What raid data do you want to see?

I’m about to close down my third raid tracking log, consisting of over 2,500 raids. I was going to do it with the release of the S3 heroes, but I’ve run into them so little so far it didn’t seem necessary / I was busy.

Anyway, the last edition can be found here, but what sorts of things would you be interested to see in the upcoming edition?


I don’t know exactly what’s in scope, but here’re some blue sky ideas…

  • define a ‘bad board’ (something like <5 tiles of the strong colour with no immediate matches in the first turn) and show your win % of those

  • track total number of emblems on each team and see if that correlates with your wins

  • track wins against alphabet. Ok, this is a little peculiar, but I want to win more against players who use a western Alphabet in case they know me!

  • cover the top of your screen and play blind - how much does this effect your win rate?


I would love if you could track the number of tiles of each color in your starting board! That way the can compute the % of your strong color (like if you bringed 2 or more heroes) and if the overall % of each color is actually random or not!

@Garanwyn already did this :slightly_smiling_face:

It is

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Good to know that, anyway correlating it with the stack of heroes taken may be interesting.
Showing win % according to number of tiles received and heroes faced seems good also

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Personally I would like to see a positional breakdown.

After seeing your tracking I decided to track my own raids aswell ( so thank you, regular raids have become a lot more fun now that I am tracking them ) ,and I found that what position a hero is used in heavily influences the results.

An example of that is Vivica whom I have a general win rate of 82.09% against which is below average ( My win rates are significantly lower than yours mind ) but when split for position those numbers change quite drastically : Wing : 93.33%, Flank : 70.37%, Tank : 80%. This is true for many heroes who I can beat at very high percentages in certain positions but are huge issues at others. A few examples , gravemaker who is much less dangerous in the wing position, Healers in wing positions , Kadilen at wing is also significantly worse while her tank stats are suprisingly good, Kingston who appears significantly better at wing than at flank ( and suprisingly is a very servicable tank ), Kunchen being quite bad at any position other than tank.

A lot of this is common sense but I found it very interesting to see how defences perform based on where the heroes are used and how often they are used there. A sample :



Average battle time pls. :wink:

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The number of cups of coffee consumed for the day, at the time of battle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, I am impressed by your data @IvyTheTerrible… and also your win rate if I’m entirely honest. I don’t do any such tracking, I think for me that would feel like a tedious job… but I’m glad you seem to enjoy it, and care to share it with the community, so thanks for that. I think I do ok at raids, but I’m pretty sure I don’t win more than 90%.

An interesting data point to possibly consider could be a breakdown not by specific hero, but hero “type”. e.g. sniper, healer etc. This could somewhat tell the story of what play “style” (e.g. aggressive, defensive, …) is most effective, from an attacker’s point of view.

Or similarly, looking at this breakdown on the defensive teams, it could show what kind of mix tends to be effective there. Actually anything that helps identify what works or doesn’t work on a defensive team is useful, as there’s no direct way to see it in action normally. So along those lines, looking in particular if there are identifiable reasons for your small percentage of losses besides unlucky boards, could be interesting… we could learn something interesting about what is effective defensively.

In any case, thanks once again for sharing this data… looking forward to the next set.


Great thoughts, everyone!


My tracking is limited, so I cannot present

  • Starting tiles @ierazo - it has already been demonstrated to my satisfaction that boards are fair. But obviously some boards are better than others and I agree it would be interesting to see how it impacts the likelihood of winning.
  • Raid length @Olmor - interesting thought and one I’ve never considered.


@JonahTheBard, I don’t track that per hero (it would take too long), but I do have the team power, as a rough proxy. I have considered plugging in the base power of each card when maxed and assuming a certain troop power. The remainder (to get to the actual team power) would be from emblems. I’d probably have to decide to assume they’re evenly distributed from there, but this is something I’ve considered. Let me think about it for another day or two to see if I can reasonably efficiently get my data to do that.


@Impiousbe, I’m glad you asked this since it’s one I’ve been considering too. The only problem in this area is how thinly I want to slice it. That is, win rates by hero (or even class) is one thing, but that doesn’t take team power into account (mine or theirs).

Using your example, let’s say we postulate that Kingston is better at wing than flank. How much of that is because he’s better there? Does he have an equally suitable complement in the other position? That is, when he’s flanking, does he have a fast sniper wing? And when he’s at wing does he have an appropriate flank (say Vivica, from your data)? That is, teams with Kingston at wing and Vivica at flank will outperform Kingston at wing and Vivica at wing because she shouldn’t be at wing, not necessarily because Kingston isn’t as good at flank.

I’ll have to see what I can do with this idea. Even a cursory look would be interesting though, for sure.


for the next round of research, have you thought about starting a YouTube channel and video recording each and every battle? Then we could to back and review the battles involved in the data.

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