Raid Stats Edition 1

I tracked all of my raids for the month of August (I ended the tracking early since my holy 3tack is changing significantly) and I wanted to share what I learned.

Raid Stats

I fought ~22 raids per day
Record: 528-39, a 93.1% winning percentage

Attacking Configuration

Mono: 0%
4/1: 4.1%
3/2: 57.5%
3/1/1: 38.4%
I suspect I use 3/1/1 more than most people because I never took Mother North off the field.

Defense Tank Color Prevalence

Color My Raids In Top 100
Red 17.3% 13.7%
Blue 31.0% 14.8%
Green 8.6% 4.0%
Yellow 19.2% 35.0%
Purple 23.8% 32.5%

The middle column is how often I fought a tank of a certain color. The right hand column is the share each color has, per Titan Mafia’s survey of the Top 100 defenses. I do raid into the top 100, and while this comparison is imperfect, it is the only one available.

I never re-rolled by hitting the re-roll button. However, if I did not like a matchup I allowed myself to select a tower revenge instead. This effectively gave me a re-roll, but I had a limited number. A few observations:

  • It makes sense to me that green tanks are increasingly rare as you raid higher, thought they’re rare even in the part of the Diamond Arena where I primarily reside.
  • I had assumed I was dodging red tanks a bit, as Mother North’s presence guarantees I have 1-2 heroes that are weak against the tank. This may not be the case.
  • At the same time, Mother North’s presence means I don’t think I ever turn down a blue tank. This appears to be borne out in the numbers.
  • I don’t feel I’m dodging purple, but am fairly confident I am on yellow. My anti-Guin team is under construction, but not prepared to take her if she has a stellar supporting cast.

Win Rate Against Tank Color

Color Win Percentage Notes
Red 90.8%
Blue 94.9%
Green 98.0% My single loss here was to an Elkanen tank
Yellow 94.5% Clearly I am selecting my spots against Guinevere well
Purple 89.6% It’s what you’d expect - Kunchen is 79 of the 135 purple tanks and accounts for 11 of the 14 losses

Offensive Hero Usage

Hero Usage
Mother North 100%
Evelyn 54.9%
Onatel 45.0%
Leonidas 37.9%
Mitsuko 37.6%
Seshat 24.5%
Li Xiu 24.0%
Proteus 24.0%
Frida 23.1%
Grimm 22.9%

A few observations:

  • That will plummet to zero now that Jackal is ready to go, but she served well and has a solid usage curve to my eyes. See you in the wars, LX!
  • This table is NOT exhaustive - I am showing only the top 10.
  • Buddy + Caedmon would be ~33%. Mid-month I replaced Buddy with Caedmon as an experiment to see if who would be a better third green and if I could take emblems off of Buddy.
  • Gravemaker logged only 17.3% usage. I am probably under-using them.

Win Rate by Offensive Hero

Hero Win Rate
Caedmon 97.1%
Sabina 96.5%
Seshat 95.7%
Proteus 95.6%
Buddy 95.1%
Boldtusk 95.0%
Evelyn 93.6%
Mitsuko 93.4%
Mother North 93.1%
Onatel 92.2%
Leonidas 91.6%
Frida 91.6%
Grimm 91.5%
Kiril 91.3%
Li Xiu 89.7%
Aegir 89.7%
Tiburtus 87.1%


  • Again, this table is NOT exhaustive - I removed heroes who fought in only a small number of raids.
  • Given their high usage, Evelyn, Mitsuko, and Evelyn all posted outstanding win rates.
  • I removed Aegir from all raid teams after seeing his numbers. Kiril seems a better fit. I don’t necessarily think this means Kiril is a better raider than Aegir, but his immediate heal seems necessary given that I am rarely fielding a full set of durable five star heroes and that Mother North’s heal is already so slow.
  • That said, my blue team struggles across the board.
  • Tiburtus was also removed from all raid teams after seeing his numbers. Sabina basically subbed in for him and performed much better. Her skill and better tile damage are a better fit with Seshat and Proteus in my purple stacks.

Defensive Hero Usage

Hero Usage
Lianna 23.3%
Marjana 22.2%
Magni 21.0%
Vivica 20.1%
Kunchen 18.7%
Sartana 18.3%
Joon 16.9%
Gravemaker 14.3%
Evelyn 13.6%
Richard 12.5%


  • Clearly not exhaustive (you could tell, right?).
  • A full comparison seems unnecessary - it is clear I am fighting easier competition than the top 100.
  • I think the biggest thing that stood out to me here was the prevalence of TC20 heroes. This strongly suggests that even a F2P can play in the Diamond Arena, given enough time.

