health mist, with a slash attack, dealing 1500 dmg. He had his special on.

Is that possible or was i seeing things??

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The hatter stole my special from gullin, his next attack was a 2177 hit .

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I just read his special description again.
There is no cap to his attk boost?

The final unleashed attack does 360 damage, plus emblems and such I jave received 450 i think damage my gullins do 415 tops.

The problem is when you are being attacked by a gullin, his str skyrockets when his allies are hit, if you pull a yellow gem in his last turn and he and the allies have received a lot of damage, it is a devastating attack

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Will Gullinbursti unleash attack if The Hatter steal his buff ?