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Hey, new to the forum and have been playing E&P for a couple months now. I really like the game but I was hoping one of the veterans could give me some advice on who I should concentrate leveling. As you can see with some of my players, I start to level one then second guess and start another. I am honestly overwhelmed with the process and am looking for a solid direction. I just realized recently how long it actually takes to max stats and am fearfull of spending weeks developing the wrong hero. Thanks for any help

I dunno if you have read this topic yet: Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

If you haven’t then I’d give it a quick look.

Build out some 3* heroes first. IMO I’d take the emblems off Azar as soon as you get a better barbarian, preferably a 4* but even Nashgar is better than her.

Reason for focusing on 3* is precisely because of how long stats take to max! You’ve said it yourself, and the 3* take the least amount of time. My recommendation is to have at least 2 of each color. Then you can focus on your 4*s. They’ll be helpful for clearing quests initially, quests which drop materials to help your 4* heroes get stronger.

Here are my recommendations:
Purple: Balthazar, Chochin (or Tyrum)
Yellow: Bane, Melia
Blue: Gato (or Valen), Ulmer (keep 1 Gunnar… he’s good at 3* raid tournaments but he’s not priority to level over the others)
Green: Mnesseus, Brienne (or Berden, or Muggy)
Red: Nashgar, Hawkmoon


Because you are so new, I would not touch any 5* hero you get. It will take everyone you have for a long time, for very little return due to you not having the ascension materials yet. You have a decent cast of 3* and unleveled 4* heroes. 4* will eventually be the backbone of your roster. The first question would be, how many ascension materials do you have? If you aren’t sure, those would be Hidden Blades, Magic Orbs, Sturdy Shields, Trap Tools, Warm Capes, Fine Gloves, and Compasses.

Assuming you’re lacking in that department, I would start leveling 3* heroes. It’s most efficient to color feed only (Feeding purple heroes to purple heroes, etc.) They get 20% more XP, and double the chance to level their special.

I’d finish Bane and Mnesseus. Then I’d level one of each color. I’d do Balthazar, Melia, Hawkmoon, Valen, Berden.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have read the advice for new players, as well as a few other ones floating around the net. 3* teams do make sense so I’ll start on that for the foreseeable future. I do have a couple reset emblem items that I was saving to remove the emblems off Azar as soon as I leveled someone else worthy enough.

That being said, is it worth saving all my other 3 stars, or should I feed them to the heroes I’m concentrating on?

Definitely lacking as i only have a few 4* ascension mats and no 5*.I have been color feeding from day one.

Thanks for the help!

I would save the reset token for right now. You have so few that using the reset token is not worth the few emblems that you’d lose.

IMO, I’d say heroes you can eat are - Oberon, Prisca x2, Renfeld, Gunnar x1, Gato x1, Isshtak. You also probably don’t need 3 Bane’s, but for a 3* he’s pretty good…


At your current progress, the common advice is to focus in 1 hero per colour, so here is what I would tell you:

First a solid 3* team, after a solid 4* team, and much after you can start with the 5*. 3* will help you to obtain 4* ascension items, and your future 4* will help you to get ascension items for your 5* (those last ones take forever to be found). Furthermore, the resources required lo level up 5* are also very high and you won’t get the real benefit of 5* unless they are at least at tier 3. Being that said:

  • Purple: Finish Balthasar, and then Tyrum or Chochin. The first one has a very dangerous special, and the second one is a debuffer, which is always truly appreciated, although you alerady have Mnesseus, and that’s why you should go with Balthazar first. after for 4*, Cyprian is a good hero who you can use in the center of your defense and will do a good job there until you reach around 1800 trophies, but don’t pay much attention to raid chest anyway, rewards fro that chest are not usually that good. He is more useful to attack than to defend, as long as you manage to keep your team healed

  • Yellow: Melia is a very offensive hero, and will be very useful in monthly events, she has a 5* ability, and I would do her after Bane reaches 3/50. For 4*, I would keep going with Chao.

