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I have returned to E&P after over 1yr+ being away. I’m level 32. I don’t know how to get back into the game in terms of farming strategies , leveling up heroes , etc. There are so many new heroes and the game has changed a lot since I have been away. It feels overwhelming and I just don’t know where and how to start. Any resources you reformed would be great. Thanks !


Welcome back @demise007

I was away for a few months and it felt weird returning but the last year has certainly been full of new content. Mostly very good.

I’d suggest finding a casual but knowledgeable Alliance to get you back in the grove.

The actual game mechanics haven’t changed so I’m sure you’ll be back at your best in no time.


@demise007 What does your roster look like and did you stop playing before emblems were introduced?

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Lots of helpful groups in Line… albums of the new heroes, farming strategies, new buildings… etc.

Welcome back!!


Imagine that you’ve started a new game from scratch. What would you do in that case?

I stopped playing before that feature came out. I did end up joining a casual alliance that I hope will help me out.

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Welcome back,
1th thing Atlantis Rise is new and the farming is great.
If you cleared some of Atlantis before go ahead, the cost has been cut by about 50% and the loot
increased, it last 4 days.
If not starting thur. 22 you can open it at 1/2 price.
Good luck.
Have fun.


Welcome back, i give it a week tops before you’re back on top of things. If you want an alliance to join I’d love you to join us, we don’t pressure people. Either way I wish you loads of luck on your comeback, you’ll be fine.


Thank guys ! I really appreciate your support and feedback


This might help get back up to speed with all the changes.


Barry’s Farmz is the new farming guide (supersedes the old one from Mai)


@demise007 Ah, okay. Embleming in a nutshell and imo extends the usefulness of lower rarity heroes. Prime example, one from the Atlantis pool Gill-Ra. Embleming her makes her a very good three star tank that debuffs defense and attack while cleansing any ailments the team may have. I know there is a topic somewhere that was comparing paths for Grimm and it involved a lot of math. Think of embleming a hero like prestiging in CoD except you are adding more stats and abilities according to the class a hero is.

Again will use Gill-Ra as an example. She has the delay talent when her grid unlocks. Delay slows down enemy mana generation for 2 turns. And is triggered by tile damage or in the case of facing her on defense in a raid, normal slash attacks. Delay is only for heroes of the sorcerer class. Wizards have jinx, clerics have manashield, fighters have revive, paladins have protect, barbarians have wound, monks have withstand, rangers have pierce, druids have companion.

All of these abilities have their uses and sometimes can come in clutch in the most tightest of situations. Example, I was in a three star tournament and going against a 20 node Valen and he revived 7 times in a row! That was one lucky streak.

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