Win Rate by Defensive Hero

Hero Win Rate
Misandra 20.0%
Poseidon 18.8%
Alberich 17.4%
Gravemaker 17.3
Kadilen 15.7%
Azlar 15.6%
Kageburado 14.8%
Khiona 14.3
Wu Kong 12.3%
Kunchen 12.3%
Drake Fong 11.9%
Thorne 11.1%


  • I removed heroes with very few fights, but was a bit less stringent here, as the sample size is just smaller, per hero, than on offense. So any of these could be skewed by the sample size.
  • Kadilen. I wrote about this recently in a thread discussing her and Zeline. It could be the sample size, but it’s 51 battles - she won 8.
  • What is Wu Kong doing (31 fights, he won 4)? No other four star has a win rate that’s even close (and they certainly all lose more than my normal win rate). Caedmon is the next closest four star at 5.3%. Interesting.
  • Thorne is also a major surprise (45 raids, 5 wins), both because he’s much-maligned AND because I have Mitsuko (so can often just reflect and kill him). While he has no secondary ability, he does survive well and hits hard.
  • A few heroes that I thought were interesting to note: the much vaunted (and prevalent) Lianna wins 7.6% - close to my normal win rate (and just BELOW Thoth-Amun).
  • Marjana won only 2.4% of her 126 defenses against me. Underwhelming.
  • As noted, four stars other than Wu Kong struggled. Kiril and Boldtusk both logged zero wins in 32 and 48 encounters, respectively. Also putting up a zero? Frida, in 47 attempts (probably the Mitusko factor, making Thorne’s wins even more impressive in my mind).

Action Items

  • I didn’t do great against purple. I expect that to take care of itself, as I will be benching Li Xiu for a Jackal +18. Again, this change is the reason I closed the raid tracking period.
  • It is clear I also need some work against red. I see very few paths to improvement (no Magni coming in and I don’t have the telescopes anyway), other than to emblem Kiril and Frida. I am leaning strongly towards doing both (alternatives are Onatel and Falcon).
  • Ranger emblems: Caedmon has been a par (or better) substitute for Buddy, which means I can reset the latter for Seshat or Evelyn (Caedmon is +18 and has no competition for the Druid emblems).

Very impressed with your stats. Great read. Thanks for posting


Yes, yes thank you @IvyTheTerrible for posting. Such comprehensive information that has to be shared with my alliance. Commission cheque in the mail :wink:


Great content :clap:
Thank you for sharing… I am tempted to do something like this, but my against-green and against-blue teams are not yet fully developed, so I usually reroll on those tanks :grimacing:

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I’m glad some people found it useful and interesting (and read the whole thing)!

I feel I learned a lot about my roster from this project and am now in a position to make a few emblem decisions with a lot more confidence.


Love this @IvyTheTerrible, thanks for the post!!

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You are inspiring me to keep similar stats, both for raids and (separately) for wars.


That is a verry good stat & observation post :wink:


Hey silly question, how do I read this? Does this mean that whenever Thorne was tank against your offence, his team won 11.1% of the time. Ie. you won 89.9% of the time?

Also, by implication does that mean you’d ascend Thorne over Richard

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Essentially, yes, you are correct. It’s actually Thorne is on the defensive team at all (i.e., any position, not just tank) and that team won 11.1% of the time / I won 88.9% of the time.

No, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I was fascinated by this result, but it may be an outlier. In my second raid summary, Richard posted a respectable 6.3% win rate, while Thorne was at 2.4% (same as before - this is defending from all positions). I didn’t address either of them in that link, but since you’re asking a Thorne-centric question I pulled up the full data set and am now giving you additional info that wasn’t in my post. That’s a much larger sample, so I’m more inclined to give it credence. I suspect that perhaps I initially underestimated Thorne / teams with Thorne, perhaps making poor kill / tile charging decisions against those teams. Once I was more alert to the danger, I corrected it.

  2. Thorne continues to have no ailment in his special skill. Based on the body of the raid data I’m looking at, the heroes who fare best do more than ‘just’ inflict damage. They have to alter the fight in some way, usually by a buff or ailment. The slower their mana is, the more impactful this must be (e.g., Mother North / Alberich revivals).

  3. All of this looks only at a heroes defensive prowess. I believe Richard is more useful than Thorne in offense and raid tournaments.

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