  • Red: Hawkmoon. You need a healer, nothing else to say. After her, you have Boldtusk, one of the best 4* hero in this game

  • Blue: go with Valen. his defense reduction will be useful for titans. After, finish Triton, he has really a powerful attack

  • Green: Maybe in this case I would do an exception and go with Melendor fisrt, as you seem to be lacking on healers, and Friar tuck only heals nearby allies

you want at least 2 heros of each colour, because in monthly events wou won’t be able to use at least 1 of them properly because of the elemental barrier.

Good luck, you have a lot of work ahead!


I’d keep both of the Gatos myself since his attack is high for a 3*, other than that I agree with the feed list.


“you have a lot of work ahead!”, haha. That’s what I was thinking!

Thanks for all the help. I think I at least have a good map of what I need to do during the coming months.

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Oh one last thing;

How important is it to put resources towards leveling troops?

Hold off on the troops for now. They are great and it will make a big difference later, but you need to get the teams right first.


I’d suggest not eating your duplicate Gato or some of your other 3* heroes. Gato is good at some of the monthly events if you wanna get a high score in the rare tier.

Gato + Gato + Valen + Ulmer + Melia would be a very good team for events imo.

Some of your other 3* can be used to fill teams in the emblem quests. At the beginning you wont always have enough heroes to finish those quests. When you get better heroes in each class you can start eating them.

I’d definitely eat that second Prisca tho, she’s kind of meh, lol.


Keep at least 2 Bane and 2 Balthasar - 3 even - they’re a couple of the best. Make sure to have at least two good healers - Belith and Hawkmoon.

I’d strongly suggest spending 4-8 weeks making 3 fully leveled 3star teams. You might finish faster, but that’s a reasonably easy window to hit.

Come August or so, you start building a 4* defence team centred on Kashrek. Once the defence team is done, you’ll build 2 more 4* teams and by Thanksgiving or so, you’ll have a very strong mid-level team. You’ll then start your 5* defence team, and the by this time next year, you’ll be at 3 full 5* teams, 3 full 4* teams and 3*s will be for tournaments and Event challenges only.

That’s a year in the game, playing at least 2-3 times per days, growing your base and keeping Training Camp 11 running 24/7 forever. Probably 2 of them.

Patience is rewarded. Build solid and strong and deep and you’ll do better in war than getting one group of 5*s to 2/60 or 3/70.

This time last year I could barely maintain 800 cups and my war scores were in single digits. I’m now regularly in the top 100 globally and score 350-400 in war.

I’m not special - this will be you too if you stick with it.


I maxed Bane today, should I put tokens in his talent grid or any 3* for that matter?

Depends where you are, development wise - but I’m going to suggest if you have a 4* monk you may want to direct them there. 4s are the backbone of most developing teams and an emblemed 4 can get very high (my Grimm is +19; my Jackal +18) - and be almost as good or better than a base 4/80 5*

The obvious choice for 4* Monks is Wilbur. If you’re planning on an Atlantis pull next month I may hold off a bit to see if you get him. A LOT of top teams give Wilbur emblems even though they have 5* monks - he’s that good a hero in the game.

Another even more likely-to-be-in-your-lineup monk who a lot of top teams emblem is WuKong. He’s another offensive juggernaut who can give you crazy Titan scores and sometimes let you take down much stronger teams. He’s a regular season 1 hero so appears reasonably often from EHTs and elemental pulls.

But… if you’re not going to see Wilbur or Wu… Bane is a good short term bet - just know you’ll likely sacrifice some emblems when you strip him after one of the above shows up.


If I use a reset emblem do I still lose the emblems when they are stripped?

I have two reset emblems right now.

No, but I’d suggest hoarding those for stripping a 4* or 5* someday - you lose a percentage when you dont have an emblem - and on 3* the actual total isn’t that high - but on a 5* it can be significantly more - 5% of 1500 is a lot more than 5% of 150

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Bold tusk, bane, nashgar, balthazar, triton and caedmon

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