Looking for Raid Guide?

Hi all, posting here to avoid creating a new topic!

I remember seeing here a guide or at least a table (picture) that showed some raid win rate statistics. There was one row for each team composition (like 4-1, 3-2, 3-1-1, etc…) and columns for the TP difference between the attacker and the defending team. For each cell, there was the win ratio, showing the most efficient team setups over the long time.

The table was gathering many raid history and I found it very useful. I’d like to share it with my alliance, but can’t find it anymore with the search function.

If anyone remembers, I’d appreciate a link to the topic/post.

thanks a lot

Answer in Post 4.

These ones?

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thanks for the research, this is very valuable information but this is unfortunately not the table I remember.

I think it was just dropped in the middle of a thread by someone.

I will make another forum search round.

Found it !

It’s here : Color Stacking and Raids



Shall I now close this thread?


yes thanks :slight_smile:

20 closed threads


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