Zim and BK attack buff

Why does Zimkitha’s attack buff remove BK’s attack buff? They are two different icons. I thought same buff/ailment icons overwrite each other.

They’re different effects after all. Zim does crude attack buff while bk does the per hit based buff.

Stacking those effects would result in +100% attack too easily.

Which one affects the Special Skill? the crude attack or the per hit attack?

This goes into more depth.

To answer the OP of why?

It’s just the way the developers wanted to make it. I am sorry if you had to find out the hard way, many have including myself at some point in my EP career.

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Do all attack buffs increase both tile and special skill damages? Or, do some only affect one or the other?

Most attack buffs increase both tile and special damage.

There are exceptions though like Tarlaks (normal damage = only tile / slash attacks) or upcoming November HOTM Glenda’s (special skill percentage increase). Those exceptions are clearly stated on the skill description.

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Tarlak and Miki only increases the tile damage, as it is show a muscle. This effect stacks with BK and Zim buffs - the red demon face and the sword.

Upcoming Glenda will increase only special skill. The icon is yet to be show.

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